Only MEN could ever create something lke this.

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      And a woman gave birth to all the men in Guns N Roses- but you sexist douchebags no how reproduction works, don’t you?

      So what? If you think women giving birth is something “special” that is inherently sexist because it places value on the woman for something that is normal and natural. Virtually ANY woman can give birth. It is no big deal and nothing unusual.

      • How can you hate women so much when you had a mother who gave you life? Is she someone exempt from your hatred?

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  1. Friend , you have a seriousness too many problems. Why is referring to send 99% of sites are there? Poor poor . I saw how hard I cry ass butt hurt people ‘s feelings about their own people . . Gets the treatment . I pray for you in thename of Jesus the Messiah mercivul !


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