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One of the more frustrating things about men is how they refuse to listen to the truth even when it is shoved so far down their throats it makes them want to puke. Indeed, many men attack me for telling them the truth.

They believe the lie that legislation is law and that they must obey legislation like good little slaves and not even when Barrack Obama says that all legitimate government is by consent will men actually believe the truth.

Hard to believe that even when such phrases as “consent of the governed” are written in the US Declaration of Independence and backed up 220+ years later by the current US President that men choose to believe the lie that they MUST OBEY legislation of governments.

Hard to believe they will not believe the truth. That men can rescind their consent to be governed and that all legislation only applies by consent of the governed.

Quite literally, men are able to walk away from being governed and yet choose to remain governed and demand changes to their conditions of slavery.

Here is my court room video taken on 2009-11-26. You can get the transcript for the video on this link so that you can read along with the video if you would like. Or you might even just want to read the transcript and the comments.

You can get an online version of Living Free in the FemNazi World on this link if you would like to perform the Strawman Recapture Process for yourself.

If you would like me to perform the Strawman Recapture process for you then you can review the details of the offer on this link.

Funny how all these men tell me how smart and brave they are and yet no one else has emulated my achievement in more than 5 years.

Now. The Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation has been blocking my You Tube Video in to the country and so I have loaded it up on a different player.

You can watch the video on this link if you are in Australia. You can also download the video and reload it on to another account and share the video among friends.

If you are outside Australia the you tube link below works ok.


I have decided to add a whole series of links to the bottom of this post because I am sending so many people to this post as the “starting point”. So to make it easy for them I am putting this set of links here so they can go directly to them.

My Case File For The Crimes Of Jennifer Nolan/Toal

Lawful Notice to Peace Officers of Australia

Lawful Notices for All Members of Both Federal Houses in Australia

Lawful Notice to all men who are fathers in Australia

Lawful Notice to all men who employ fathers in Australia

Lawful Notice to All members of both houses of federal parliament in Australia

Lawful Notice to Julia Gillard regarding the arrest of Ian Henke

Lawful Notice to all members of the NSW Parliament

Lawful Notice to the employees of Watts McCray in Australia

Lawful Notice to Julia Gillard Re Targeted Individuals and crimes of NSW Police

Lawful Notice to All Members of the Australian Federal Parliament

Lawful Notice to all members of the NSW Parliament Upper and Lower Houses

Carolyn Rogers: Lawful Notices to the Chief Justices of the High Court

Claim Into Existing Of A State Of War In Australia

Open Letters with respect to cases in Australia

Australian Case Registry

Lawful Notices Issued in Ireland

Open Letters Issued in Ireland

Irish Minister for Justice and Equality Frances Fitzgerald – Facebook

Irish Minister for Justice and Equality Frances Fitzgerald – Twitter

My Global Man Video Channel

My Back Up Video Channel

My Home Business Channel

My ex father in law Bill Toal and Irene Toal contact details.
23 Fernleigh Road
Turvey Park
Wagga Wagga
New South Wales 2650
+61 – 2 – 69 25 40 41

Bill and Irene Toal have been 110% behind the crimes of Jennifer Toal and Michael Toal. They refuse to demand their children cease and desist in their crimes and refuse to demand the police prosecute the crimes of their children. They are just letting their children run wild as criminals. A very bad example.



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