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Ok. Yesterday I released a new CRAZY DEAL for my subscribers here on MANBOOK.

A timer that can be used on web sites and in emails that can close two or even THREE TIMES the amount of sales you might otherwise achieve.

And I said, hand on heart, that young men should get into Internet Marketing to put a roof over their head and food on their plate for the rest of their lives. I talked about it on this link.

Today I am going to give you a chance at an INTERACTIVE TEST of this product.

This product is soooooo coooooool!

Everyone who is in to Internet Marketing HAS to have this product!

So how to do an “Interactive Test”?


You put your name and email address in to the form below and sign up to a temporary Get Response marketing campaign and confirm your list registration.

What Get Response will then do is send you a welcome letter with sample timers in the email!!

How cool is  that?

So if you run a web site and you offer products for sale you can put a timer on the registration and say to the person if they buy XYZ product before the time runs out they are in the running for a prize that is worth more than the product!

In fact?

That is EXACTLY what I am going to do!

Here is the deal!

Timer Magic is USD7 and it is a 100% commission product.

What that means is I get about USD6 because there is a processing fee for the product.

There are a lot of 100% commission products on JV Zoo.

If you are not selling JV Zoo products you are leaving money on the table!

If I sell 50 copies of Timer Magic then I will give one lucky manbook subscriber a USD20 prize to his paypal!

That is more than DOUBLE what he paid for the product and his chances are 1 in 50.

If I sell 100 copies of Time Magic I will give one lucky manbook subscriber a USD50 prize to his paypal!

That is more than SEVEN TIMES what he paid for the product and his chances are 1 in 100.


If I sell TWO HUNDRED COPIES of Timer Magic?

I will give one lucky ManBook Subscriber a TWO HUNDRED DOLLAR PRIZE out of my earnings.

That is nearly THIRTY TIMES the investment made!!

Meaning he is going to get the commissions from THIRTY TWO other buyers!

The obvious conditions are:

1. You Buy Timer Magic off my link.

2. You are a manbook subscriber when you made the purchase.

To get in to the running for this competition you have to email me your JV Zoo Receipt from the same email address you are subscribed to ManBook with.

The JV Zoo receipt may be to a different email address because you might use a different address for paypal.

Of course. The JV Zoo receipt has a receipt number on it and I get the email address of all buyers from JV Zoo.


JV Zoo pays on 45 days because of PayPal refunding policy to the payout will only be AFTER the 45 days have expired.


If you want the chance to win this competition?

Buy Timer Magic for just USD7 for a LIFETIME license off this image.


Once you buy it?

Watch the video tutorials in the members area.

Then create a web page or an email and send it to all your pals and link them to this page!

When you send them to this page and they buy?

Your chances of getting a USD200 prize go up!


Got it?

Buy Timer Magic on this link


Then go in to the members area.

Learn how to use it from the video tutorials.

Create a web page or an html email.

Send it to all your pals.

Get them to buy.

And you ALL go in to the draw to win the prize.

The size of the prize will be dependent on how many manbook subscribers buy from these pages over the next 2 days.

If you want a reminder of how long you have??

 that COOL OR WHAT!!!

Best Regards



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