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Hello and welcome to this blog entry called “Respect and How It Works”.

I, for one, am amazed that there is a need for me to even write this blog entry and post it to manbook. I mean respect is something that all boys should learn about from their fathers and older men they know as they are growing up. The idea that I actually have to put up a post and point out how respect works is astonishing to me.

Respect is your attitude and way of being towards another man. It is the words you say, the actions you take, and your attitude in presentation of both. If you are saying “nice words” but have a bad attitude about it that is being dis-respectful. If you have a good attitude and say “nice words” but your actions are dis-respectful that too is still dis-respectful.

When showing another man the respect he has earned you are to present your physical body in a respectful manner. For example do not slouch or look like you are about to go to sleep. You are to speak clearly and not mumble. You are to have a polite demeanour. All these things go together to show the respect the other man has earned.

Respect is a very important component of the interactions between men. It is a form of currency and it has great value in the relationships of men. Being dis-respectful of a man who has earned your respect marks you as a man who is unworthy of respect himself. It is a big black dot on your reputation.

Even though respect costs nothing to show it is valuable. Many young men do not know this.

Further, showing “respect” where it has not been earned devalues respect. The idea of “respect all women” is a heinous idea because it devalues respect to nothingness. The current FIFA campaign of “RESPECT” is heinous because it devalues respect to nothingness. If you are to “respect everyone” then no one is more worthy of more respect. It is a standard committee of 300 psyop and it’s purpose is to destroy the value of respect among men.

Now. Respect is EARNED. You are not ENTITLED to respect in any way, shape or form.


I have found online that boys as young as 16 seem to think they are somehow entitled to respect just for being alive. I have news for them. They aren’t. You do not even have the ability to earn respect from adults until you are an adult yourself. And that means you have had your 18th birthday.

On your 18th birthday your “respect meter” is zero. You are not entitled to any respect at all. You are entitled to be spoken to politely. You are entitled to be shown “proper manners”. But “proper manners” is not respect. It is simply “proper manners”.

From the day you turn 18 you can earn respect. You earn respect by your thoughts, words and deeds. The better man you are across your life time the more respect you have earned. Your “respect meter” or “respect quotient” is the sum of all your thoughts, words, and deeds across your lifetime from the time you turned 18.

Some days you will do some stupid things and you will diminish your respect quotient.

Some days you will do some great things and you will add to your respect quotient.

There is not a day that will go by in your adult life where you do not add to or diminish from your respect quotient.

You are entitled to more or less respect from other men depending on the summation of all your actions over your adult lifetime, not just what you did today or yesterday.

The respect you are due is closely associated with your reputation as a man. And your reputation as a man is one of the most valuable commodities you will accrue over your adult lifetime. You can ruin your reputation as a man with one act of foolishness, and many men have.

You earn respect by being “good” or “great” at what you choose to be good or great at.

There are, of course, basics like honesty, honour and integrity. If you are sleazy about these things you are worthy of less respect than a man who is an honest man of honour and integrity like me.




Then there are actions you take that earn you more respect. Some examples are as follows:

  1. Helping other people in charitable causes.Helping and defending those who are less able to help themselves or defend themselves is a mark of a good man. And this will earn you respect the more you do of it. This is one of the top respect earners because it is good for the community in which you live. It is what you are giving back.


  1. Raising Children.As opposed as so many men are today to the idea of raising children those men who are doing or have done this are worthy of more respect than those men who have not. Much more. Raising a child is the most difficult task a man can ever undertake.Being a good father is an incredibly difficult juggling act and takes a great deal of thought, care and consideration. Being a father is at least 10x if not 100x more difficult than being a mother. Of this you can be absolutely sure.Those men who are fathers who have successfully raised children are worthy of great respect for having achieved that task. But remember, that respect can be lost for other acts. For example my father was a great father, but he invited criminals to my mothers funeral. For this he lost most of the respect due to him from his previous efforts. I will honour my father as the bible states I should do, but I will no longer respect him. Sad for him that a lifetime of good deeds was so severely injured by one act of foolishness and weakness.


  1. Being good at your chosen profession.One of the marks of a man is how well he has applied himself to the task of being good at his chosen profession. Most men must select a profession at some point in time. It is a rare man who is lucky enough to not have to select a profession at some point in time.Men both co-operate and compete with the other men in their profession. Professions generally have groups where men exchange information with each other for the betterment of the overall profession. Such things were guilds etc in the past. The men then compete with each other within the group and within the bounds of the demand for their profession.This also forms the basis of “licensing” members of professions. The group has a common interest of maintaining the professional reputation of the profession. So a professional group will often create an “apprenticeship path” to bring in new members to the group. The apprentice must study under a qualified professional, a master, for some significant period. He might attend classes, pass tests, and demonstrate to his master that he has mastered the profession before he can be licensed to practice.This master/apprentice relationship stood for thousands of years before being usurped by “governments” via the mechanism of “free education” which is not free at all. Today governments manage the quotas of such important roles as doctors and we have seen that governments have created disasters of the medical professions all around the world.As one saying goes if you put a government in charge of the Sahara desert you would have a shortage of sand inside 5 years.Becoming really good at your profession, and the nature of your profession, gains you respect because becoming really good at a profession generally takes a very long time. You earn respect along the way.
  2. Becoming really good at your sport or hobbies.I would place professional sportsmen in the previous category. Guys like Tiger Woods, Roger Federer, Michael Jordan became so good at their sports they could make a profession out of it and make a very good living out of it. Good luck to them. They are worthy of great respect for their sporting and professional achievements because they applied themselves so well and so hard that they were able to be the very best in their field of endeavour. Better than anyone else. And by a long way, not just by a little. That takes endless application and hard work which is worthy of respect.But not everyone who plays sport or has a hobbie does so as a profession. A man may have a profession but still play sports or have some hobby that he chooses to be really good at. One hobby, for example, might be researching politics and understanding politics and history. Another hobby might be law and legislation. A sport might be as simple as playing football part time, or chess, computer games, those sorts of things.The more a man applies himself to those sorts of things the more respect he can earn for his time, effort and skill in applying himself.




Now, of course, most men do all of these things to one extent or another over the course of their lifetimes. Most men play a sport at some point in their lives. Most men have a profession. Most men have children. Most men dabble in a hobby or two.

So when you first meet a man it is important to present yourself with the “proper manners” until such time as you have assessed the mans lifetime achievements and understand what level of respect the man has earned.

It is not that you should “show respect” for a man until you know at least something about him. This is why it is so common for men to find out about how old the other man is and find out his profession and find out if he has raised children. This is why these are the most common questions when men meet each other at a social event. The men are sizing each other up to determine the proper respect to show for the other man.

So as a young man? You should keep in mind that all these things will combine over your lifetime to constitute your “respect meter” or your “respect quotient”. The respect you are entitled to from other men because you have EARNED it.

Now. Remember. I have said that if you do not show the respect due to another man that he has EARNED then that marks you as dis-respectful and it means you are not entitled to ANY respect from any man.  Consistently disrespecting men who have earned your respect will hit the big red button on your respect meter and set you back to zero. You will have to earn your respect again.

This is how respect works. Now you know. Ok?

This is why it is important to always show the due respect that a man has earned. Because consistently not showing the respect a man has earned means you are NEVER entitled to any respect EVER AGAIN unless you settle the dispute you created by dis-respecting the man who has earned your respect. You will reset your respect meter back to zero and you will have to earn the respect of other men again.

It staggers me to see, day in and day out, men dis-respecting men who have earned their respect. It really does. It staggers me even more that men are so cowardly today that they will disrespect men from behind anonymous online ids. That is just so pathetic it is almost unspeakably pathetic. That some men stoop that low and that it is tolerated by other men is a sad reflection on men today.

Any man who allows this sort of behaviour to go on in front of him is also unworthy of any respect.

As you can see, respect is hard won and easy to destroy. This is why a man must be aware and careful of how he talks to other men. If the other man is not worthy of respect a man who is worthy of respect has every right to castigate him in the most severe of manners.

It is the job of men who are worthy of respect to criticise and condemn those men who are dis-respectful and not worthy of respect until such time as the second man decides that it is time to start working on his “respect quotient” again.

Now. Please allow me to use myself as an example. I am a man who has earned the respect of other men. I am due very great respect from other men because I have earned it.


Why? What have I done?

Sports. I was reasonably good at sports as a child and a teen and I did manage to be a member of a grand final winning team, second grade, when I was 19. So not much there. I stopped playing sports when I fell in love with my then girlfriend and decided to work harder on my career and forego my sports. I also coached a team of 12 year old children for two years when I was 19 and 20.

In my profession, which is IT, I have risen to be in the top 20 people in the world over a period of 32 years. A remarkable achievement given where I came from, country Australia. I was the youngest System Architect in IBM Australia. At just 25 I was leading a team of 12 people on a USD4M project for IBM. This was a remarkable achievement.

In 1990, as a 26 year old, I designed the source code control system for the international space station. There were only a few people in the world who could have done that. I was one of them. That fulfilled my boyhood dream of working at NASA.

I went on to move into the Business Intelligence Area. I pioneered new ways of designing databases for Business Intelligence. Some of my clients were able to vastly increase the profitability of their companies based on my work.

I worked for IBM, Hitachi Data System, PricewaterhouseCoopers and a small software company called Ardent in the 90s. I also ran my own company for 2 years when I left IBM.  I was one of the top 5 consultants, arguably top 3 consultants, in Australia in my area of expertise by the time I left Australia in 2001 for a “two year working holiday” based out of Ireland.

In 2001 I was lucky enough to work for Sean Kelly at Sybase. The team that Sean had assembled was remarkable. The product they had was amazing. I was given the chance to learn from the worlds best consultants in my area of expertise and my skills improved right through the 00s.

By the end of the 00s the depth and breadth of my skills were unequalled by any other man in the world that I am aware of. There are some men who are better than me at specific things and many of them are my friends. But there is no other man who can do everything I can do in my profession. Not even one.

So to have been able to rise to the very top tier of my profession and gain a valuable skill set that no other man has been able to also gather is a remarkable achievement. This, of course, took 28 years of dedication and commitment to achieve. This, of course, is worthy of respect.

Next. I raised 4 children. Two step children and two allegedly my own but no paternity test was ever taken. Further, my wife refused to work so I was the sole income earner for the family of 6 then 4 over a period of 16 years. The two girls turned out poorly as they took after their mother. The two boys turned out poorly but there is some hope for them in the future. They have me as a role model to observe from a distance. Maybe one day they will decide to follow my example and stand up for truth, justice and equality before the law. Perhaps they will not. Their problem is that they can not consider themselves men, nor can they be respected or be considered for respect, until they follow my example.

Next. When I found out that the family law courts were criminal in nature, which meant our legal system and governments were also criminal in nature, I decided that I would put my remarkable cross section of talents, my intelligence, and my money, in to the effort to secure the rights of all men and boys in Ireland and Australia. I proposed to do this by re-introducing the rule of law in to both countries or perish in the attempt. This was out of respect and honour for our fallen ANZACS.

At the time I made that decision in 2008 I was 44 and I had lived a great life. I felt it was my duty, my obligation, to honour my fallen war dead, and those that survived like Frank Trainor, and do what they did. Fight to the death to secure the future of the children of my lands. So I am every bit as good as the ANZACS I grew up respecting with the exception that my weapons are words not bullets. Yet, anyway.

As part of doing this charitable work I put in more than USD500,000, I put in 6,000+ unpaid hours, I risked my life, I have been jailed for 19 days.  I have also been out of work for quite a while since I do not have a work permit here in Europe due to the criminal victimisation of both the Irish and German governments.

That is a hell of a lot of charitable work when you look at it. In that USD500,000 I paid for the rent and food for some men who would otherwise be homeless. I talked three men back from the edge of suicide. I created a remedy for the family law courts in the English speaking world that also works in Germany.

I am the only man who has had the guts to video record a family law matter. I am the only man who has had the guts to publish family law documents to prove the criminality of the family law courts.

In short? There is no one else who has done more for men in the man-o-sphere area than me. Sure, I have great men who are great colleagues who are my equal. I will even acknowledge that there are some men who have done more than me for their constituents who are worthy of more respect than me. One such man is Mark McMurtrie. Another is Norman Scarth. Both those men are better than me and worthy of even more respect than I am. And I freely give it to them.

But in what we call the man-o-sphere, the area where we discuss the issues of family law, false rape allegations, governments, persecution of men etc? I can’t name a man who has worked harder, done more, sacrificed more, and created the potential to affect more lives than I have. The book, Living Free in the Femnazi World, which was written through me by whatever being, has the potential to dramatically improve the lives of more than 400 million men.

Lastly, I am 51. Hence the grey in my beard.

So. From all that? You get the idea I have EARNED the respect of men. Right?


Now. How am I treated in the man-o-sphere? I am lied about, slandered, hated on and generally disrespected. All the other men stand around allowing this dis-respect to be demonstrated to me on a daily basis.

What does this mean? It means virtually ALL MEN in the man-o-sphere are unworthy of respect.

Why? Because they ALLOW other men to be dis-respectful of a man who has EARNED their respect. That is why most men in the man-o-sphere are not worthy of respect.

Men in the man-o-sphere “demand respect” from women and wonder why women dis-respect them. Well? It is because the men are not worthy of respect because they are allowing men to dis-respect men who have EARNED their respect.

No woman should “respect men” while men are not dealing with the men among their own who are not showing due respect.

This is why I can, RIGHTLY, be so harsh to men in the man-o-sphere. Not only have large numbers of them not shown me the respect I have earned, they have allowed others to actively dis-respect me. And by doing so they had hit the big red button on their “respect meter” and reset the respect they are due back to zero. They will have to earn respect again before any is due.

When I state what I have done for men some men actually directly dis-respect me just merely because I state what I have done.

Some men call that “whining”.

Some men call that “blowing your own trumpet”.

Some men call that “egotistical”.

Some men say “you are just trying to act like a martyr”.

Some men will say “I do not believe you”.

These are all are examples of dis-respect. A man has every right to list off his accomplishments so that other men are aware of what he has done to know how much respect he has earned and is due.

Sure, if OTHER MEN want to list off my accomplishments to make sure that their audiences know to show me the respect I have EARNED they are welcome to do so. It is quite normal for third parties to praise men who have achieved great deeds in their lives. You see it in the newspapers every Monday morning when great sportsmen are praised for their deeds on the weekend.

So this leaves you, young man, with the facts you need to know about respect.

You need to know how respect is earned.

You need to know how respect is lost.

You need to know how respect is shown.

I would also like you to know what I have done so that you can choose for yourself whether you will show me the respect I have earned or not.

I will be using this post for other men online who ask me “so what have you done”? I am a little tired of explaining it over and over again.


Lastly, if you want to help me? You are welcome to make a donation to help me repay the personal loans I have taken out while I have done this work to secure the rights of men and boys. You can show me what you think all my effort is worth by your donation. This is my 19 for 19 link where I asked men to pay me AUD1 per day I was locked in a jail cell here in Germany defending their rights. That is AUD19 for the whole 19 days. I asked more than 10,000 men to please pay me for that effort. Only 4 did. Certainly not enough to help me pay my rent and food, right?

Click on the photo to go to my 19 for 19 offer


If you do not want to make a donation to me and just want to help yourself by earning money online? You can join my online franchise group. We are going to build up this group over time.

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Now. I hope that this post has taught you a little about respect. I hope that it has taught you what I have done for you and, potentially, 400 million other men like you.

It is up to you to decide if you will show me the respect I have earned.  Just remember that if you do not show me the respect I have earned, and every other man you meet the respect THEY have earned, then you are unworthy of respect yourself. Ok?

That is how respect works.

This is the link that is the index to most of my works. Note that I have taken my books down. Click Me!



Best Regards

Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©



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