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Lots of people now know I bought into an iPAS2 franchise in December.

The way I got into it was as follows. A friend of mine I know and trust, who is very good at what he does, sent me an email and suggested I might be interested in the whole concept of an “internet franchise business”. Because my friend knows me and I have been on his email list for years? I figured I would give him the benefit of a few minutes of my time and have a look for myself at what he was talking about. If he owned it then it must be good, right?

I went through the sales video about Adams story and the testimony of the other people. I was impressed that they could line up people who testified in their own names just how good iPAS2 is. I have since linked to quite a few people who are on the testimonial videos. They are real people doing real things that you can go and talk to who will say “yes, absolutely, this is what iPAS2 is doing for me”. They will show you their stats panels to prove it. Not bad!

So when I was asked for my USD7 for a 7 day trial, money back guaranteed, I was perfectly fine with that. I personally believe that franchise business offers like this should require some payment because it keeps the tire kickers out. If you are not willing to pay USD7 for a 7 day trial then you are not serious.

Anyway. I paid my USD7 and got my userid and password and went into the iPAS2 system. I noticed there was quite a bit of video to watch before I jumped in so I cracked open a bottle of red and sat back to listen to what this thing iPAS2 was all about.

WOW!….Just WOW!

After about 30 minutes I “got it”.

Now, of course, I have been in selling for 23 years so I know all the angles and tricks of the trade. For example the USD7 for the trial period actually has a name in marketing circles. It is called a “tripwire”. You ask for a small payment so that you stop people who are tire kickers from coming in. People who are tire kickers will not pay anything for a trial period and they make bad franchisees. Indeed they make bad customers overall. Tire kickers generally cost companies money rather than contribute to the profit of a company. If you are a tire kicker? You should stop reading now, ok? I only want serious men who are serious about making money as my franchisees. One of the things I teach large companies to do is to find the customers who are not profitable and to encourage them “up or out”. Businesses are not charities.

Anyway…I was SO IMPRESSED and SO EXCITED I actually watched videos for nearly 12 hours straight!! I wanted to get through the videos and get my hands on this system because I could already see there was nothing else like it I had ever seen in my life. I had never seen anything like iPAS2 and how it was put together. It really is that good.

So by the end of the second day I had watched all the mandatory videos and learned how the system worked. I set up my Get Response email account.  Then it was on to trying out the system to see if it would do what it says on the label.

Sure enough, it works exactly as advertised. I won’t say more than that. I actually deleted some other comments I made. I will end it at the comment iPAS2 does exactly what it says it will do on the label.

The whole system is so slick and so smooth and so easy to use I just could not believe what I was seeing. Anyone can use it. So I talked to a few close friends who I know need to make money to support their charitable work and went through the process with them. The LOVED what they saw and jumped in right away too! That is Yamacia Rugby Club and Mens Rights Fiji. David and Emosi are my good friends.

I then put together a list of the 100 or so men who I know well who have large audiences to offer them the chance to jump into iPAS2 before too many more people in the man-o-sphere know about it. I am sure many of them will sign up now that iPAS2 is becoming widely known across the man-o-sphere. It is like the old “gold rush” days. Those who jump into iPAS2 while it is still very early are staking their claim to a piece of internet “territory” and can build their iPAS2 franchise with little competition early on.

This will change fairly rapidly now that the man-o-sphere has been alerted to the existence of iPAS2. Four weeks ago no one in the man-o-sphere knew of the existence of iPAS2. Today? Already 20,000+ men have been alerted to it’s existence by me. That number is going to go up very rapidly.

Now…some men ask me “please explain to me what iPAS2 is before I put down my USD7 and watch the videos”.

The answer to that question is “no”. In this post I am already telling you more about iPAS2 than you have any right to know. Telling people more about something they are interested in buying is a good way to lose the sale. It is much better for people to experience what it is they are considering buying. And so it is with iPAS2. After all? I am the salesman here, not you, ok?

If you are serious about making money on line? If you are serious about owning your own franchise business? If you are serious about gaining financial freedom via an internet business? You will put down your USD7 and you will watch the videos and try out the system for 7 days. It is as simple as that.

There is 20 hours or so of video and a whole computer system to learn. iPAS2 can not be usefully explained. It has to be experienced. And who has time to explain anything for a USD7 sale? Does anyone ask the guy at Starbucks to explain the contents of the coffee before putting down their money for a Starbucks? Don’t be ridiculous!

Now, of course, iPAS2 is not for everyone. In my opinion iPAS2 suites the following type of men.

  1. You are a risk taker. You want the bigger reward for the bigger effort and will not shirk the time and effort that is going to be needed to build your business in the early days, just like any other franchise. Men are notoriously cynical today and you will be falsely called a “scammer” for selling water in the desert by men.
  2. You already have a fairly large social network. The more people you already know the more likely you are to make more sales.
  3. You are respected and trusted by the people who know you. The more respected and trusted you are the more easily people will buy from you what it is you are selling. This has always been true. It is true with iPAS2 as well.
  4. You want to have your own business that you can operate from anywhere in the world via a laptop. You want to get out of your current job? You want to supplement the income of your current job? You want a business that you can operate from home or anywhere else for that matter?

If you fit those 4 criteria? Then iPAS2 is for you.

I am promoting iPAS2 to all the men who lead groups in the mens rights and fathers rights area because I am very well known all across those areas. I have defended the rights of men, especially fathers, for the last 7 years. I have done this at great personal cost and sacrifice. Pretty much everyone in that area of the man-o-sphere knows I am an honest man of honour and integrity who has defended mens rights vigorously for years. So they know I am not a scammer and know this offer is real and intended to help them help themselves.

I am telling these men that iPAS2 is the perfect vehicle to raise money for their groups to support their charitable activities. This is why my first two franchisees are Yamacia Rugby Club and Mens Rights Fiji. I am also helping them get their early clients.

So, if you would like to support Yamacia Rugby Club ( Club Website ) then you can buy your iPAS2 franchise on these two links.

If you want to support Mens Rights Fiji (Mens Rights Fiji Facebook) then you can buy your iPAS2 franchise off these two links.

Now. I promised to show you how there are numerous different sales videos that you would be able to show to people you are presenting iPAS2. This is what you do with iPAS2. You present the testimonials of these real people who have real iPAS2 businesses and suggest to people you know that they might like to join in.

So…Here are some examples….check them out. This is part of the system and shows you how iPAS2 performed the “tell and sell” for you on your behalf.

Adams Story with Presell
Adams Story with No Presell
Copy a Millionaire with Presell
Copy a Millionaire with no Presell
One for the ladies!

Just by the way? iPAS2 has been VERY popular with women and many women are actually making money faster than a lot of the men. Why? Because men buy more readily from women than men buy from men. Men are very sexist when it comes to buying things. Men prefer to buy from women over men a great deal of the time. Men are far more willing to believe a sales pitch from a woman than a man.

iPAS2 is perfect for women who have small children who want to stay at home with the children but need some extra money to pay the bills. It is very popular with such women because they extra money is all but guaranteed. Who would not want to help out a young mum in her internet business, right?

And remember. In iPAS2 you can upsell Empower Network products or cross sell your own products and services. Once you get a new prospect by them giving you their email address there is no reason why you can not sell them anything else you promote.

You can achieve commission rates as high as 70%!  70% commission rates are VERY high and not the norm for affiliates.

So if you want to be able to present these sorts of videos and get great results you see in the testimonial videos above? Click on this order form. Pay your USD7 for your 7 day trial. You will get about 20 hours of video training and access to the system to try it out for yourself.

Then sit back, crack open a bottle of red or get a cup of tea, whatever is your preference. Watch the video training for iPAS2.  If you are as aware as me of what internet marketing is all about? You will be as impressed as I was! The weekend is coming up so you have plenty of time to look over the videos over the weekend!

Get your USD7, 7 day trial here!

If you want an iPAS2 franchise, and I think you do, then I will see you on the inside!!

Best Regards

Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©




  1. Hello Joschua,

    I know you indicated on your previous post that there has been demand for this, but this is very clearly and blatantly a sales pitch. I’m beginning to wonder whether this is truly a place MEN can have discussions, because it seems to be turning quickly into a place for you to get customers. Using manbook in this way seems like a waste.

    Hoping we get back to discussions that matter,
    Giancarlo DIamante

    • Giancarlo,
      Since men are not interested in freeing themselves from the control grid they are in in any number?
      Since men are not interested in saving the lives of other men?
      Since men are not interested in securing their own rights?

      I am going to talk about what most men ARE interested in. And one thing most men ARE interested in is making money to pay for food, rent, mortgages, women and other things they want in life.

      On this site one of the topics will be “how to make money” among many other topics. And I will promote the products and services I own and use and like. You are welcome to ignore such posts. Ok?

    • BTW. On my twitter I am getting a LOT of people who are interested in Affiliate Marketing RTing my tweets in that area. There are a LOT of people in to affiliate marketing now. It is a big business. If you do not want to be an affiliate marketer? Fine. Just ignore posts about that.

      I would note that I have not seen a payment for my time from you on my paypal.

      If you want to show me how much you appreciate my 5,000 hours of effort on behalf of other men? You can pay me what you think that has been worth on

      Of course, if you think my 7 years of effort and 5,000 unpaid hours of effort is worth nothing? Then pay me nothing. I am ok with that. And I will value your opinion accordingly, right?

      PS. You look like an ASIO troll. I recommend you stop looking like that. Ok?


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