A Woman Finally Says What Needs to Be Said


Well Gents? After 7 years of asking? A woman has finally said what needs to be said. That women used the vote to stab their men in the back. You lads are going to get a real kick out of this.


z01_super_woman_01I have long criticised women for not speaking out against their fellow women for the crimes women commit in the family law courts. Women claimed they wanted equality. This has proven to be a lie. Women have proven themselves to be liars and hypocrites on the issue of equality. Especially equality before the law.

Women have proven that they wish to be able to commit crimes against men with complete impunity. There is 7 years of evidence stacked up to this end and so this statement is no longer even contestable.

At last, a woman I have known for some time has decided to speak out. She fears for her job and career and so she is speaking out on the condition of anonymity. She has seen how I have been treated for years for speaking out in public.

These are her first three videos. There are more on the way.

Please pass around.

Enjoy lads!

Sallys Channel Introduction

Sallys Who Am I Presentation

Sallys The Backstabbing Betrayal of Women

Best Regards

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