Eight Dead in Mass Murder Suicide


A few days ago I warned people that if women continued to disrespect the inalienable rights of men then they should not expect men to respect the right to life of women.

Right on schedule we see a man kill seven people and then himself.

This is the result of the sort of hatred that was expressed towards me last week.

When you spew hatred at men for decades? When you routinely violate their rights?

Do not be surprised when they KILL A LOT OF PEOPLE.

The only thing that surprises me about men killing lots of people in mass murders like this is that there is not a lot more of it.

Every person who hated on me last week?

Every person who has hated on me the last 7 years?

The blood of these people is on YOUR HANDS! Not mine.

Read this. The result of your MAN-HATRED.



  1. I am very sorry about people being mean to you . I understand if ppl is mean to you or troll you then crazy family man will kill lots of ppl in Canada . Also probably airplanes will fall from sky over pacific and asteroid may destroy the earth . Probably also Ebola is result of trolls too . Such power. So wow. Lolool . Im’ prayed for mercy for all people on earth, Jesus god and ect . Ppl should be more kindness . P.s. this website is ok but needs more wmn .

    • It is not that people hate on me that causes mass murder suicides like this. It is that large numbers of people are hating on men in general. Notice that the man was being threatened with divorce in this case. This is one more murder suicide that can be laid at the feet of all those people who think it is ok to criminally abuse men in the family law courts.

      Even when a man like me PROVES that his wife committed perjury and has informed all members of parliament in both Australia and Ireland of this crime she will not be prosecuted and no remedy will be made for the crimes the man who is the victim suffers. This man knows this is the case in Canada as well. Since his rights were severely violated and would continue to be severely violate with no hope of remedy, he decided to violate the right to life of some other people. I have been warning people about this since 2008. For warning people and standing for truth, justice and equality before the law I have been severely criminally victimised and widely hated on.

      The only thing that surprises me is that more men are not doing exactly the same in protest at how they are routinely criminally victimised.

      • So if a woman is married to the kind of man who would commit a mass murder/suicide….she should NOT divorce him? If any woman I cared about was married to the kind of man who about commit a mass murder suicide, I would tell her to divorce him and get the kids away immediately because he is dangerous….

        Maybe you have the cause and effect reversed. Maybe it’s not being divorced and having their kids taken away that make these men violent and unhinged….maybe they were violent and unhinged and THAT is why their wives left them and took the kids.

        • That’s what I’ve been trying to tell Joschua! Obviously his kids were taken away from him, he’s made death threats toward women… He sounds like a violent man that shouldn’t be around children who is angry about his children being taken away from him by family courts.

  2. “Every person who hated on me last week?

    Every person who has hated on me the last 7 years?

    The blood of these people is on YOUR HANDS! Not mine.”

    Somehow you made this about you and people that you feel are mean to you? You are a narcissist of legendary proportions.

    • No James, I am not. Another effort to lie about me like that and I will delete your account. That is your one and only warning.

      I have proven beyond all doubt that the family law courts are criminal in nature and that proof has been presented to all members of parliament in Australia and Ireland. The family law courts in Canada and the USA are also criminal in nature. That is true across all the western world. Mens rights are routinely criminally victimised.

      The next time you speak to me? You will speak with the respect I have earned.

      • I have spoken to you with exactly the amount of respect you have earned.

        Now honestly, I would love to have a serious conversation with you about this issue, but it seems like you might actually be incapable of it. If you would like to have a civil exchange on the matter, perhaps via IM or email if you’d rather not do it in public, then I would relish the chance.

        However, based on what I’ve seen of your behaviour here on your own website, you tend to just call people liars, manginas, and stupid as soon as they disagree with you or demand that you provide some justification for your spectacular claims.

        That doesn’t seem like the kind of person you can have a sane conversation with, although I would love for you to prove me wrong.

        But thus far, in our interactions, I have spoken to you with exactly the amount of respect I have for you. Want more respect? How about engaging in level-headed discussion instead of calling people names, threatening to delete their profiles, and making sinister remarks about losing your right to life.

        • He can’t James- unfortunately that’s all he knows how to do.
          Proof? I have not seen one shred of proof from you Joschua- just a lot of fudged statistics and irrelevant events (like mass shootings/suicides) that you attempt to use as proof for your conspiracy theories. Unfortunately there has been no proof or actual relevance in any of your posts…


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