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I grew up in a town called Wagga Wagga in New South Wales, Australia. I am very well known in that town as my family has lived there for 4 generations or so. When my grand mother died more than 1,000 people turned out in a town of just 35,000. The old men said they had never seen a funeral so well attended in their lives.

I gave the grand childrens eulogy to my grandmother that day. It was the toughest, and best, speech I have ever delivered in my life. Speeches do not come any tougher that eulogising your grandmother, and one of the most beloved characters in the town, before an audience of more than 1000 people.

I have consistently told the people of Wagga Wagga, and anyone else who will listen, that the criminal victimisation of men in the family law courts is going to produce SOME men who will kill their wives, and sometimes their children. You can not expect to destroy the lives of tens of millions of men and for NONE of them to fight back at their criminal victimisation.

I have been widely hated on for pointing out the criminal victimisation of men in the family law courts. So let me introduce you all to the Hunt Family of Boree Creek.  Here they are. A fine looking family don’t you think?

Mum, Dad, two girls, one boy and the family dog. Click on the picture. Blow it up to full size. Get a feel for this family. They lived on a farm and Geoff Hunt was a multi-generation farmer. What a lovely picture, eh? Boree Creek is about 50kms, or 30 miles, from where I grew up.




Geoff Hunt shot dead his wife and his three children.

He then drowned himself in a dam on the property.

The whole region is in “shock” that this could happen despite me, a VERY well known native of the town,and region, warning this would happen for SEVEN YEARS before it did. The details are on this link.

Now…Why is it perfectly justifiable and rational that this man did this?

Because according to people I know who knew the family there was talk of divorce. In all likelihood this mans life was about to be totally, completely and utterly destroyed.  I have blown the whistle on the criminal nature of the family law courts in Australia for seven years. This man was very likely about to be visited the joys of the criminal victimisation of the family law courts.

Thanks to me, lots of men now know that the divorce process is nothing more than the flagrant legitimisation of criminal victimisation of men.

Thanks to me, lots of men know that every member of parliament is fully aware that the family law courts are a criminal enterprise and the members of parliament do not lift a finger to do anything to stop women committing crimes in these courts and accepting the proceeds of crime for their co-operation.

Thanks to me, lots of men know about my case, which is before ALL members of Parliament. A case where no paternity test was performed at the mothers denial of this normal process. A case where Jennifer refused to work for 16 years of an 18 year marriage despite me putting her through college and getting her a good job at IBM.

Yep. In my case the split was 5% vs 95% despite me raising her children from her first marriage and me being the sole income earner for 16 years of an 18 year marriage. The only substantial asset being the house, the value of which was earned by me renovating two houses. Yep. It is perfectly ok to give 95% of the proceeds to the woman in cases like this.

You can be pretty certain that Geoff Hunt knew his life was about to be destroyed. I would not be at all surprised if he was aware of my case because my case is very well known in Wagga Wagga. I have made sure that lots of people in Wagga Wagga know about my case.

The criminal family who chose to criminally victimise me, the Toal Family, are now also as well known as I am.

Geoff Hunt would also very likely have been aware that I have been hated on and lied about by Michael Toal, my ex brother in law. He would very likely know that right up to the feminist deputy commissioner of New South Wales Police, Catheroine Burn, Michael Toal has been protected from prosecution for this slander.

Indeed, Michael Toal has been protected from investigation of the allegation of his younger sister, Suzanne, that he raped her when they were teens. Indeed, Bill Toal, my ex father in law, is being protected from investigation of the allegation of Suzanne Toal that Bill raped her when she was a teen.

This allegation of rape first arose in 1989 when my then wife asked my advice. Suzanne had claimed Bill Toal sexually assaulted her as a girl. Jennifer repeated this claim to me. At the time Suzanne was a car crash. She was a drug addict and she had no credibility. My advice was that no jury would find Bill Toal guilty because Suzanne was not a credible witness. If anyone doubts that Catherine Burn, an ardent feminist, and a good slice of the Australian media, know that Suzanne Toal has accused both Bill Toal and Michael Toal of raping her when she was a teen girl. Click on the link below.

You can be pretty sure that Geoff Hunt knew that if he, like me, tried to stand up for his rights and expose the criminality of the family law courts he too would be lied about and slandered and that this would be considered perfectly ok all the way up to EVERY MEMBER OF PARLIAMENT AND THE COMMISSIONER OF THE NEW SOUTH WALES POLICE.

Geoff Hunt was placed in the same place as every other man who goes through divorce in Australia. An impossible place. Where his rights would be violated, criminally, ruthlessly, vindictively, without remorse, FOR YEARS.

I am made of tougher stuff than most men. Nothing phases me. I have had guns pointed at me hundreds of times. I have had men try and steal from me in places like Bucharest. I have been attacked by a pack of wild dogs in Bucharst and gotten them to back down without so much as a stone or a stick to defend myself. There are few men who have my toughness and mental capabilities. Certainly my skills are far beyond your average farmer.

Geoff Hunt had no way on this earth to defend himself. No way at all. All family law lawyers are criminals who are “in on the game”. If you do not know that to be true? Click on these links. Justin Dowd was rewarded for his willingness to publicly criminally victimise me and lie to me as my lawyer with the presidency of the New South Wales Law Society.

And so, when Geoff Hunt faced the impossible task of defending his children from a criminal mother and a criminal family law system I think he took the decision that they were all better off dead than to go through that criminal cartels processing. That is what I think he decided. Of course, I will never know. Geoff Hunt did not call me and tell me why he was about to do what he did. I am speculating.

But of this we can be certain. Geoff Hunt knew that in divorce his life would be destroyed. His children would be criminally abused and used as weapons against him. And if he so much as attempted to defend himself he would be lied about and slandered until he submitted to the criminal victimisation about to be visited on him.

In the west today people are not even mature enough to discuss these issues in public. They are not mature enough to look at a case like this and ask “Why did this man do this?” People simply wish to say “whacko” and forget about it thereby guaranteeing that it will happen over and over again.

When a man like me has got the courage to put his life on the line to gather the evidence and present it to the public how am I treated? I am lied about and slandered. And you can be pretty sure Geoff Hunt knew that would be the case for him too.

Until people in the west rise to the level of maturity to talk about these issues and decide for themselves that women must be held accountable for their crimes? I can guarantee you that you are going to see more Geoff Hunts kill their wives and, sadly, sometimes even their children. The blame for which rests at the feet of EVERY PERSON who was not mature enough to engage in public discussion on these issues and EVERY PERSON who has failed to champion the position that criminal women should be held accountable for their crimes.

Those are the people who are REALLY promoting, provoking and inciting violence. The ones who give men like Geoff Hunt no chance at all to defend himself and his children from a criminal woman and the criminal family law courts.

If you did nothing in the last 7 years to hold criminal women accountable for their crimes? The blood of this family is on your hands too. Silence is consent.

Get used to seeing more pictured of families where all members are dead like this one. Because your silence guarantees it.





Best Regards

Joschua-Brandon: Boehm(c)

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  1. […] A few months ago a man by the name of Geoff Hunt killed his wife, two girls, and little boy. All the residents in the region were “shocked” at how such a man could kill his family then himself. I posted three articles about this murder suicide. You can read about the Boree Creek shooting on this link, this link and this link. […]

  2. “… well well… it’s a Democracy .. hence… hence… what the court does must be pretty all right in any case … huh huh”

  3. So someone by the name of Ella Smith from the local newspaper in Wagga sent me this email.

    From: “Ella Smith”
    Sent: Sunday, January 11, 2015 3:25 PM
    Subject: Boree Creek shooting

    Hi Joschua,

    I’m doing a story on your January 10 blog and wondering if you’d like to answer some questions…

    What prompted you to write a blog on the matter?
    What’s your response to suggestions it’s distasteful and disgusting given the timing and that it was written with no hard facts?

    Any other comments you wish to add are welcome.

    Ella Smith

    Ella Smith
    The Daily Advertiser
    P: 02 6938 3346 …presumably this is her office number so not personal.

    So I sent her this reply.

    Sent: Monday, January 12, 2015 1:39 AM
    To: “Ella Smith” ,,
    Subject: Re: Boree Creek shooting

    Hi Ella,
    Funny how the daily advertiser finally contacts me about this article and yet you have refused to talk to me for the last 4 years while I have been presenting the proof of the criminality of the family law courts to your editor.

    The daily advertiser has also refused to talk to me about the Wagga police refusing to investigate the credible allegation by Suzanne Toal that her father and brother raped her when she was a teen girl.

    The daily advertiser has refused to talk to me about the fact that the deputy commissioner of new south wales police is quashing any investigation of that alleged rape because asio has told her to.

    The daily advertiser has refused to talk to me about the unlawful incarceration of Darrell Foote for the last 18 months.

    The daily advertiser has refused to talk to me about how a Wagga native, my wife, Jennifer Toal, was given 95 percent of proceeds in divorce as a clear criminal act.

    The daily advertiser has refused to alert its male adult readers that the family law courts are a criminal cartel.

    As a man who is 4th generation Wagga area born? Your newspaper might have talked to me before now, don’t you think?

    As for my article? Women committing the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse is absolutely perfectly ok by 99.5 percent plus of Australians. And that is a fact that has been well proven.

    This fact has, apparently, entirely escaped the attention of the entire Australian media despite me pointing it out to pretty much every media outlet for 4 years and the Sydney Morning Herald for nearly 7 years now.

    And yet? My one small article pointing out the results of this pervasive man hatred is “distasteful”? Says who? Name anyone who thinks this article is distasteful. I want to ask them why they think perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse are ok. In public. In their own name. Ok?

    Ps. If the daily advertiser would like to interview me? I actually ask for money now. Why? Because I am living on borrowed money due to the criminal persecution of three governments, including the Australian government. Criminal persecution you seem to be not interested in because it is very publicly known and your editor has been passed the details.

    Best regards

    Joschua brandon boehm

    Aka. Peter andrew nolan
    Former son of john thomas nolan

    I added that I am the former son of John Thomas Nolan because my father is very well known in Wagga having lived there all his life.

    The editor of the Daily Advertiser has been kept informed of developments on my case for more than 4 years. So it is clear what men have to do to get a “journalist” to take notice of them, right? For a “journalist” to actually take an interest in what a man is saying he has to be very blunt in what he says. Talk about sexism and bigotry in who “journalists” will report about.

  4. Right on, man! You’re like a breath of fresh air! These dumb bitches deserve what’s coming to them! I’m a victim to, so I feel you. Here’s my story:

    So. I married this smoking hot chick about four years ago. I should have known better. All I expected was for her to clean the house, take care of the baby, shut up, and do what I say. I told her last month I’m sick of this for times a week shit. I expect coffee and a blow job every morning. It’s my right to have my caffeine and be sexually fulfilled. It was all good till Monday. She was whining about pneumonia or some dumb shit and wouldn’t do it! So, I beat her up a little. Can you believe I was attested??? I mean, seriously. She violated my right to eat caffeine and sexual fulfillment; so I violated get right to a pretty face. Fair, right? Well, the courts don’t agree. I gotta go in for a trial, and how much you wanna bet I gotta go to jail for this? What kind of bs is that? Thankfully, we ain’t divorcing. She knows better, now!

    Thanks, dude! I’m so glad you highlight the struggle that us dudes gotta face! Let’s sick together. Somehow, we’ll get those sluts on their knees where they belong!


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