Alan Shatter – A Two Faced Bastard


Alan Shatter, Former Irish Minister for Justice and Equality, Being a Two Faced Bastard.



For those of you who do not know. Alan Shatter is the former Minister for Justice and Equality in Ireland. This man, personally, over his own signature, denied my application for Irish Citizenship for no stated reason. This was despite the fact that my former wife and children were granted Irish Citizenship and I was the sole income earner for the family for the entire five year qualification period as well as two years beyond the qualification period. That is blatant criminal sex based discrimination.

This is what a man hater looks like. This is Alan Shatter on the day I had him forced to resign in disgrace with a ludicrous cover story. Not a very happy camper on the day, is he.




Further. Alan Shatter, personally, and on his volition alone, denied me a MANDATORY permanent residency visa in Ireland. Such a visa is MANDATORY under EU Legislation that Ireland is signed up to.

I ran a public campaign against Alan Shatter calling him the criminal, liar and hypocrite he chose to be. I also pointed out that he fanned the flames of anti-Semitism by being a JEW who openly committed crimes against a GOY and ALL THE OTHER JEWS SAID THAT WAS OK.

Once I showed how Alan Shatter, A CRIMINAL JEW, was fanning the flames of anti-semitism his masters felt that was a little too close to the bone. They cooked up the most ridiculous of cover stories and forced him to resign in disgrace.

No one with a brain believes the cover story. We all know the Garda are a bunch of criminal scumbags who openly support women committing crimes. The Irish Garda are such cowardly criminal scumbags they will not even call me on the telephone they fear me so much.

We all know the reason Alan Shatter had to go was that he was the ONLY JEW IN PARLIAMENT and he was committing crimes openly and publicly and giving ALL JEWS a bad name.

Even to this day not ONE OTHER JEW has demanded Alan Shatter stand trial for his crimes against me. So there is EVERY REASON FOR PEOPLE TO BE ANTI-SEMITIC. Because when JEWS commit crimes ALL THE OTHER JEWS SAY THAT IS OK.

It is exactly the same case as when women commit crimes against men and ALL THE OTHER WOMEN SAY THAT IS PERFECTLY OK.

If you would like to read more about this JEWISH CRIMINAL you can do so on this link.

This is the article that talks about his resignation. You can click on this link.

And here is this CRIMINAL JEW being a TWO FACED BASTARD and trying to pretend he gives a SHIT about men. While he was MINISTER FOR JUSTICE AND EQUALITY this CRIMINAL JEW committed a whole series of crimes against me and REFUSED to hold the criminal Judge, Judge Griffin of the Irish Family Law Courts, accountable for his crimes.

He also REFUSED to see to it that my ex was prosecuted for stealing EUR18,000 out of our company account in the crime of embezzlement.

He also REFUSED to see to it that my ex was prosecuted for committing perjury.


His claim was that since the independence of Ireland in 1921 the whole SERIES OF GOVERNMENTS had somehow overlooked the need to PROSECUTE CRIMINAL JUDGES and that there was no procedure for securing my path to justice against a criminal judge.

He did not offer ANY REASON why he refused to prosecute my wife for her crimes. No reason at all. The same way he offered NO REASON as to why he criminally discriminated against me in refusing my claim for Irish Citizenship even many years after my former wife and children were granted their citizenship.

Well I have news for Alan Shatter. There is a procedure for securing a path to justice against a criminal judge. It is a bullet between the eyes delivered by a patriotic man who is willing to risk his life for the benefit of the children of his land. A soldier. A patriot. There used to be some of them around in Ireland when the criminal oppressors were the British.

THAT is the path to justice for criminal judges. And THAT is the path to justice for CRIMINAL JEWS WHO COMMIT CRIMES WHILE HOLDING THE HIGH OFFICE OF MINISTER FOR JUSTICE AND EQUALITY.

And Alan Shatter might think more about the future of his two sons. Because the crimes that he associated himself with has cost many a man his son. And it would be righteous, fair and just, if some man decided that putting a bullet in the head of Alan Shatter would be TOO GOOD FOR HIM. It would be too easy a way out for the crimes he associated himself with.

It could well be that some man who has lost his son due to the crimes of Alan Shatter might just get the idea in his head to put a bullet IN THE HEADS OF HIS SONS as a far more just and righteous punishment for Alan Shatter.

In my own opinion? Nothing would please me more than to see a man whose life Alan Shatter has destroyed put a bullet in the heads of each of his sons and the wife who stood by his crimes so that Alan Shatter has to live out his days knowing that his crimes cost his sons and his wife their lives.

I wonder how Alan Shatters sons and wife feel about the idea that their father and husband has made enemies of the type that might just pick up a gun and KILL THEM?

I wonder if Alan Shatters sons and wife might wish that their father and husband make peace with the men he chose to criminally victimise and take his punishment for his crimes like a MAN.

Given that this post is going to be sent to every member of the Irish Parliament and to large sections of the Irish media I can rest assured that someone will tell Alan Shatters sons and wife that their father and husband is putting their lives at risk and that they might want to take issue with their father and husband about that.

After all? If their father dies before he makes remedy? There is plenty of historical precedent to  have the punishment of the sins of the father inflicted on the children. The bible itself says

“Thou shalt not bow down thyself to them, nor serve them: for I the LORD thy God am a jealous God, visiting the iniquity of the fathers upon the children unto the third and fourth generation of them that hate me;”

With so many of the men that Alan Shatter criminally victimised being staunchly catholic? It would not surprise me one little bit if one of those men decided that they were going to do “Gods Work” and visit the iniquity of the father, Alan Shatter, on his children.

Here is the article in question. You can read it on this link.

Notice this two faced, lying, hypocritical, JEWISH CRIMINAL is pretending to give a shit about fathers when he PERSONALLY CRIMINALLY PERSECUTED ME.

Here are some of his comments.




“There is an enormous problem where people are estranged of the primary custodial parent, who most often is the mother, deliberately obstructing fathers from accessing children,” Mr Shatter said.

Speaking during yesterday’s debate on the bill, the Dublin South TD furiously attacked some mothers involved in custodial cases.

“Using children as pawns. Going to war with fathers, causing some fathers to have nervous breakdowns. Destroying relationships deliberately between children and fathers,” he said of some mothers.

Mr Shatter, a lawyer who specialised in family law, warned of cases where courts were unable to act.

“And, yes, it’s right, and the provisions about this bill about counselling and sending people off to mediation which were all in the draft bill are all absolutely right,” he told the Dáil.

“But the courts have nothing of practical use they can do where you have the obstinate, obstructive, venomous, hate-filled parent who is determined to destroy the other parent and to destroy the other parent’s relationship,” he added.

The comments by Mr Shatter are significant given that he compiled the draft heads of the landmark bill before he resigned as justice minister last year in light of the findings of the Guerin report.



This is what a woman in divorce looks like.





Remember. This is a man, who over his own signature, for no reason at all, refused to grant my claim of Irish Citizenship when I was the sole income earner for the full five year qualification period and two years beyond despite the fact my former wife and children were granted this citizenship.

Alan Shatter? Where is my Irish Citizenship, eh? Where is my Irish Permanent Residency Visa that is MANDATORY under EU legislation, eh?

You spew this bullshit about “cases where courts were unable to act” while you personally criminally victimised me.

You know as well as I do that my wife committed perjury. And you stand in the Dail and you say that women can commit perjury with complete impunity.

You know as well as I do that my wife STOLE EUR18,000 and you stand in the Dail and you claim that women can STEAL MONEY WITH COMPLETE IMPUNITY.

Every night I hope and I pray some good and decent patriotic Irish man will put a bullet in the heads of your wife and your children for you being such a two faced criminal bastard. I hope he will put a bullet in their heads for your wife and your children for standing by you while you are a two faced criminal bastard in the public rather than demanding you be a decent human being.


I do not think ALL MEN are as patient as me. It will only take ONE MAN to dispense summary justice to you and your family. ONE MAN.

Then again, I guess you JEWS feel you are above the GOY and that being a decent human being to a GOY is not necessary, eh?

Well, you JEWISH CRIMINAL, this is one GOY you do not get to criminally victimise is the full view of the public and get away with it.

And you do not get to pretend that you give a shit about the very men you oversaw the criminal victimisation of.

One day? One day? Some good and decent Irish Man is going to put a bullet in the heads of some people called Shatter. Which ones? Who knows. But I hope and pray that day comes soon.

Or…you can BE A MAN and admit your crimes, make remedy, and beg forgiveness.

Just think of the compensation payout I am going to get from the Irish Taxayers, eh?

All those Irish Taxpayers who have supported the fact that my wife committed crimes and refused to call for her to be punished and for me to be compensated for my injury, harm and loss. All Irish Taxpayers are liable to pay my compensation because they allowed their scumbag criminal JEW servant to criminally victimise me over many years.



Would you trust this man?





Now. I am sure I have made myself very clear to all who read this.

Best Regards

Joschua-Brandon: Boehm© .



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