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Hello and Welcome To This Blog Entry

Hello and welcome to this blog entry that is my response to Mercedes Carrera VET interviews she has done over the last few days.

As much as so many people hate me for standing up for the rights of men and boys?

As much as me applauding her will actually earn her enemies merely by association?

I would like to say here, in my own name, in my own image on camera, thank you very much Mercedes for talking about some of the issues some men face.

We met when you did your video about Cythereas rape case. I was very pleased you called out your fellow women for their total radio silence in Cythereas rape case. Women in general are extremely prejudiced against sex workers because they see them as a threat to the flow of money from men to women.

Us men have very little problem with sex workers. Indeed one of my female cousins set up the first brothel in my home town in 1980 or 81. Thereabouts.. We all thought it was a bit of fun and a bit of a laugh. It was called “Dial a smile”. But the women in my family attacked her and drove her out of town and out of the family. I thought that was ludicrous.

I was 17 at the time. I was always told “women are worthy of equal rights”. Well? Clearly if a woman wanted to prove sex as a service that was a far easier and far less dangerous job than being a fire fighter or a police officer. So why not let her do it? That my own family attacked one of their own for promoting prostitution came as a surprise to me. When my own family supported my wife attacking me 30 years later that came as a surprise to me too!

So yes. Women have a BIG issue with sex workers and they treat sex workers poorly. Something I have disagreed with since I was 17. Further, I travelled extensively in Asia in the 80s and 90s. Manila, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur. That sort of thing. There are a gazillion sex workers in these places. All trying to make a living and provide for their children for the most part.

Women used to accuse me of sleeping with prostitutes just because they were so freely available. Even my own wife accused me of adultery in divorce which was not true.

I did not realise the criminal persecution that sex workers endured until I read Maggie McNeals blog. Then I realised sex workers in the US are often criminally victimised just like fathers are. I realised we have the same enemy to a great extent.

Anyway. The fact that all the SJWs were silent on Cythereas rape case and the fact you spoke up about it really impressed me. I notice that the Honey Bader Brigade were pretty quiet about her rape case as well, eh

I have watched all the interviews you have done since, and, for the audience, we have communicated a bit in IMs. I have to say. I am impressed with you. Very impressed.

So now you have had two VETs on. I never dreamed you would have VETs speak on your channel. The first one really caught me by surprise.

For me it was a very tough interview to listen to because it is what happens to so many lads now. They enlist when they are “young and dumb and patriotic”. Even Mike Higbee noted that he signed up right after 911 believing it to be an attack on his country.

The way that our governments prey on young men who are ignorant and vulnerable is a complete, total and utter disgrace. And it has been going on for a long time. “Patriotism”. “For King and Country”. These have been recruiting drives for centuries. And it has always been the young men fed to the cannons and bullets.

For the audience I have shared with Mercedes the story of my step grand father Frank Trainor who was a WW 2 ANZAC. ANZAC is what we call our soldiers in Australia. Frank Trainor told me some of the stories of his war time service when I was but a lad of 14. If anyone wants to know about Frank Trainor you can listen to my story about him on this link.

Frank Trainor is the greatest man I ever knew personally. I mean face to face. He was my step grand father for just 6 short years from 12 to 18. But those are formative years. And Frank Trainors legacy lives on through me and the lads I am telling his stories to.

A part of what make Mikes interview so hard to listen to is that could have so easily been me. It could so easily have been my former sons. It could so easily have been any one of us. It has been the story of tens of millions of men over the last 100 years.

The horrors these lads see on a daily basis traumatises them beyond all understanding of anyone who has not seen such with their own eyes. When Frank Trainor was telling me the stories of his mates bleeding out next to him and there was nothing to be done I could see in his eyes he was there reliving the moment. This was not a long forgotten memory merely being recited once more.  He was there.

On his deathbed when he said it was time to see his mates again, he meant it.

I so look forward to the day when I see Frank Trainor again.

That you had someone on your channel who was willing to be so open and so honest about what it is like to see these things and the traumatising effect it has on them.

Thank you. Just thank you so much. No one else will give them a place to talk. No one wants to hear what they go though. And that is because no one cares.

I care. But very few others care.

There is, today, the separate issue that it is clear to many of us older guys that the wars are contrived. But that the wars are contrived does not lessen the suffering of the lads. I have risked my life to deal with these criminals in governments who create these contrived wars but people care so little that they do not wish to reel in the criminals in their governments. I say some harsh and provocative words now but even that is not enough to motivate people to care enough to deal with the criminals in their governments.

Mike talking about the times he was suicidal resonated so loudly with me because I spent a month suicidal. I am so glad it was only a month. I know guys who have been suicidal for years. I don’t know how they do it. I was never going to make a second month.

No one wants to talk about male suicide. As “Sally” said in her recent statement one of the comments that angered her the most about her colleague who killed himself was another man saying he took the cowards way out. “Sally” was infuriated by the comment because she has two teen boys who could end up in the same position one day.

For the audience you can listen to “Sally” on this link.

I, personally, would love to hear more from Vets and have them come forward and  tell their stories. Not many people will listen to them for a start, but we have to start somewhere.

The broader issue, of course, is that it is not only VETS who are mistreated.

I do not want to take the focus off VETS and how they are terribly treated. They are the most deserving because they took the greatest risks. I am a firm believer in rewarding those who took the greatest risks. They deserve their rewards much more than most men and certainly much more than most women. War dead and injured still stands well above 90% male for the US armed services as far as I am aware.

However, since I am NOT a VET it is not my place to speak to their specific issues. I can speak  to the issues they face because other men face similar issues. One day it will be socially acceptable for men to speak of the issues they face. But that day is not today.

We have had bimbos like Emma Watson stand up in the UN and say “I see boys not willing to speak about their feelings” and crap like that. Well? How do people react, men and women alike, when men talk about male suicide? Everyone tells the man “go ahead and do it” or “I wish you didn’t fail”. Statements that are made to men who have been suicidal would NEVER be made to a woman who has been raped or who has been suicidal. And rape is certainly nothing compared to the trauma of combat.

Men are not allowed to talk about being victims. Men can never be victims. This is especially so when they ARE victims. I have been called all sorts of names for doing no more than pointing out I have been a victim of endless crimes. And yet people say “Why don’t men speak out more?”

Well? Where should we speak out? I have had 2 you tube channels, 1 facebook and 4 twitter accounts shut down. My second facebook has been suspended once for 30 days and 4 or 5 times for 3 days at a time. Men are treated as sub human animals, less than dogs, without even respect for the right to speak our mind.

While at the same time women claim they want “equal rights”. Well? Us men ARE going to speak out. We ARE going to say what is on our minds. And a LOT of women are not going to like it one little bit because it is going to put one hell of a big hole in their “only women can be victims” narrative.

That is what the interview with Mike brought across more than anything else. That men can be victims too. Victims of propaganda. Victims of war. Victims of isolation and rejection. Victims of being ignored when most in need.

I salute Mike for being will to say what he said. It is a lot harder than most people imagine to speak in to the face of no agreement.

I also listened to the second interview you did. I didn’t get the guys name. So I will just call him kudzu81 which is his twitter handle.

Again, this was a great interview and presented how things are for VETS. I applaud kudzu81 for what he said and I hope he will come back and share more.

There were some things that I would disagree with and I wanted to put them on the record here because these are important issues.

Male Suicide and Male Disposability

The first area I want to talk about is male suicide and male disposability because kudzu81 made some statements that are only true in a very limited number of cases.

kudzu81 said that there was help available for men who are suicidal. This is rarely the case. Even for VETS. In the case he cited all that was done for the man was to hold him for a while so he didn’t kill himself RIGHT NOW. kudzu81 mentioned that the man got some follow up therapy and counselling but you can be assured it was not appropriate and not enough.

I have talked three men back from the edge. And I mean the edge. I do not just mean where the guy took some pills or drank something because such cases are almost always a cry for help rather than a real attempted suicide. Also, the story where the man said he had a gun and was going to try “suicide by cop” is not truly suicidal. That was a cry for help.

Men who are truly suicidal do not make that cry for help. Almost never. If you are truly suicidal you do not ask for help. You can’t. It does not even make sense to ask for help when you are truly suicidal.

Men who are truly suicidal go in to an almost surreal state where nothing much makes sense any more. You lose you sense of future, your sense of self, your sense of consequences. It is a very horrible and dark place that I would not wish on anyone. A man who is suicidal does not make much sense at all. I was nearly run over a few times because I no longer had the sense to look for cars coming down the road when I crossed roads. That is how bad it gets.

Getting a man back from there is hard work. Much better he never got there in the first place. Each of the men I talked back took more than 100 hours effort on my part. That was emails and phone calls. Just a few hours each day, maybe 3 or 4, to help the man step by step.

One of the men I talked back from the edge was suicidal because his little boy was murdered while in “Child Protection Services”. You want to know what suicidal looks like? This man got in to a creek with a crocodile that was easily large enough to kill him. Why? Because the media had come to see the wildlife service remove the crocodile so the man could get some media attention for his dead son and other children by getting in the creek with the crocodile. Not the act of a sane man.

I talked him back from the edge one day at a time for about 2 months. Today he has a new partner and another little baby to take care of. And he is one of the leading fighters for justice for children in Australia. Once you have been suicidal you are a much tougher and stronger man. What can anyone do to you that you were not about to do to yourself? Right?

But there are no services for men to seek shelter and to seek that sort of amount of counselling. None at all. Women can go to womens shelters where the women will talk each others heads off all day. But there are no such places for men. Worse still? When men are asked to donate to such places they will not do so. I made an open and public offer that I will run a suicide prevention line via skype if men were willing to chip in AUD60 per hour for someone to man the phone. Firstly me, and then someone who might have been more qualified.

I put that offer in front of more than 10,000 men. Only one offered to put money on the table for a suicide prevention service. With the availability of skype today a suicide prevention counsellor can be anywhere in the world. A man can get himself to an internet café or he can be called on a cell or a landline for almost nothing today. The cost of the call is now negligible. It is only the time of the man doing the counselling that needs to be paid for.

Earl Silverman is a famous case in Canada. He was trying to open a refuge for men and all the other men refused to help him. They mostly said “you should get money from the government, that is what women do.” Of course there are BILLIONS of dollars for “womens welfare” from governments. In the UK welfare spend is 73% on women. More than DOUBLE the spent on mens welfare.

We all know that “free goodies from the government” are for “women and children”. Not for men. I am not even being paid my unemployment benefit, by a woman, despite paying up to AUD96,000 per year in income tax in Australia as the sole income earner for a family of six.

Yes. You heard that right. When I was the sole income earner for a family of 6 I was such a “rich bastard” that the government put their hand in my pocket to the tune of AUD96,000 just in income taxes. That did not include all the other taxes like petrol, GST, land taxes etc.

So when a government minister, a woman, can even refuse a man his unemployment benefit in the full view of the public and no one raises a voice? Trying to tell me that men have “options for help” when it comes to being suicidal is not going to fly. We do not have those options. We certainly do not have sufficient options.

When I was suicidal not even my own family bothered to send me an email or give me a phone call. THAT is how men who are suicidal are treated. THAT is why many men who are suicidal will not speak up.

Further kudzu81 repeated the lie that suicide causes harm to those around the person who commits suicide and because of this harm it makes suicide the cowards way out. I reject this notion completely and utterly. No one gives a shit when a man commits suicide. Well, almost no one because I do. But there are very few like me.

When a man is criminally victimised in the family law courts to the point of killing himself not even his own mother will speak up about the crimes he suffered. Not even if she has other married sons. Certainly his father, his brothers, his sisters and his children will not say a word in the mans defence nor will they call attention to the crimes he suffered. It is MUCH more likely that they will criticise the man and say “he took the cowards way out and I feel hurt that he killed himself.”

THAT is not love. THAT is not compassion. THAT is not caring. THAT is not concern.

THAT is straight out man hatred and selfishness.

The worst possible thing you can tell a man who is suicidal is that “there are people out there that love you and are concerned for you”.


Because there aren’t. That’s why. And bullshiting a suicidal man is a very dangerous ploy.

If there WAS anyone close to him that actually cared he would not need to be talking to someone he does not know on a suicidal hotline! The very fact that when a man is suicidal there is NO ONE in his immediate vicinity who is willing to put in the effort it is going to take tells him exactly that NO ONE CARES. And kudzu81 actually made the point in his discussion that his buddy who took the poison or whatever it was, I didn’t catch it, was in pretty bad shape and yet not even kudzu81 spent the time necessary to bring the man back from the edge.

In repeating his story kudzu81 actually demonstrated that there are NO people around a man who is suicidal that are sufficient to help him come back from that place. A man who is suicidal is pretty much “on his own” all across the western world. No one likes to be told this but it is true.

We all know that if a woman slashed her wrists, which is NEVER a genuine suicide attempt, then she will be feted and cared for like a pampered child which is exactly why women make fake suicide attempts at double the rate of men and only kill themselves at 25% the rate of men. We are supposed to believe that women are so incompetent at committing suicide that they are EIGHT TIMES less likely to kill themselves than a man? I guess that goes along with how incompetent women are at so many jobs but I am not buying that women are “attempting” and “failing” at EIGHT TIMES the rate of men. Not for one minute.

So I would like to refute and rebut kudzu81s assertion that men have places to go and help available when they are suicidal. They don’t. Not 90% or more of them. And what is available is wholly insufficient.

The Global Conspiracy

kudzu81 spent a lot of time pushing back on the global conspiracy. If what he said was his true position then he is not very well informed about the higher levels of the global conspiracy.

At the top of the global conspiracy sits what is called the Committee of 300. There are members who have claimed that they worship Lucifer. The members of the Committee of 300 have been named on a regular basis. No one denies that they exist. No one denies that they are very much in control of events. The Committee of 300 consists of members of the 13 families who claim descent from the 13 tribes but many of whom do not have any bloodline back that far.

These are all names we know. The Rothchilds, Windsors (Sax Cobergs), Hapsburgs, Warburgs, Rockefellers (Also Germans) and assorted similar families. They are, by and large, the descendents of the European Aristocracies and their banking buddies.

Under the committee of 300 come such instruments as the United Nations, The Tavistock Institute, The Club of Rome,  the Trilateral Commission, the Council on Foreign Relations and all those things.

Beside these comes things like the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Underneath all that lot then comes our governments who are dictated to. No party can come to power in any country via a “free and fair election” unless the leadership is owned by the Committee of 300 by proxy. Not a chance. Anyone who breaks away? Well we all know what has happened in Iraq, Libya and Syria. When someone breaks away in a western country then they wind up like JFK.

Ronald Regan was shot for asking too many questions and I gather he decided that he would go along with the plan after that so they made him a hero. Mikael Gorbachev was caught on live TV saying that the proposal to “tear down that wall” was approved by the Committee of 300.  The integration of the Russian, European and USA Economies has been a work in progress since the 50s and was exposed by Norman Dodd in an interview with Edward G Griffin just before his death. You can watch that interview on this link.

I have put an education channel together for those people who want to learn about the global conspiracy. Some of the best articles are on this channel.

The central figure who most clearly exposed the conspiracy in his book Tragedy and Hope was Carroll Quigley.  Quigley did not imagine he was doing anything untoward. He felt the global conspiracy was necessary to manage the people of the world rather like shepherds are necessary to farm sheep. His objection was that it was being done in relative secrecy.

However great researchers like Eustace Mullins put out tons of books about the global conspiracy and how it interleaves around the world.

I have more than proven the fact this conspiracy exists merely by way of the global legal system and the very existence of the United Nations as a Uniform Commercial Code Legal Entity. All United Nations “Member States” are constituted as Uniform Commercial Code Legal Entities. The legislation of all Member States is written in such a way as to be highly deceptive and the same deceptions are made.

The very fact that I stood in a German court for the ludicrous “accused crime” of overstaying a 90 day visa for 10 extra days and the judge tried the lie of the “natural person” on me demonstrates that even in different countries with different languages and difference legal histories the same lies are used to impose the will of the Committee of 300. The lie of the “person”.

The lie of the “person” and the near identical nature of the legislation and how the “person” works in legislation did not happen by accident. Germany is supposed to have been opposed to the UK for many hundreds of years and yet it has identical legislation? Further, in Germany old german is to say “Ich heisse Peter” meaning “I am called Peter”. If you look up your King James version of the bible you will also see “I am called Peter” etc.

The bible has been updated to say “My name is Peter”. We have been taught to say “My name is XYZ”. In German it is considered “old fashioned” to say “Ich heisse Peter” and children have been taught for 20 years to say “Meine Name ist Peter”.

So German school children are magically being taught to say “Meine Name ist” rather than “Ich heisse” just like children in the English speaking world. And why? Because the Uniform Commercial Code puts the burden of objection on the human being to the commercial code.  The “NAME” of the “person” is a trademark that is owned by the registering government.

The presumption in the Uniform Commercial Code is that when a human being says “MY NAME IS PETER” then the human being is agreeing to the jurisdiction of the Uniform Commercial Code.

The very fact that this is being pushed as the “modern way” to identify ourselves all around the world can not be the result of anything but a global conspiracy. The curriculums for the text books, the dictionaries that we use, the languages that we speak, are being designed and directed from a central location. This is obvious when you study what is going on in the languages of various countries and how they are “evolving”. They are not “evolving” naturally. They are being directed.

Lastly we come to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund.

The key element in all of this being the concept of the “Special Drawing Rights”. Few people know about these and even fewer understand the implications. “Special Drawing Rights” are the currency of the New World Order. The central banks can exchange “debts” using the “Special Drawing Rights”. All central banks are totally, completely, and utterly dependent on the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund via the mechanism of the Special Drawing Rights. This is why the head of the central banks meet in Basel every second month in a building that I walk past on quite a regular basis.

The global monetary supply is managed by the World Bank and IMF and all central banks are beholden to it. So all “currency fluctuations” are managed and controlled. There is no such thing as a “free market”. No currency moves one way or the other without the prior agreement of at least the World bank and IMF and very likely some members of the Committee of 300.

The fact that the notes we use as money all over the world are worthless and in some cases like the UK and India they even carry the old “I promise to pay the bearer on demand the sum of…” is yet more indication that the conspiracy is global, not national.

All the lawyers know about this because they understand the Uniform Commercial Code. Once you understand the Uniform Commercial Code and you understand that NAMES are UCC Legal Entities, actually trademarks, and that the term “person” that is associated with the NAME is associated exactly because it is defined in the dictionary to have an ambiguous meaning clearly indicates that the people writing the dictionaries and the people writing the Uniform Commercial Code are in conspiracy to maintain and enhance the deceptions of the UCC in the dictionaries of the various languages.

When a single central “authority” is manipulating the bible, the quran, the uniform commercial code, the legislation of countries, the monetary system and forcing all this on people via a criminal judiciary wielding thugs called police in the first instance and armies in the second instance. You can easily see that the conspiracy is global and that “governments” are merely a front to have people believe that this religious act of “voting” actually makes a difference. It doesn’t which is why I don’t do it. It only encourages them.

So yes. After even just a few moths of study it was clear to me the conspiracy was global in nature and centrally directed. If kudzu81 does not know this then there are plenty of places he can look to find the evidence. Not the least of which is our education channel.

Marshal Law and Police States

kudzu81 asserted that it was not possible for the police and military of the US to put the population under a form of marshal law. This is false. The argument kudzu81 made was how many soldiers it took to control Baghdad. This is a spurious comparison for two reasons.

1. The US was running an unlawful invasion of a country.
2. The US had to present the lie that the invasion had some semblance of legitimacy and therefore could not simply start shooting people to get the rest to obey.

When you have a truly hostile take over of a city or a land it takes VERY few people to terrorise the citizens in to compliance. I would recommend kudzu81 read Gulag Archipelago by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.

To quote Solzhenitsyn.

“And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?

Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?…

The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt! If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”

In Leningrad, the St. Petersburg, a mere 2,000 police terrorised a population of more than 2 million people. Just 2,000 police shipper more than 500,000 people off to gulags.

Guess what? Every major city in the US has more than 2,000 police. Add a few armed service guys in who will shoot anyone on command? Controlling an entire city is a piece of cake. Especially when you cut off the water and food supply and make people hungry and dole out food using food stamps.

Controlling large populations of people has never been easier than it is today. Because the “dissidents” have no way to communicate safely and so those that do try to organise some form of fight back will easily be identified.

You see, the secret is this. Although 500,000 people in St. Petersburg were shipped off to gulags, 1,500,000 were not. At that time to oppose Stalin was to be 100% sure to be sent off to a gulag if you were caught. But to remain silent gave you a 75% chance of NOT being sent to the Gulag.

If you simply remained silent and did nothing you had a 75% change of being able to hide in among all the other people trying to hide from the police. When you weight the odds of 75% safety, even if hungry, against 100% off to the Gulag with very low life expectancy for you and your family? You will find that the VAST majority will take the 75% option and they will not object even as their neighbour is being dragged kicking and screaming from his home. Bad luck for the neighbour. But if you interfere your chanced go from 75% safety to 100% off to the Gluag.

THAT is how you control large populations with a small number of people.

In Iraq the US could not drag people off to Gulags in clear oppression though they come pretty close with it in Guantanamo Bay. Because the US had to give the impression of a “liberating force” Gulags for the masses were out of the question. Therefore the number of soldiers needed to conquer while giving the impression of a liberating force were much larger.

Further, the idea that police and soldiers would not fire on their own people is laughable and Stanley Milgram did away with that notion in 1961 in his ground breaking experiments. In his experiment he found that fully 60% of people would KILL SOMEONE if prodded to by someone they saw as an “authority figure”. And these were normal run of the mill middle class Americans. Not soldiers or police who are TRAINED to follow orders. You can watch a clip about the Milgram Experiments on this link.

Here is the Wikipedia entry, not that Wikipedia is a good source but it does accurately reflect this case.

Ten years later, in 1971, Philip Zimbardo conducted the notorious Stanford Prison Experiment. This is well worth reading about.

Fundamentally the students who were given the role of guards became very abusive very quickly. No one should labour under the illusion that if you place someone in “authority” over someone else who is dehumanised as a “prisoner” that they will be willing to abuse them or kill them.

No one should labour under the illusion that police and troops will not shoot to kill their own neighbours.

Indeed, when I was in prison here in Germany and during the arrest process, the police and guards repeatedly said words to the effect “I have this piece of paper that says I can lock you in the jail. The piece of paper is my authority.”

Those out to be VERY scary words coming from a Germany police officer and the head of a German jail. Indeed the head of the jail, in a meeting with me, told me that even if I was innocent as I claimed that there existed no procedure by which he could release me given that the paperwork was in place. THAT should scare the hell out of ANYONE, right? That the HEAD OF A GERMAN JAIL has no procedure available to him to release a man who claims he is innocent until such time as the challenge to a known false guilty verdict can be reviewed by one of HIS STAFF.

Further, having delivered the PROOF to the HEAD OF A GERMAN JAIL that my incarceration was UNLAWFUL and that the judge in question gave a KNOWINGLY FALSE VERDICT that head of a german jail has not written to me and told me that he is going to insist a process be put in place?

When, in of all places, GERMANY, you can PROVE a false guilty verdict was given and not even the minister for the interior or the chancellor will acknowledge the issue let alone correct it? And the Police and the judges and the solicitors and the jailers go along with this?

You think that they will not do the same in the USA? I have news for you. They ALL DO THE SAME. For the same reason. To KEEP THEIR JOB.

This is exactly why it is so rare for someone like me to be willing to stand up and point out the criminality of the whole system. The conspiracy that it takes to run a criminal system like this. Because everyone knows that to do so will bring the wrath of the government down on you.

And Thomas Jefferson said:

“When the people fear the government there is tyranny. When the government fears the people there is liberty.”

People fear their governments today. I feared my government would kill me for exposing the criminal nature of the family law courts. It was a risk I was willing to run. I took precautions but in the end a government agent can kill a man in the general public without any trouble at all. No one will punish him. He knows that.


So. This is a long blog post and it has taken me quite a while to type this out. But I wanted to make this response to the two interviews you did because you seem interested in the topics.

It is a shame that so few men will help other men. I have personally put in USD500,000 and 6,000 unpaid hours and given up 4 years of good income to work to secure the rights of men. I am routinely hated on by other men specifically because I delivered a remedy that would work in 2009. Men do not want a remedy for their problems. They want to complain about their problems.

I mistakenly thought men wanted a remedy too and it took the 6 month from November 2009 to mid summer 2010 to realise that I had wasted my time on men because they didn’t want a remedy. They wanted to be slaves. They wanted to remain inside platos cave. But I did not give up because there are children involved. And even if fathers will not defend their own children I will do my best to do so or perish in the attempt.

And that is how it is today. Fathers and the general population of men in society are not defending their children from a clear and present danger using ignorance as the excuse. An ignorance that is not a viable excuse because the Committee of 300 are broadcasting their plans for all to see and have been doing so since the 1970s. There are no secrets about what they are doing. There is no need for secrecy since the credulity of the general population will more than suffice to get the job done.

It is not until men genuinely care about the lives of other men and the lives of the children of their land that things will improve. And I rather think things will  get much worse in the west before they get any better because almost no one wants to hear the truth. Almost no one is willing to dig far enough until they get to the truth. And even when they do they soon realise that there are not enough real men left who are willing to take on the criminals in governments.

As I point out often. In the US an estimated 6,000 VETS will suicide this year. But none of those VETS will help me defend the children of their lands. They are too demoralised. Too far gone. And that is a very sad statement on all the other people around them, right?

I have searched and found ways and means that we can put VETS and “dead broke dads” to work to raise money to have things like suicide prevention lines, some housing for some homeless guys, maybe some food etc for hungry guys. But people will not do as I ask them to do. They simply refuse to.

Having put so much money in to the effort to create the remedy…and spent FIVE MORE YEARS telling men the remedy is there if they will just use it, I have no more energy and no more money to put in to tell men what I have already told them that they have already refused to listen to for five years. How much more of my time must I spent for free telling men what I have already told them?

Another 1,000 hours? Another 2,000 hours?

The remedy works and it is not going to change. It might evolve a little but it works because it was designed to work by people who knew what they were doing.

It is simply a matter that men will not do what is necessary. And so many more of them are falling in to hopelessness and depression and thence to suicide merely for lack of knowledge and lack of willingness of men to listen to the truth.

The truth will set you free is in the bible…and that piece happens to be true.

Perhaps if you have more VETS on then more people will start to think about the issues of men and perhaps after some time more men will want to actually solve their problems. When they are ready to solve their problems? I will still be here to tell them what they have needed to do since 2009.

Sadly, the extra 5 years of men not challenging the criminals in government has emboldened the governments and they are not about to let go without a fight. We had a chance in 2010 with a project called “The Restore America Plan”. Not many people know about it. But it was the best last chance Americans had for dealing with your criminal governments. The ring leaders are in jail for “tax evasion” now. Always a good one when you want to throw innocent people in jail. Just claim “tax evasion” and no one bats an eyelid.

Anyway…that was my response. I hope you learned something that you did not know before. Ok?

And thank you very much again for bringing notice to the situation so many VETS are in. Let us hope the public conversation expands to other groups of men so prone to suicide because they are so badly abused and traumatised.

I mean, really. Men killing themselves is so much more important than the Honey Badger Brigade being kicked out of a conference. But you would not know that if you talked to those women.

Best Regards

Joschua-Brandon: Boehm©





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