Women are Pathological Liars – Reprise


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I am deleting all the hate filled comments from women about me calling them pathological liars. I am also getting a lot of hateful comments because I say that women AND MEN who condone women committing crimes against men are vile, disgusting, hate filled people.

Apparently it is only “upsetting” when it is women included in that group. Even when I say that my own former father disgusts me that he was so weak as to condone crimes committed against his own grand children and son that is not “upsetting” to women. Women only care about women. They care nothing for men.




Just think about this statement. And I will highlight it for you so you do not miss it.

When a man kills himself due to the criminal abuse he has suffered for YEARS at the hands of a criminal woman wielding the criminal abusive force of the state not even his own MOTHER will speak up EVEN if she has other married sons.

Every young man who reads my words is very well advised to keep this fact in mind. Not even your own MOTHER will make public comment if you are criminally abused TO DEATH by a woman wielding the criminal family law courts.

Women are all “upset” that I am pointing out that they are pathological liars.

Women in the west are all upset that I call them vile, disgusting, repulsive, pathological liars and hypocrites while at the SAME TIME I praise Eastern European women to the heavens. If any man here would like to see how I speak about the best Eastern European women I have met you can read my comments or listen to my words on this link and this link.

If you want to see how an Eastern European woman talks about me you can read about that or listen to that on this link.

And when I praise Eastern European Women what do the western women do? They attack the Eastern European Women and tell pathological lies about them. Western women are so deeply evil that they can not fathom the idea that a mother would actually love her son and wish that he has the equal protection of the law to other womens daughters. They can not fathom that a woman would love her son so much that she would be respectful and honour a man who is working to save the lives of young men just like her son.

Indeed, the women in the west hate you young men so much that the very idea that you should have the same protection of the law, the very idea that women should be held equal before the law and you should be compensated for any crime committed against you by a woman?

That very idea is called “you hate all women”.

Young men who read my words should never forget that my standing up for truth, justice and equality before the law, my standing up for YOUR RIGHTS, is described as “you hate all woman” by 99.9%+ of western women and 99%+ of western men too.

A short story. You can read the background on this link .




A couple of years ago one of the female employees at German client of mine approached me for some advice. She was in her 40s and he son was 16 and he was asking about whether he could go to the UK to study when he was older.

Because the woman spoke no English and knew that I was familiar with the UK she came to me and asked my advice for her son. I spent over an hour talking to her.

I explained to her that her son would be considered less than a DOG in the UK.

I explained to her that false rape allegations were common and that her son might very easily end up in jail on a false rape allegation.

I explained to her that false sexual harassment allegations were very common and that her son might be thrown out of his university in disgrace for as little as talking to a girl he liked. This, I explained, was “harassment” if the girl called it harassment.

I explained that on university campuses there were often “womens only” transport such that the boys must walk like 4th class citizens.

To say this woman was shocked at what I was saying would be an understatement. She outright did not believe me initially. I patiently explained to her that I had only her sons best interests in mind by telling her the truth. I told her that it was the choice of her husband and herself if they would allow their son to do as he wished, but that they should make that choice knowing full well that it might lead to their son being falsely jailed for 10 to 15 years.

She thanked me profusely. She later told me that her husband and her had discussed the issue that even the smallest chance of 10 to 15 years of unjust incarceration was not worth the benefit of their son studying in the UK. They had agreed they would not allow or support their son to do this.

And what do we see in this link?

The young lad involved is actually a German exchange student. Sadly, when he was considering being an exchange student in the US his mother (or father) did not have a kind and caring man like me she could seek advice from. If she did. Maybe her son would not be falsely accused like this.

And notice that this false accuser is not on trial for her perjury. She is championed for her lies and false allegations.

Young German men are made of sterner stuff than men in the west. And this young German man is now fighting back against the false allegations made against him. Good on him.

I released an offer called “Name and Shame Women”. You can read about it on A-MAN-ZON on this link.

To date not even ONE man in the west has availed of this service. Lots of men have said “there should be a place where women who commit crimes against men can be denounced”. But it is not worth the AUD75 to do so according to men.

Just think about that young man. A woman makes a false rape allegation. A woman commits perjury in the family law courts. Mens lives are destroyed. And not even THEN is it worth AUD75 for the man to make the facts of the matter public so that other men might be warned. This is how little your fellow men care about you. They will not warn you of criminal women in your society that might destroy your life because that service should be paid for by someone else. Men will not take even that much responsibility for the criminals in their society that might destroy another mans life. And you can be sure as hell other women will not either.

This is the world you live in. It is up to you as to whether you will tolerate this world for the remainder of your life. After all? Your fathers and grand fathers are not going to do the right thing by you. They are not going to defend your rights for you as I have defended your rights for you.

Sure. You may say “but I do not need to do anything because that will never happen to me”. So let me tell you one more story.

An Indian mangina introduced an Indian woman to me. At the time her son was in jail in New York on what he claimed was a false rape allegation. She asked me for my help.

I told her. “No. I will not help you. Even more? I hope your son becomes depressed, then suicidal, and then I hope he kills himself. I hope this happens to you because then you will know what it is like to have your son taken from you exactly the same way you women condone my son was taken from me.”

The mangina wrote back to me and said words to the effect “You are a horrible man because you made this woman cry.”

I told him that this EVIL WOMAN had NEVER spoken up about women committing perjury against men and that I was absolutely sincere when I said I hope her son kills himself to teach her the lesson that she SHOULD have spoken about these issues in the first place.

The mangina persisted and said “Maybe if you help her then she will speak up in the future?”

And I said:

SHE SHOULD BE SPEAKING UP NOW! The fact is that I have spoken to more than 30,000 women and not ONE OF THEM OF NOTE will speak up and say that perjury is a crime when women do it and that women who commit perjury should be punished and men who are victims of perjury should be compensated for their injury, harm and loss.”

The mangina took the point and he has never spoken to me again because he knows he disgusts me.

But that is the point young man. Western Women are upset that I call them pathological liars. They are upset that I call them vile, disgusting, repulsive people because they openly condone women committing crimes against men like perjury. And yet they failed this challenge miserably and can not produce even ONE WOMAN OF NOTE who takes the position that women must be held accountable for their perjury.

  • Not Karen Straughn.
  • Not Janet Bloomfield.
  • Not Christian Hoff Summers.

Not even ONE WOMAN OF NOTE will say:

“Women who commit perjury should be prosecuted and I am willing to sit on an all womens jury in an all womens court to make it so”.

That is how much women HATE YOU young man. And when the HATRED OF WOMEN is pointed out the ONLY response they have is to spew MORE HATRED at me and incite HATRED OF WOMEN AND MANGINAS AGAINST ME in an effort to distract you from the evidence of THEIR HATRED.

Never forget young man.

Your women HATE YOU.

Your fathers HATE YOU.

Your grand fathers HATE YOU.

They are ALL in STRONG AGREEMENT that when you are the victim of a false allegation that THEY will do NOTHING ABOUT IT.

Never forget who stood up for you. We are very few.

Never forget who did not stand up for you. They are very many. They make excuses.





Best Regards

Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©


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