Tyler Grant – @TylerGrant94 – One More Liar And Hypocrite


z01_tylergrant94_03Well, men are even pretending to be women so that they can get away with being pathological liars. And so it is with Tyler Grant.  Twitter handle @TylerGrant94.

Just like Brinna Wu this fool Tyler Grant is trying to pretend to be a woman so that he is given a “pussy pass” for pretending to be a victim and being a pathological liar.

You would think that women would reject losers like Brianna Wu and Tyler Grant appropriating their gender so as to get a “pussy pass” for the worst actions of women which would never be tolerated if they performed the same actions as men! LOL!!

Just look at this losers profile description.

“A very outspoken UT student. Senior public health major. Feminist, activist, annoying SJW, Drag Queen, gender outlaw, etc. They/them pronouns.

Firstly, he is a student. He has never had a real job. Who listens to children like this? Children should be seen and not heard.

When children like this try and say they have an opinion that is for some reason important they should be told to sit down and shut up until such time as they have earned the respect of those that they might wish to speak to.

So lets see some of the lies this man, pretending to be a woman, likes to tell.


Of course, there is the ever present lie of “threats of violence against women”.

I mean, why do these losers even bother making up these lies and broadcasting to the world they are liars?

And how big a bunch of losers are the staff at twatter? No wonder twatter is doing so badly. They are such sexist man haters that they take baseless allegations from women seriously. Talk about a bunch of twats.

I think twatter should be the new #MGTOW name for twitter. Because twitter is full of SJWs twats who are taken seriously by twitter twats who are the staff at twitter.

The backlash against all these baseless suspensions of accounts is obviously coming. That is why Manbook is doing so well. No twats here at manbook looking after the site.

Of course, these fake women always like to ask other people to do their dirty work for them.


The problem that this twitter twat has is that I have NEVER made “threats of violence” against anyone. “Threats” are what women do. For a man to make a “threat” is demeaning of the man because he is acting like a woman. I find men who make “threats” repugnant and effeminate.

It is ok for a woman to make a “threat”.


Because EVERYONE knows women never carry out on their “threats” because they are cowards and they are smaller and weaker than men.

A woman making a “threat” is about as laughable as a child saying “I am going to hold my breath until I get what I want”.

Sure. Go ahead ladies. Make threats.

We know you CALL MEN to carry them out!!


We are going to deal with your mangina, lackey losers most harshly. They will not be so keen to carry your YOUR threats on YOUR behalf in the future.

I do not make “threats”.

I make promises.

There is a BIG difference.

Women do not even know the meaning of the word “promise” any more because they have become so sleazy with their word nothing that comes out of their mouth can be taken seriously. Certainly nothing that they say can be considered a “promise”.

Women do not even take their marriage vows seriously as we have all seen.

I have said that there is a WAR OF RETURN now in progress to counter the WAR OF AGGRESSION that women have brought against men.

Women and their mangina lackeys in governments have refused to come to the table to sort out a peaceful resolution to their WAR OF AGGRESSION for more than 7 years. So now there is an open and declared WAR OF RETURN.

This WAR OF RETURN is a HOT WAR on the lands of Ireland and Australia.

This STATE OF WAR has been consented to by the mangina lackeys in the parliaments of Ireland and Australia. They are the elected representatives of these evil women who wish to wage an unwanted WAR against us men.

Since the vast majority of these evil western women and their mangina lackeys in the parliaments and the mangina lackeys in the general population have consented to this WAR OF RETURN it will be prosecuted as individual men see fit.

Individual men will conduct ACTS OF WAR as they see fit.

Good luck stopping them from doing so.

In Australia men have ALREADY killed a record number of women this year.

Well done too!

And there are many more women going to die before their MEN finally decide that they must make remedy for the crimes of their women for concern that their women will be killed in this WAR OF RETURN.

What I absolutely PROMISE is that any man who kills an enumerated enemy during this WAR OF RETURN and then is incarcerate and he claims his act was an ACT OF WAR?

He will be released at the cessation of hostilities.

And that is a PROMISE.

That is not a “womans threat” which is something that us men laugh at.

Women wanted a WAR.

Now they have one.


This fake woman asked another question on her timeline. Here it is.


Well. Let me educate you since you seem to be really stupid and ignorant.

The reason that one mans word is worth more than ANY number of western women is that western women condone perjury.

You openly support women lying under oath in a court of law.


Given that you western women openly condone women lying under oath in a court of law?

You have agreed that your worth is worth NOTHING.

There could be TEN THOUSAND WOMEN making allegations against #BillCosby and I would not believe ANY of them.

Western women have taken the position that lying and perjury are 110% acceptable. And in doing so they have destroyed the credibility of ALL western women, even the ones who are honest.

Why? Because we do not know which women are honest and ALL WOMEN remain silent when a woman commits perjury, even those who CLAIM to be honest. And so ALL WESTERN WOMEN are rightly considered to be pathological liars and hypocrites by any man with two neurons to rub together.

Any man who says “but some women are honest”? The burden of proof is now on HIM to PROVE that there are some women who are honest.

Basically, he has to NAME THEM and PRESENT THEM AS EVIDENCE.

Absent the names of these allegedly honest women? Absent them being presented to the public as EVIDENCE they exist? I do not believe they exist any more than I believe the world is round without evidence of such a proposition being presented.

Women are VERY BIG on making claims about themselves absent any EVIDENCE.

Claims like “a woman can do anything a man can do”.

Claims like “men and women are equal”.

Well? Absent EVIDENCE? I call BS.

Now. Fake Woman Tyler Grant. You have had your question answered.

What will you do with your answer, eh?

Best Regards

Joschua-Brandon: Boehm(c)




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