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I have stood up and named Judge Baessler from Nurtingen court near Stuttgart as making a criminal knowingly false guilty verdict against me. A shame men like this will not publish such evidence.


Update: 2015-04-24.

I have noticed that google.de has this entry listed on page 1 for search results for Dr Udo Ulfkotte. I have noticed that people from Germany are coming in to this page. So I decided to put my video about my 19 days as a political prisoner in Germany up on this page.

I stood up to the criminals in the German courts and denied that they had any jurisdiction over me. Richter Bassler, of the Nurtingen Court, made a knowingly false guilty verdict that led to me being jailed for 19 days 2.5 years later.

By jailing me the agents of the Federal Republic of Germany committed an act of WAR against a peaceful sovereign man. Peaceful is a relative term since peaceful men often go to WAR.

If you are German and reading this page? Your country has some serious problems. Angela Merkel is violating the Geneva Conventions of Political Asylum. Your judges feel comfortable making false guilty decisions. Your police and jailers will follow these false guilty decisions and wave papers around like the most fervent National Socialists ever did to excuse the crimes they were committing.

I had expected, of all people in the world, that Germans would be alert to criminality in the judiciary and government. Your sad experience with this has been so recent. Surely you have not so quickly forgotten. Surely you do not want the specter of criminals in government, the judiciary, the police and the jailers to come back so soon. What about the children of your land?

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