Followup on Boree Creek Shooting


So. My mentally ill ex brother in law, Michael Toal, has been trying to stir up “outrage” at the posting about Geoff Hunt and the Boree Creek Shooting blog entry I put up this week. He has been writing to people under his well known pseudonym of “Jeffrey Moore”.

Firstly the Daily Advertiser, the local newspaper, emailed me. This is what they sent me.


From: “Ella Smith”
Sent: Sunday, January 11, 2015 3:25 PM
Subject: Boree Creek shooting

Hi Joschua,

I’m doing a story on your January 10 blog and wondering if you’d like to answer some questions…

What prompted you to write a blog on the matter?
What’s your response to suggestions it’s distasteful and disgusting given the timing and that it was written with no hard facts?

Any other comments you wish to add are welcome.

Ella Smith

Ella Smith
The Daily Advertiser
P: 02 6938 3346 …presumably this is her office number so not personal.

So I sent her this reply.

Sent: Monday, January 12, 2015 1:39 AM
To: “Ella Smith” ,,
Subject: Re: Boree Creek shooting

Hi Ella,
Funny how the daily advertiser finally contacts me about this article and yet you have refused to talk to me for the last 4 years while I have been presenting the proof of the criminality of the family law courts to your editor.

The daily advertiser has also refused to talk to me about the Wagga police refusing to investigate the credible allegation by Suzanne Toal that her father and brother raped her when she was a teen girl.

The daily advertiser has refused to talk to me about the fact that the deputy commissioner of new south wales police is quashing any investigation of that alleged rape because asio has told her to.

The daily advertiser has refused to talk to me about the unlawful incarceration of Darrell Foote for the last 18 months.

The daily advertiser has refused to talk to me about how a Wagga native, my wife, Jennifer Toal, was given 95 percent of proceeds in divorce as a clear criminal act.

The daily advertiser has refused to alert its male adult readers that the family law courts are a criminal cartel.

As a man who is 4th generation Wagga area born? Your newspaper might have talked to me before now, don’t you think?

As for my article? Women committing the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse is absolutely perfectly ok by 99.5 percent plus of Australians. And that is a fact that has been well proven.

This fact has, apparently, entirely escaped the attention of the entire Australian media despite me pointing it out to pretty much every media outlet for 4 years and the Sydney Morning Herald for nearly 7 years now.

And yet? My one small article pointing out the results of this pervasive man hatred is “distasteful”? Says who? Name anyone who thinks this article is distasteful. I want to ask them why they think perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse are ok. In public. In their own name. Ok?

Ps. If the daily advertiser would like to interview me? I actually ask for money now. Why? Because I am living on borrowed money due to the criminal persecution of three governments, including the Australian government. Criminal persecution you seem to be not interested in because it is very publicly known and your editor has been passed the details.

Best regards

Joschua brandon boehm

Aka. Peter andrew nolan
Former son of john thomas nolan



I added that I am the former son of John Thomas Nolan because my father is very well known in Wagga having lived there all his life.

The editor of the Daily Advertiser has been kept informed of developments on my case for more than 4 years. So it is clear what men have to do to get a “journalist” to take notice of them, right? For a “journalist” to actually take an interest in what a man is saying he has to be very blunt in what he says. Talk about sexism and bigotry in who “journalists” will report about.

I notice she has not responded to my email over the last day or so.

And then someone called Teagan Hannon wrote me the following email.



From: teaganhannon [] Sent: 13 January 2015 06:37


After reading your post on Manbook,  I am outraged.  How dare you talk about the Hunt family in such a personal way. You have no idea who they were and what circumstances they were under. Nobody knows what happened that tragic day and nobody probably ever will, so you speculating that Geoff killed his family because he was afraid of divorce is complete and utter nonsense. Geoff more than likely had no idea who you are or what you went through in your divorce, so don’t toot your own horn and think that you’re something special.

You have no idea what kind of man Geoff was or the life that he had. That man has been through so much heartache,  but still walked around with a smile on his face like he didn’t have a care in the world.  You have no idea who the hunts were, clearly shown by stating that Geoff and Kim had two sons and one daughter which is incorrect.  They had three beautiful children;  Fletcher, Mia and Pheobe; one boy and two girls.

So if you could refrain from posting rubbish about people that you do not know,  that would be greatly appreciated.


The entire Boree Creek Community.



She claims to represent the entire Boree Creek Community. How egotistical of her.

She soon realised the error of her ways and she sent this apology not much later.



From: teaganhannon [] Sent: 13 January 2015 06:47
Subject: Apology

Dear Joschua

I apologise for my earlier email. It was not on behalf of the boree Creek community,  it was my own personal feelings. I am sorry if I sounded rude, that was not my intention.  I understand that you and many others are entitled to your opinion about this situation,  however it is difficult to read such things about a family that was so close to all our hearts.

I hope that you can accept my apology.

Kind regards,

Teagan Hannon



So I sent her this reply. Some pieces have been edited and that is indicated in the reply.


Sent: Tuesday, January 13, 2015 2:13 AM
To: “teaganhannon” <>
Subject: Re: Apology


Let me tell you this. I have been where Geoff Hunt was. You have not.

I have every right to speculate on his thoughts because I have been there. You have not.

When I was victimised the same way I came to the conclusion that the fastest way out of this situation was for Jennifer, my ex, to be killed. <portion edited out>

If I had done that I would have had my children, my house, my business, my future. The only person who would have suffered was the criminal woman in question.

But I chose not to have Jennifer killed. You want to know why? Geoff Hunt. That’s why. Geoff Hunt and men exactly like him. Men who are good men and salt of the earth men. But men who have far less intellectual ability than me and a far lower income than me which means they have no chance at all to defend themselves from the family courts.

I am extremely bright and I make <edited> in a good year. I knew that if anyone was able to defend the Geoff Hunts of the world it was me.

So I disowned my former children. I knew my house would be stolen. I knew my business would be destroyed. I knew I would be persecuted by at least two national governments.

And I chose to do all that for the Geoff Hunts of the world. I have been doing this for 7 years. I even risked my life by video recording my family court matter and putting it on you tube.

I have defended ALL the “Geoff Hunts” of the world with all the money and time and effort and courage I have been able to muster for 7 years.

For this sacrifice, the equivalent of being an ANZAC, how have my fellow Australians treated me?

They treated me like shit. That is how they treated me.

You think Geoff Hunt is the only man who killed himself in divorce? Think again. Last year an estimated 4,000 Australian men killed themselves in divorce an no one gave a shit. The only reason anyone gives a shit about Geoff Hunt is because he killed his wife and children. If he just killed himself there would have been no newspaper article.

Indeed Geoff Hunt did ALL MEN in Australia a great service killing his wife and children and then himself. He made the ultimate sacrifice. He brought the issue of criminal victimisation of men in divorce to the for.

Because you women would not listen to men like me? The deaths of the Hunt family, and those that will follow, are necessary.

If you actually cared about the Geoff Hunts of the world like I do you would have helped me. But you do not care about the Geoff Hunts of the world. You only care about women. You do not even care about children.

<portion edited out>

There will be more Geoff Hunts. There will be more dead women and children. You can count on it. And we will only begin to slow down the occurrences of these things when people start to help me rather than to hate on me.

I was Wagga born and bred 4th generation. I am one of the most successful men ever to have been born in Wagga and that is really saying something. I am world renowned in my profession.

And yet when I was criminally victimised by another Wagga family, the Toal family of 23 Fernleigh road Turvey Park, Wagga Wagga. How was I treated by the people of Wagga? How was I treated by my own family? My own father? My own brothers? My aunts? My uncles? My cousins?

I will tell you how I was treated. I was treated like shit. That is how I was treated. And Geoff Hunt, and every man facing divorce, knows he will be treated like shit too.

Women just like you killed Geoff Hunt and his family. Women just like my aunts. Women just like my female cousins.

Because you women DEMAND that men attack and destroy any man who stands up for his rights and his children in divorce. Even to the extent that a mans own father and brothers and sons will betray him in divorce.

You women killed Geoff Hunt and his family.

You did not love them or care about them at all.

I know it. Lots of young men know it. And that genie is not going back in the bottle.

Now, do you and all the good people of Boree Creek want to help me stop the NEXT Geoff Hunt and family? Or does your “love for families” not extend that far whereas it does for me? Hmmm?

Best Regards




And my comments on these two letters are these.

Women are “outraged” that I pointed out that a man killed his wife and three children very likely because he knew he was about to be criminally victimised in divorce.

They are NOT OUTRAGED that men are routinely criminally victimised in divorce.

They are NOT OUTRAGED that men routinely commit suicide when they are criminally victimised in divorce.

They are OUTRAGED because I am TALKING ABOUT IT!

I do not make up these stories of man hatred in the west. I could never make up a story where someone is OUTRAGED about talking about an event and NOT OUTRAGED about the crimes the men suffer in the lead up to the event. No. I could not make up man hatred like that. Only women could make up and express man hatred like that and be completely oblivious to their own man hatred.

There will be more Geoff Hunts. Not because I am talking about them. But because every day in the family law courts women are committing crimes with the full support of the state. Every day men are being criminally victimised. No reporters will email them and ask their story. No women will be “OUTRAGED”.

If these men so much as talk aloud about the criminal victimisation they are suffering their own father, their own brothers, their own sisters, their own children, their own cousins, their own friends will attack them and tell them to SHUT UP!

And if they will not SHUT UP over the criminal victimisation they are suffering then those very people, that the man could have had good reason to believe love him and care about him and would support him as the victim of crimes, will attack him and HATE ON HIM and betray him as much as they possibly can to SHUT HIM UP.

And then, when one in 100,000 such men crack and shoot their wives and children? A restraint rate that women would NEVER equal? Suddenly he is a “monster”.

No. The MONSTERS are every single person who knows full well this sort of criminal abuse of men is going on and who champions the women who are doing it with their support or condones the women doing this with their silence.

Those are the TRUE MONSTERS of this situation.

We will continue to see a rise in the rate at which “Geoff Hunts” kill their wives and children until such time as people in the west show the level of maturity needed to:

  1. Discuss this issue and admit that the cause is the endless criminal victimisation of men as we have told you for more than 7 years now.
  2. Men are given the same protection of the law as women. Meaning women are held accountable for their crimes.

Until these two things happen? There will be more “Geoff Hunts”.
Best Regards

Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©




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  4. By the way. He didn’t drown himself in the dam. He drove to the dam and shot himself. Your information on this matter is quite limited. That’s why you said “that did not happen”.
    What do you base your “did not happen” assertion on?

    • “He drove to the dam and shot himself.”

      The reports say that he had a gunshot wound, true. The reports also say his body was in the water in the dam. The police are suppressing information about the case so it is quite difficult to know exactly what happened. Some people I know know the family and have given me their version of events.

      “What do you base your “did not happen” assertion on?”

      The lack of any evidence supporting your proposed story. Australia in particular women can commit the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse and can expect to be well rewarded for doing so. This reward will be supported up to and including every member of parliament and every senator. This is why so many men kill themselves in divorce in Australia. They are routinely criminally victimised with complete impunity.

      My assertion is that Geoff Hurst was well aware of this and that this is very likely why he killed his wife and children. There is no evidence to the contrary. If people in Australia cared about men at all they would prosecute women who committed crimes against men. But women are routinely not prosecuted for their crimes against men despite claiming they want “equality” for the last 40 years.

      For example. Bill and Irene Toal, of 23 Fernleigh Road Wagga Wagga, +61 2 69 25 40 41,, are accomplices to the crimes of my ex, Jennifer Toal, their daughter, and they have not been brought to justice. Bill and Irene openly support their crimes of Jennifer and the crimes of their son Michael Toal.

      When the Toal family is prosecuted for their crimes? When all the other people who have committed crimes against me have been prosecuted? Then get back to me about how women are prosecuted for murdering their children, ok? Lets see women sentenced to the same time for murdering their children as Darcy Freeman is doing. The Darcy Freeman case is another case where a man was endlessly criminally victimised and he killed his daughter.

      Women who are not even victimised in any way routinely claim “post natal depression” and are never prosecuted for murdering their children. Routinely.

  5. And, say for example you were to discover that it wasn’t the father who shot the 3 children and then his wife but happened upon the scene, realised what had really occurred and then committed suicide, what would be your reaction?

    • That did not happen. BTW, women routinely kill their children for no good reason. The made up “post natal depression” and “sudden infant death syndrome” to cover for women murdering their children. Indeed, when a woman murders her child it is not even called murder as it is when the father does it. It is called “infanticide”. Your political masters take many steps to hide the rate at which mothers murder their children.

      A child is MUCH more likely to be murdered by the mother or the mothers new “thug boyfriend” than they are by their father. But no one wants to talk about those children who are murdered.

      • When a woman murders her child she is charged with murder. There’s no such criminal charge under Australian law as infanticide.

        • “When a woman murders her child she is charged with murder.”

          In many countries around the world women are not prosecuted for murder when they kill their child. They will be said to have “post natal depression” and they are routinely never even charged. If you bothered to do any research you would know this.

          “There’s no such criminal charge under Australian law as infanticide.”

          You seem to think legislation is law. This is not correct. Legislation is not law.

          • Are you aware of the recent case in NSW where a woman murdered her step father? She had two men help her cut up the body and put it about the place to try and destroy the evidence of the murder. They were caught. The two men are doing 8 years. Notice neither man KILLED the murdered man.

            The woman walked. Why? She claimed the man “abused” her. This despite there was never an allegation made to the police about this “abuse”. All we have is her testimony and the word of the police about “photographs” showing abuse. These are the SAME POLICE who are well known to be willing to commit perjury to make as little as a speeding fine stick.

            When I was 19 a NSW Police officer committed perjury to make a false speeding fine stick for me. I have pointed out to MANY police in Australia that THEY KNOW officers routinely commit perjury. No police officer has EVER denied my claim that they KNOW their fellow officers routinely commit perjury. Since ALL police in Australia KNOW that their colleagues routinely commit perjury there are NO police officers to be trusted.

            Further? THOUSANDS of police officers have been served the proof of the crime David Dunkley committed on video. Two feds even witnessed the crime and fled the scene before I could challenge them on their oaths. That is how dirty police officers are in Australia. They will flee the scene of a crime having witnessed it if the victim is a man and the beneficiary is a woman. Routinely. Just ask Paul LeLarge, the regsitrar at the Australian Federal Magistrates Court in Parramatta Sydney. He was the one who organised the feds to be at my court meeting. He knows they fled the scene of a crime.

  6. This chick need to go get laid. No child should ever be in their mom’s custody. I don’t care what the circumstances are. Dudes don’t beat their kids for no reason. Moms do. We ALWAYS have a reason to beat them. Stupid ho.


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