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z01_chris_record_quote_01Hi Guys!

Some people ask me. “Hey Joschua, don’t you think that Manbook takes up too much of your time to share information that is of value to young men? I mean you seem to be spending a lot of time on it.”

Well, my answer to that is this. There are MANY men out there who are passing out good ideas like candy and the real issue is not that men are not willing to spend time teaching other men valuable things. The REAL issue is that most men are not willing to read, listen, watch and learn from those who are the greats in their areas.

Take Chris Record for example. I promoted his fantastic product “Dark Post Profits” on Manbook when it was being launched. The price was RIDICULOUS. It was USD197 at the time.  It has since gone up to the list of USD497 and yes, people are buying it at that price because it is a great product and they do not want to wait until Dark Post Profits 3.0 is launched.

Chris was almost GIVING away all his skills in this area and men ignored him.

Those same men who now wonder “how come I am broke all the time?”

The truth is there are MANY men who will give men advice and guidance if they would only listen, watch, read, learn and act. But the vast majority will not. So only those lads who are motivated will really learn from us older guys.

Here is an example. A GREAT call Chris made last week. Even I got a lot out of it. And do not miss the bit at about 20 minutes when the COPS ask him to move on since “women might be afraid of a man alone at night”.

Yep. You lads live in a culture where a man talking on the phone on a conference call to thousands of customers will be asked to “move along because you might frighten the women” while at the SAME TIME women commit the crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse with complete impunity. You tell a cop that a judge is a criminal? The cops is likely to jail YOU for messing up his day.

In THAT world you want to try and move in to the “corporate life”? Where you will be fired for “stare raping” some woman that you reject for a date?

Anyway. Have a listen to this call. It is an hour long and PACKED with valuable information for a young man.

You can buy Chris Records Dark Post Profits on this link.

Here is the call.




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