Lauren Southern Says Women Criminals Should Be Held #EqualB4Law


z01_lauren_southern_02Well Gentlemen.

We are on a bit of a roll now. We have had three women of some note in ONE YEAR actually say in their own voice in their own name in the public that women criminals should be held equal before the law.

Given that not ONE WOMAN OF NOTE said so in the preceding 6 years of asking this is a veritable tsunami of female opinion in favour of women criminals being held equal before the law!!

Of course, compared with the number of women who say that women should get equal pay for equal work three women is a very small number. But, it is a start and we should praise these three women for their bravery in holding one of the most despised ideas in all of western society.

The idea that women criminals should be held accountable for their crimes on an equal before the law basis to men specifically meaning that the same crime should have the same remedy for the victim because the injury was the same, or at least very similar.

Well done Lauren Southern!!

Here is her twitter if you would like to be a gentleman and say thank you.

Lauren Southern

Here is the pic.


This is the tweet in which Lauren Southern Said
Female Criminals Should Be Held Equally Before the Law

For those who are wondering who the FIRST woman was?

She is a female blogger called Chloe Price.

This is the blog entry about her. Bingo! We Have A Winner!

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  1. What is with the smile at the end of the tweet? No matter.

    To say that women should get “equal time for the same crime” is just a small part of the injustice. The larger part is saying what a crime is in the first place.

    The United States, the supposed champion of the free world, has the largest per capita prison population in the world with 93% of the inmates being male. Why is that do you think in this supposed land of sexual equality? First, it should be obvious that a strong, independent, and mature person (read grown man) would prefer to work things out on his own if possible without complaining to the government for help the way a child would complain to her parents. And what man is going to complain about how some woman hurt him? Or be believed for that matter.

    Next, someone who is inclined to do things on his own in direct fashion would be the “proximate cause” of the effects of his actions. He would also be more likely to have a “specific intent” as to his actions. These things are used in making a criminal case against someone.

    In the past, when a woman was wronged – or claimed she was, her father, brother, or husband would champion her cause or defend her honor to the point of taking another man’s life. She would not be the “proximate cause” of another’s death as her hands remain unstained.

    In modern times, a woman no longer has to rely on her male family members for help, she has the modern state and its police to fill that function. She no longer has to have the truth of her complaints validated by her father or husband, she can tell any lie she wants to an unsuspecting police officer.

    What if a woman tells a man she will not marry him unless he acquires a certain amount of wealth? Being in love with her and having prosperous rivals for her affection he steals what he needs to satisfy her demands. Not only was she not the “proximate cause” but she had no “specific intent” to commit any crime whatsoever. Yet, she still drove him to it.

    How many white collar swindlers and inner city drug dealers commit their crimes for the main pupose of attracting women? Sure some women will not be attracted to them. But so many more will flock to them with a blind eye, even finding them all the more charming for being such “bad boys”.

    Don’t expect feminists to demand an overhaul of our sexist legal system or demand equal numbers of women in prison. On the contrary, they do everything they can to increase the inequality. Only when it suits the self interest of women do they demand equality, which only shows that it is self interest or injustice that they are really after.

    “There is much talk to-day of sex liberty and the crimes attributable to it. And there are many crimes attributable to it: murder, theft, and what not. But are the thousands of men from all walks of life in jail because of sex? What nonsense! A very small percentage of the total crimes of to-day spring directly from sex offenses: rape and sodomy. On the other hand, it is only fair to say that many property crimes are leveraged by sex. Thus, Convict Mark Snell (quite typical in this respect, I think) said to his captors and subsequent legal mentors; ‘I was living in a furnished room with a girl, and after the robbery I gave her the money, and three days later she married another fellow and squealed on me.’

    In another case, a seventeen-year-old boy tried to swing a hold-up to buy clothes for his sweetheart, even younger than he, her mother told him he needn’t come around unless he could bring her dresses. But this, and the case above sited, are, as anyone can see, motivated by economic injustice rather than by downright evil in the heart…..

    But who bothers to sort out the conflicting economic, social and other motives here, and to mitigate accordingly? Or to study the economics of the social arrangement by which they are so sharply checked? Or cares whether such young fellows become embittered? Show me the American who would even recall such emotional tragedies, let alone brood over them with any feeling of understanding!…..

    .. sex and economics walk hand in hand .. I fear that in no economic scheme can sex be altogether eliminated as a cause of crime. It is too wholly the very core of life.”

    Dreiser, Theodore. Tragic America, Horace Liveright, Inc., New York, 1931, p. 301-3.

    “Men may accumulate silver and gold or other beautiful things, but if they see a woman with a pretty face or a good figure, they will leave it all to gape and stare, and they will desire her more than their wealth. A man will leave his own father, who brought him up, and leave his own country to get married. He will forget his father, his mother, and his country to spend the rest of his life with his wife. So you must recognize that women are your masters. Don’t you work and sweat and then take all that you have earned and give it to your wives? A man will take his sword and go out and attack, rob and steal, and sail the seas and rivers. He may have to face lions or travel in the dark, but when he has robbed, stolen, and plundered, he will bring the loot home to the woman he loves.

    A man loves his wife more than his parents. Some men are driven out of their minds on account of a woman, and others become slaves for the sake of a woman. Others have been put to death, have ruined their lives, or have committed crimes because of a woman. So now do you believe me?”

    Holy Bible, Today’s English Version, American Bible Society, New York, 1 Esdras 4: 18-28 (verse numbering omitted in text above.)

    (The work above is frequently categorized as being part of the “Apocrypha” of the Bible, however, it was part of the Bible proper in the original King James version.)

    “Knowest thou not that puissant princes and potent Kings before women ever humbly bend and on them for delight depend! Verily, they may say; –We rule over necks and rob hearts. These women ! how many a rich man have they not paupered, how many a powerful man have they not prostrated and how many a superior man have they not enslaved ! Indeed, they seduce the sage and send the saint to shame and bring the wealthy to want and plunge the fortune favoured into penury. Yet for all this, the wise but redouble in affection of them and honour; nor do they count this oppression or dishonour. How many a man for them hath offended his maker and called down on himself the wrath of his father and mother ! And all this because of the conquest of their love over hearts. Knowest thou not, O wretched one, that for them are built pavilions, and slave-girls are for sale; that for them tear-floods rail and for them are collected jewels of price and ambergris and musk odoriferous; and armies are arrayed and pleasaunces made and wealth heaped up and smitten off is many a head ? And indeed he spoke sooth in the words, ‘ Whoso saith the world meaneth woman.’ ”

    The Man’s Dispute with the Learned Woman Concerning the Relative Excellence of Male and Female (Arabian Nights – Burton trans.)

    ( While the “smart women” and feminists of our time say that it is men who turn women into “sex objects” in order to degrade them, the “learned woman” and feminist speaking above argues that the “perfect pleasure is in women” and then brags about what they can do with this power to please.)


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