Another Dead Woman – This Time in Leeton


#### The Sydney Morning Herald suppressed my warnings in 2008 and 2009 that if women kept committing crimes against men with impunity we would see more men killing more women, especially in divorce. Well? Now they are reporting the murders I predicted. ####

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Stephanie Scott Pays the Price Of Womens Crimes Against Men



In June 2008 I went on to the Sydney Morning Heralds blogs for Relationships with Sam Brett and All Men are Liars with Sam deBrito. I called for open public debate on the issue that women were committing criminal acts in the family law courts with complete impunity.

I made the point that men were entitled to the protection of the law and that if “equality” was to mean anything it had to mean “equal before the law”. I made it clear to Sam Brett and Sam deBritto that I was going to run a campaign to educate the Australian people on the criminality of the family law courts. I also sent an email to the editor of the SMH to make sure he knew what I was doing.

I used the screen name PeterSMH to make my posts. More than 50% of my posts were censored. I spent hundreds of hours posting the SMH blogs. Sam deBrito, man-hating bastard and stooge that he is, blocked me off his blog and hid from his audience the fact that the family law courts are criminal in nature.

Sam deBrito has the blood of many men on his hands. Men whose lives could have been saved by me if Sam deBrito had published my work. But Sam deBritto preferred to lie to his audience and condemn many men to death so he could collect his 30 pieces of silver each day as his salary. Sam Brett did the same.

If anyone doubts that I did this? You can check this link.

I warned people that if men were not given the protection of the law SOME of those men would turn violent.

And so they have. If you click on this link  you will find more than 500 stories of men killing women and sometimes even children. Apparently posting more than 500 articles on men killing women and children was not yet enough to get men to listen to the fact that women committing crimes against men was making men more violent.

And then we had the Boree Creek murder suicide right near my home town in Wagga Wagga. Everyone is “shocked”. This despite my many years of warning that women are storing up trouble for themselves. You can read about the Boree Creek shooting on this linkthis link and this link.

Then there was another murder in divorce. This time in Canberra. You can read about that on this link.



Now we have another dead woman. Stephanie Scott. You can read about her murder on this link. Again. Everyone pretends to be “surprised”. Everyone blames men. No one bothers to look at the reasons that men are so fed up with women and becoming more violent with women. Something that I predicted would happen 7 years ago. Something that rapidly increased in 2012.

Even though I posted more than 500 articles pointing out that the women committing crimes against men with complete impunity was causing men to become more violent against women, especially in the use of deadly force in intimate relationships, this was ignored. Now people pretend to be “surprised” when a man kills a woman.

I am “surprised”. I am surprised it is not happening much more often. We just saw Andreas Lubitz kill 149 other people, in part, over the fact that he was facing up to 28 years of criminal abuse in the German Family Law Courts. This fact was completely overlooked by pretty much everyone writing about that story except us men in the man-o-sphere. We have warned the broader society that women have been storing up trouble for themselves and we have been called “woman haters” for pointing out this fact.

Well? Stephanie Scott paid the price of the willful ignorance of people in Australia. Stephanie Scott paid the price of Sam Brett and Sam deBrito suppressing my calls for open public debate. And there will be more Stephanie Scotts. You can count on it.

Take a good look. You will see more dead women like this in the future.



Best Regards

Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©



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  1. “it would be a ‘start’ ” -> meaning realizing it.. and may have a debate…

    (then again many MRA have that debate.. and still don’t get it)…

    Else I hope everything runs more or less well, Joschua.


  2. Their law courts are criminal – but they are also the creation of their holy ‘democracy’ into which they believe so much – hence the ‘law courts’ are also holy for them.

    And even when they would make the counrts-legislation more fair.. it would be only a little piece of water onto a hot stone…

    … but I see, it would be a ‘start’ what could lead one or another to real solutions off this mess.


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