Site Maintenance


z01_hardware_01_150As mentioned on the weekend…we planned some site maintenance today.

You will notice a cool new theme. This is the Newspaper 6 theme that I decided I would buy and apply to Manbook. Manbook is going to morph in to a sort of “news” center for men.

We will pull the best content from all around the web and link it on here as well as publish our own articles. We will be a bit different from ROK in that we do not have one specific audience we are talking to and we do not insist on creating all content specifically ourselves.

We will be a bit like Mashup that way.

The historical posts leave us with a few problems but we will overcome them as we migrate to the new theme.

I have been testing out the front page development today and I decided to being the site back online prior to releasing the front page. The new theme is heavily dependent on views to make it work. It has a “most popular in the last 7 days” feature which surfaces the latest and most popular posts.

Obviously it has its own counters and they start at 0. A post with 0 views can not be surfaced on the “popular” sort sequence.

So. I hope you really enjoy this new theme and the new direction/emphasis for Manbook!


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