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The new New South Wales Police Minister, Troy Grant, has been bad mouthing people.

You can read the article on this link.


NEW Police Minister Troy Grant has blamed the barrage of vile abuse police face on an almost daily basis on “shithouse parenting”, slack judges and poor literacy rates. 

Mr Grant also revealed how he turned to alcohol and underwent counselling to cope with the horrifying situations he faced during his own police career — including one case where he lied to save a mum whose son had just died in a head-on car crash. 

Mr Grant served 22 years as a cop in NSW’s central west and faced harrowing incidents that left him physically and mentally scarred. Speaking about the abuse that frontline officers routinely face while dealing with criminals, he said judges must get tougher and parenting must be stronger. 

“Judges are a part of it but it’s also community standards. We’ve got shithouse parenting out there. Kids don’t know any different,” he said. 

“One of the key drivers in regional areas is you see kids acting poorly and you delve in and discover why — and it’s because most of them are illiterate.” 

His warning comes after The Daily Telegraph revealed how serial cop abuser Rakeem Ebrahim, 19, was fined just $1000 after hurling vile and ­expletive-riddled abuse at cops last year. 

The Nationals leader won two courage awards after suffering broken ribs tackling a 250-man riot in Gilgandra in 1991 and in 1993 for his role breaking up a pub brawl. 

He was also pinned down by a gang and stabbed in the head during one confrontation and said he used booze to help him cope with the confronting nature of policing. 

“I did that job when I was fairly young and so what I did was went out and drank. The camaraderie with the ambos and cops that were with you … we used to go and hang one on and get shitfaced,” he said. 

“As you learn as you get older, that’s not the best way to deal with it.” 

One incident still haunts him and forced him to seek counselling years later. He was called to a car crash in which a mother crossed to the wrong side of the road, killing her 14-year-old son. The bleeding woman wouldn’t leave her son, so he pretended the boy was alive to convince her to get out the wreck.


So lets look a little harder at this criminal scumbag coward.

I have asked the criminal scumbag Justin Dowd to present to me the legislation that claims that police are ordered to use OVERWHELMING FORCE and the ELEMENT OF SURPRISE in arresting men in their own home merely because a woman says “I am fearful of this man” even when it is not true. Since I was arrested in such circumstances in 1997 this has allegedly been in place for nearly 20 years.

The criminal scumbag Justin Dowd claimed that he needed to be paid AUD500 to “research” this legislation despite the fact that it is used to make 22,000 arrests per year in New South Wales.

When Justin claimed to have gotten a copy of this legislation he asked me what I was going to do with it. I said that I would put it on my web site. At that point Justin said he would not give me the legislation because he did not want it in the public. This despite the fact it is used to arrest 22,000 people, mostly men, each year. Hmmm?

Since Justin Dowd did not give me a copy of the legislation I asked for my AUD500 back and he actually did refund it. How about that?

I have asked Catherine Burn for this same legislation. I have asked the members of the New South Wales Parliament for a copy of this legislation as well. Yes, you guessed it. This legislation is not forthcoming. One wonders why it is that scumbags like Troy Grant are not willing to produce copies of such legislation while sending their scumbag criminal cops in to our houses to assault us and kidnap us.

So. Directly to you Troy Grant. Since you are so keen to insult people and their upbringing? I am going to show you what a REAL MAN looks like as opposed to you. You are a criminal scumbag who is a coward. You even blocked my twitter like that would do anything to stop me from alerting your followers and the media to what a cowardly criminal scumbag you are.


Here are some specific questions for you. You are the responsible minister. I look forward to your answers.

Q01. Can you present to me and the public the legislation that claims to make it legal for police to to use OVERWHELMING FORCE and the ELEMENT OF SURPRISE in the arrest process for when a woman merely claims to be “fearful” of a man? I would like to read that legislation.

Q02. As the responsible minister explain, in writing, how such could be lawful given that the vast majority of claims of women such as being fearful are malicious and false.

Q03. Why have you and your predecessor not prosecuted David Dunkley for committing the crime of impersonating a public officer, namely impersonating a Magistrate of the Australian Federal Magistrates Court.  Please explain, in writing, your reasons for not prosecuting this criminal.

You can view the proof of this crime on this video. It is blocked in to Australia by ASIO so you can view it via a proxy.

You can also retrieve the transcript of this court meeting on this link.

Q04. Why have you and your predecessors not returned my property to me?

Jennifer Toal was given 95% of the proceeds of the sale of my house, a house in which she actually had no lawful claim, in what was a clear crime by David Dunkley and Justin Dowd.
Please explain, in writing, why you and your predecessors have not gone through my case files and determined that I am owed the proceeds of my house as a matter of law.

Q05. Why have you and your predecessors not prosecuted all the cases that I have presented in my case registry. You can find the case registry for New South Wales on this link.

I have created four cases to prosecute. Since you and your predecessors have refused to prosecute these cases we are preparing our own courts and juries to prosecute these cases.

Q06. Why have you and your predecessors not responded to my appeal and challenge to join us good men in securing the rights of all people who live in the state of New South Wales? I issued that appeal to New South Wales Police in April 2011.

Q07. Why is it ok by you as the responsible minister that Catherine Burn has buried the case of the rape allegation by Suzanne Toal that her father, Bill Toal, and brother, Michael Toal, raped her as a teen girl. You can read the details of this case on this link this link.

Q08. Why have you and your predecessors not investigated the fact that Michael Toal, in association with ASIO, is running slanderous hate web sites about me? Why are you allowing Michael Toal to go around threatening old aged pensioners with violence? Why are you allowing Michael Toal to use his ASIO connections to get private information so as to threaten people with harassment until the lose their jobs? Why are you allowing a man who is so clearly mentally ill as Michael Toal go around committing these crimes?

You can read about Michael Toal on this link.

So. Troy Grant. You said:

“Judges are a part of it but it’s also community standards. We’ve got shithouse parenting out there. Kids don’t know any different.”

I am 51 years of age and I was properly parented.

I was raised to defend those who are less able to defend themselves from bullies and criminals.

You police are nothing but criminals and bullies and thugs. You also do not assist those of us who were properly raised to secure our rights against criminals in government. I have challenged you police to help me in 2011. You can read that lawful notice on the link below. It has had more than 11,000 views now.

So now that you are faced with a man who is a much better man than you could ever hope to be? A man who was properly parented.

Are you going to answer my questions given their great importance to all the people who live in New South Wales? Hmm? Or are you just going to slag off at people and be too cowardly and gutless to address the questions put to you by a man who is MUCH better than you are.

And for readers of this post to know just what a scumbag coward you are Troy Grant? Here is a screen shot where you have blocked my twitter account like that would stop me from getting someone to go on to your twitter and continually post this link so that your twitter followers can find out just what a criminal scumbag coward you really are.



Now. I am You can scan and email your responses to that email address.

You can also fax your responses to this fax number: +61-280790691.

For all my readers. Troy Grants Twitter address is as follows:

Feel free to click on his twitter and to send his twitter followers a copy of this manbook post.


Best Regards

Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©



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