The Site is Ready to Use


Hello All!!

The site is up and ready to use. We have put a “log in with facebook” feature on the home page in the right hand sidebar. So anyone with a facebook id can simply click on the “log in with facebook” and they will be registered to the site as authenticated by facebook. We will pick up your name and email address from your facebook profile.

We have not yet sorted out how to lock the site from people who are not logged in. I am sure that can be done, I just do not know how to do it as I am completely new to Buddy Press.

So, please let all your men friends on facebook know we now have ManBook up and running. No censorship over here. But we will ban women! LOL! They already have the facebook Mark Zuckerberg developed for them.

If you have suggestions for groups you want created? By all means let us know via IM.

Thank you for your consideration of joining our site!

This site will be what men make of it. And I hope it will be a great success!

Best Regards

Joschua-Brandon: Boehm(c)



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