The MAN-R-FESTO Version 1.0


Preamble – The MAN-R-FESTO

z01_arnold_schwarzenegger_01My dear brother, hello and welcome to the MAN-R-FESTO.

We are all brothers and sisters in this world. But by the way we treat each other you would never know this to be true. Just look at the world today. Humanity stands on the edge of launching World War III. And to make matters worse? The behaviour of so many of my brothers and sisters towards each other would seem to make the idea of World War III a good one. If we wage war on our neighbours, our brothers, our sisters, we have agreed for others to wage war on us.

Someone needs to step forward with a message of love and peace to humanity. It might as well be me. The MAN-R-FESTO is an idea whose time has come. It is a call to men to be MEN again and not be lambs to the slaughter as they are today.

Make no mistake. Men today are so timid and so weak that they are easily used as lambs to the slaughter and quite deservedly so.

Just so you know. The first draft of this MAN-R-FESTO was written on toilet paper in a German jail where I was held as a political prisoner for 19 days in 2014. I was held as a political prisoner for being a REAL MAN and refusing to be weak and submit to the jurisdiction of the Federal Republic of Germany. I refused to be a timid little sheep and was locked up for a while to try and persuade me to be so via coercion.

There is no place like the long nights of being in a jail cell unlawfully to clear a mans mind of the clutter of modern life. A place for him to reflect over his life. A place for him to consider who he will be in the future. A place for him to make proposals, a call, to younger men around the world to who they could choose to be for themselves.

To say that being in jail was an inspiring time would be an understatement. I was very much inspired in my thinking about what might be possible while I was in jail. Perhaps the next time I am looking for inspiration I will get myself lawfully arrested and thrown in jail to access to the inspiration that comes with this! My apartment is far too comfortable to generate that spark of inspiration. There are too many “luxuries”. Too many distractions in my apartment.

In creating the MAN-R-FESTO I must first make some serious observations about men today. The Illuminati have feminised men within an inch of their being females. Today it is often hard to tell if an anonymous ID on the internet is a male or a female. Not because women are talking like men. They are not. It is because men are talking like women and express themselves like women.

Even males over 40 talk like women today on the internet. It is a disgrace. It is so bad that that the “men” do not even know why it is a disgrace to his man-hood to talk like a female in public. Indeed, when I point out the disgrace the “man” often calls me “sexist” which merely means I know that men and women are different. He doesn’t. And yet he revels in his ignorance and is arrogant about his ignorance. Good luck to such “men” in their lives because they are going to need it.

As a result of the Illuminati brainwashing our young men the term “man” has lost all real meaning. The term “man” has come to mean the opposite of “woman”. A “woman” is merely a female human that has reached the age at which she can reproduce another human. She did nothing to achieve this other than survive long enough.
The word “man” has come to mean a human male that has reached the age of 18. The age varies around the world. It might be 16. It might be 21.

The word “man” used to mean much more. There are remnants of this meaning in our language. For example, women will say to men “man-up” but will never say to a woman “woman-up”. Why? Because women are not supposed to step up to the same level of character as a man. If women were supposed to step up to the same level of character as a man then the women would say “woman-up” to those women who were failing to do so.

Notice how rarely women attempt to shame women and get women to step up to a higher level of character as compared to how often women attempt to shame MEN and have MEN step up to a high level of character. All men reading this MAN-R-FESTO should keep in mind that women almost NEVER criticise other women while ENDLESSLY CRITICISING MEN.

There is also the use of the phrase “real man”. Women will endlessly say to men “you are not a real man” where you will NEVER hear a woman say to another woman that she is not a “real woman”. Not ever. In my lifetime I have never heard a woman say to another woman she is not a “real woman” because all you need to be to be a “real woman” is to be old enough to reproduce. Nothing else is needed. Right?

However, women, and men, insist on a very long list of achievements, character traits, and future efforts all under the title of “real man”. How often do we hear “real men do such and such” or “real men do not do such and such”? This is a simple and obvious form of behaviour control using peer pressure invoked via what is called “shaming language”. Only betas and below fall for this sort of shaming language. Alphas do not.

So. For the purposes of this MAN-R-FESTO I will make the following definitions. We will abandon the word “man” and leave it to the Illuminati, the women and the manginas to corrupt any way they see fit. We will invent our own words to describe what we mean.

“Woman”: Female human being that has reached the age of reproduction. Usually about 12-14 years of age and above.

“Man”: Male human that has reached the age of reproduction. Usually about 12-14 years of age and above.

MAN-R = MANR = Manr = manr: A “man” who has also attained the achievements and characteristics of what will be known as a “real man”. Plural is MENZ.

Of course, there will be debate on the characteristics and achievements of a MANR and that’s great! If those characteristics and achievements change over time? Great! If not? Great! Men are welcome to form other groups of like minded men.

It is not expected that MENZ will ever be more than 10% of any male population. The vast majority of men will never make it to the level of a MANR in terms of accomplishments and characteristics and that is perfectly ok. There is no reason why any man should put in all the extra time and effort required to be a MANR other than his own personal choice to do so.

Indeed? By the standards I am laying down I could not have been considered a MANR until I was 46 years of age and decided to graduate to alpha.

As noted above the plural of MANR is MENZ. The two new words we are coining are manr and menz to mean a “real man” and the plural of such. I get to define the meanings of these new words because I am the author of the MAN-R-FESTO.

If anyone has problems with me creating these definitions they are welcome to write their own MAN-R-FESTO. Concern trolling is one thing that I will not respond to as a part of promoting the MAN-R-FESTO.

Definitions, Characteristics, Attributes of MENZ

Not everything Karl Marx did was wrong. One of his most successful works was “The Communist Manifesto”. It is still in wide use today. Most people do not realise that the western legal system actually implements the Communist Manifesto. The Communist Manifesto has been overlaid with the lie of “capitalism” and most people fell for it..

So in the MAN-R-FESTO I will emulate Karl Marx to the extend that I will list the attributes and characteristics of a MANR and then in later discussion we will dive into the detailed discussion on these attributes and characteristics.

I do not intend to write a DAS KAPITAL of anything of such epic proportions. A simple MAN-R-FESTO shall suffice to give men a choice as to whether they want to be a MANR or simply a “man”.

  1. A MANR follows his own heart, soul, mind and conscience.
  2. A MANR honours “respect for the individual”.
  3. A MANR honours “pay for performance”.
  4. A MANR is heterosexual.There are plenty of manifestos and celebrations for gay men. “Gay Pride” celebrates gay men and I do not see any “Gay Pride” celebrations celebrating heterosexual men. Indeed, all though history I can find no evidence of “celebrating” heterosexual men in the same way that gay men feel such a need to be “celebrated”. I have always wondered why so many gay men feel the need to be “celebrated”. Many of the gay men I know do not wish to be “celebrated”. They just wish to be left alone.
  5. MENZ are leaders, doers, thinkers, creators.
  6. A MANR honours and values honesty, honour and integrity.
  7. A MANR knows that they law of the creator is “do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”
  8. A MANR values learning for the sake of learning.
  9. A MANR believes in truth, justice and equality before the law.
  10. For a MANR his word is his bond. His word is his law.
  11. A MANR bonds his word on a contract with his signature in his hand signed in red ink only to represent the colour of his blood. A MANR never signs a contract for himself in blue or black ink. That is for legal entities, not MENZ.
  12. A MANR defends the right to jury trials and defends jury trials by peers in the public.
  13. A MANR will serve on a jury if called and available.
  14. A MANR will defend the children of his land from all enemies both foreign and domestic.
  15. A MANR will respect the decision of 12 MENZ on a jury and will follow the instructions of such a jury.
  16. A MANR knows he has the right to carry any weapon he chooses and may use it in any way he sees fit.
  17. A MANR knows he has the right to use force, up to and including deadly force, to defend his life, freedom and property as well as those who might be placed in his care by his creator. Eg. His children.
  18. A MANR understands the concept of sovereignty and freeman and chooses one of the above. Typically a MANR will choose sovereignty over freeman.
  19. A MANR is no mans slave. Especially no governments slave.
  20. A MANR understands most men are beta or below who do not wish to be MENZ.A MANR understands they are under no obligation to help a non-MANR, a man, if he asks because that man has not shown the interest of helping himself or others by being a MANR.
  21. A MANR does not accord women any respect that has not been individually earned. A MANR does not “respect women” any more or any less than he “respects men”. Most people are not worthy of respect. MENZ know respect is earned.
  22. A MANR does not accord a woman any privilege that has not been earned in advance.
  23. All MENZ show due respect for all other MENZ. Lack of due respect to MENZ is a severe transgression.Note. A MANR will never unjustly criticise another MANR. Such unjust criticism is enough for public rebuke and possible removal of MANR status.
  24. A MANR knows his status is earned and maintained over his lifetime. A lifetime of MANR status can be undone by lack of consistent application.
  25. A MANR treats women as equal before the law and does not subscribe to such garbage as “it is never ok to hit a woman”.
  26. A MANR knows that women have no sense of justice, are generally dishonest, and generally use lies and deception to gain their desires.Accordingly a MANR does not place trust in a woman, most especially not his wife as women who are wives have proven themselves to be the least trustworthy women of all.
  27. A MANR does not recognise any woman as a valid member of any jury for a MANR or any member of any government a MANR might consent to be governed by.
  28. A MANR recognises that beta and below men only object to the truth being told about women because they are trying to ingratiate themselves to women.
  29. A MANR does not try to ingratiate himself to women. He understands women are no more his equal than are ordinary men.
  30. A MANR generally keep their MANR status secret from men and women. No point telling them what will only cause them “upset”.

That is the MAN-R-FESTO.

30 characteristics and attributes of MENZ that give an indication of the character of the MANR.

You can consider this list of characteristics for yourself and your future.

Best Regards
Joschua-Bandon: Boehm©

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