Seems The Men Who Want To Be Women Like To Be Liars Too


z01_women_lie_01So some loser lying woman, or possibly man pretending to be a woman, who can tell now, has decided to demonstrate to the world what a pathological liar she is. I love how women like to demonstrate to the young men what a bunch of pathological liars they are.

If you would like to read the full article you can read it on this link.

What I will do is cut and paste the text I am responding to to quote it and then reply to the quote. You know, like a sensible, rational, reasonable, intelligent MAN would do. Not like a whining, shrieking woman would do.

If women did not want “you act like a woman” to be a cutting insult to a man? You would have started acting like men by now. You know, you would have valued, honesty, honour and integrity. You would have stood for truth, justice and equality before the law.

YOU chose not to.

No men “oppressed” you in to being pathological liars.


Now…on with the show.



z01_women_lie_01“If anyone is familiar with Men’s Rights Activists you’ll know that they have a history of wanting to strip women of their rights, that they frequently harass and abuse women and in some cases even threaten violence against us. Now most of these threats are empty, they’re the general ‘I will hurt/kill you if you keep pissing me off’ or the ‘I’ll find out where you are and get you’ kind of threats, that whilst mostly lead to no actual physical harm do deeply hurt those people they’re being said to.”

Of course. That whole paragraph is one lie after another. Not even MRAs want to strip women of their rights. There is no evidence of that. They do not “frequently harrass and abuse women” because criticising women is NOT harassment or abuse. Women DO, however, frequently criminally victimise men with complete impunity.

z01_women_lie_01“What I find to be the problem with Men’s Rights Activists though, other than the open threats and disrespect towards women, is their baffling belief that all women are against men and that we’re trying to destroy their rights or their way of life. For the most part feminists are simply trying to gain equal rights to men. Equal being the key word.”

Again. This is total bullshit. There are only THREE WOMEN OF ANY NOTE AT ALL IN THE ENTIRE WESTERN WORLD who have stated in their own names in the public that women should be held equal before the law.

Here they are. You can read about them on this link.

Women in the west are pathological liars who condone the crimes of women against men in the 99.9%+ majority. Almost NONE of them want anything to do with “equality” and I have EIGHT YEARS of PROOF to back up that statement. Right from the time in August 2007 when my then wife embezzled EUR18,000 from our company bank account and has not even been charged with that crime let alone prosecuted! LOL!

Sure. You man hating bitches say “equality” but we know you mean 95% for the woman and 5% for the man. We know you mean “5% is the new 50% for the men”. We have seen what you mean by equality and we reject it and we are waging a WAR OF RETURN to secure our rights.

z01_women_lie_01“Men’s Rights Activists, however, whilst saying that they are fighting for men and boys to be treated equally to the way women are being treated, regularly try to take away what women have and push us into oppression, and threats of violence seem to go hand in hand with that.”

LOL! The lies just never end from these man hating bitches. “Push us into oppression”? Really? You have some evidence for that? Because I have asked women to present evidence that women were EVER oppressed more than men in ANY society that we know about.

So far no woman has been able to present ANY EVIDENCE that ANY WOMEN ANYWHERE have EVER been more oppressed than the men in their society…EVER.

One of the reasons I find western women so repugnant is that when one among you tells BLATANT PATHOLOGICAL LIES you do not call her out on her lying.

I find the willingness of ALL THE OTHER WOMEN to condone the lies to be morally repugnant and I find the women who do so repugnant. As do MANY men.

z01_women_lie_01“Whilst most Men’s Rights Activists make somewhat veiled threats of violence, the ‘don’t make me angry’ kind of threats, a leading voice in their movement, Peter Nolan, has called for the open murder of women as a way of finally allowing Men’s Rights Activists the ‘justice’ they deserve.”

And here the lies just go off the charts. But hey, it is a woman, or a man pretending to be a woman, so pathological lying is acceptable, right?

I am not a “Mens Rights Activist”. I have never been a “Mens Rights Activist” and never will be a “Mens Rights Activist”. But this fact is lied about because this woman is a pathological liar. The very fact that OTHER WOMEN entertain these lies tells me that the OTHER WOMEN like to be lied to and have no problems accepting lies so as to justify their OWN HATRED OF MEN. 

I have not “called for the open murder of women”.

This is another blatant pathological lie. Again. Women are blatant pathological liars. I have covered this on this link, this link, this link, this link, this link, this link, and this link.

You get the idea. I have no trouble saying “all women are pathological liars” for the very reason that you ALL support women who are pathological liars. I have been saying this for YEARS and you know what is missing? What is missing is EVIDENCE OF HONEST WOMEN!


“A well known campaigner for their movement, Peter Nolan has written several articles and blogs praising the poor treatment and murder of women.”

I have never paised the murder of women. I have recently chosen to praise the LAWFUL KILLING OF WOMEN. But hey, more lies? Why am I not surprised.

z01_women_lie_01“He publicly defended and praised the actions of convicted mass murderer Anders Breivik, stating;

‘It is only natural and normal that some men decide to take matters into their own hands at all the hatred spewed at them and their marginalisation. Men often see that some things are worth fighting for. Men often take the action to fight for what they believe in.

‘Anders Breivik is not crazy. He’s as rational as the next man. He sees that his country is being destroyed. He sees that the people responsible for that destruction are the left of politics. and he would be correct. He took action to stop what he believes is the destruction of his country.

‘I’ve been telling women for three years now that hatred of men in general and fathers in particular is going to see men killing a lot of women and children. Well? We just saw 76.’”

Now. As you can see for yourself. This pathological lying woman uses the phrase “defended and praised” in the lead up and then quotes me.

Her only problem is  that no where in that quote did I defend or praise what Anders Brevik did.


Women say they are my equal. BS. I am not so mentally retarded as to believe the statement I made was either praising or defending Anders Brevik. But a LOT of women are so mentally retarded that they would believe BS like this.

One of the reasons that women ARE pathological liars is that MANY OTHER WOMEN are too stupid to see the lies and the rest of them are too evil to call the lying women on their lies.

This is why I no longer bother attempting to “persuade” or “argue” with women. They have proven themselves intellectually incapable of understanding what I say. They have proven themselves unwilling to apply themselves to understand what I say or write. Even when quoting me women are too mentally retarded to understand what I said and this pathologically lying women just demonstrated that. Thank you.

So I am talking to MEN now. Men are intellectually capable to understand what I am saying.


z01_women_lie_01“Nolan has moved on from simply praising the actions of mass murders and blaming women for all of the problems in the world and has begun to actively encourage the murder of women, claiming that it is the natural next step in the ‘war’ between men and their horrid oppressors, women.”

Again just plain lies. And the fact that women swallow these lies demonstrates their level of mental retardation when compared to men.  Where to begin with these lies.

I have never condoned the murder of anyone. Murder is a crime.

I absolutely condone killing people who are my enemies and who have refused all possible petitions of peace. The greatest hero of my life was Frank Trainer. He killed MANY MEN. Ad did his ANZAC comrades.

I am not about to have Frank Trainor, or any of his fallen comrades, poorly spoken of.

And anyone who says “Peter is willing to kill his enemies and that is some how bad”? Well? So what? I believe in freedom of speech. Even idiots have the right to freedom of speech. What they do not have a right to is a right to tell lies with the intention of causing injury, harm and loss. That is the crime of slander.

I will not have war heros slandered. Not on my watch. You can learn about Frank Trainor on this link.

2. The criminal victimisation of men, by women, using the unlawful application of the force of the state is not only oppression. It is knowing criminal vicitmisation and it is a crime.

I have been the victim of a long series of crimes starting with my then wife embezzling EUR18,000 from our company bank account in August 2007.

She went on to commit 14 counts of perjury, from my count, two of which I could conclusively and irrefutably PROVE based on letters from bank managers involved. One of those letters even came from Jennifers own mailbox which I had access to during the initial period of our divorce. The full case file against Jennifer can be accessed on this link.

The criminal victimisation I have been subjected to, at the behest of Jennifer, was the kidnapping and abuse of my children, the theft of my house, the theft of my money in bank accounts, the destruction of my company, the violation of my right to work. I have even been jailed for 19 days unlawfully.


It looks like state sponsored criminal acts up to and including JAILING.

All these crimes have been backed and supported 110% by 99.9%+ of WESTERN WOMEN. So you ladies have no leg to stand on. You are man hating bitches and the lads know it.

Next? The liar quotes some of my tweet where I point out that the criminal victimisation of men BY WOMEN AND THEIR MANGINAS IN GUVMINTS has led to men killing more women.

What lie does she make up about those comments?

z01_women_lie_01“Nolan has been encouraging his followers to kill women, telling them (quite falsely too) that the murder of women by men has become legal in both Australia and Ireland.”

So. According to this pathological liar the people who have committed crimes against men FOR YEARS and who have laughed in their faces FOR YEARS are NOT the people who are at cause in the rapid increase in the rate at which men are killing women. No. Not at all.


And women are “offended” when I call them STUPID? Really?

Sure. This pathologically lying, man hating bitch is free to tell as many lies as she likes. That is part of her freedom to speak her mind. That she is committing the crime of slander will be dealt with in the fullness of time. She has EVERY RIGHT to commit the crime of slander. And I have EVERY RIGHT to collect on my payment for damages.

But all the OTHER WOMEN who entertain this BS. You would have to be a COMPLETE MENTAL RETARD to believe one word this woman says. And yet women claim to believe what these pathological liars are saying making them COMPLETE MENTAL RETARDS OR PATHOLOGICAL LIARS THEMSELVES.

Does it really matter which?

And “followers”? Why would I want followers? That is something women want because it makes them feel important. I do not want followers. I do not need followers. Indeed, I have spoken out MANY TIMES that men should stop being followers. But this metal retard is going to try that lie anyway because she knows other women are so stupid they will swallow it.

Further. I have never said killing women has become “legal” in Ireland and Australia so this mental retard has told ANOTHER lie. How many is that in ONE SENTENCE?

I have said killing a specifically enumerated group of women has become LAWFUL in Australia and Ireland in a STATE OF WAR. Right along with ALL members of the parliaments, ALL members of the law society, ALL members of the police forces, their husbands, their wives, and their children.


But this pathologically lying bitch manages to skip of the enumeration of the enemy combatants in both cases and singles out “women”. Talk about a sexist bitch or what? What about the children? Are you more concerned about the ADULT WOMEN who can be LAWFULLY KILLED than you are about the little children who can be LAWFULLY KILLED?

What a bitch!

z01_women_lie_01“Obviously, no such laws exist in either Australia or Ireland that allow the lawful murder of women.”

Well sweetie. “Ignorance of the law is no excuse”. It now lawful to kill an enumerated list of people as enemy combatants in a STATE OF WAR in both Australia and Ireland. That you are stupid and ignorant does not change that.

Again. Any good, honest, decent man who takes up arms against his oppressors and kills one or more of the enumerated enemy combatants and is subsequently incarcerated?

We will treat him as a WAR HERO on par with how I treat the memory of Frank Trainor. Such men will be ACCLAIMED AS WAR HEROS and accorded the highest respect by me and right thinking men like me.

We will see to it that such men are released from their prisoner of war status at the end of hostilities and we will not rest until each of our prisoner of war brothers has had his freedom restored and his position if HIGH ESTEEM in our society made very public.

z01_women_lie_01“Nolan is claiming that it has become legal as women are now considered ‘enemies in a state of war’, and as such any man who murders a woman will face no prison time what-so-ever.”

Again. This stupid and ignorant woman uses the word “legal” which has nothing to do with anything.  Who even gave her a computer to type on? She should be in some mans kitchen making sammiches because that is more attuned to her intellectual capabilities. Leave talk of legal and lawful to those few men who bothered to educate themselves on the differences.

Again with the lies. She uses the word “murder”. I abhor the crime of murder and would gladly sit on a jury to convict any person who has actually committed the crime of murder.

Any man who kills one of the enumerated enemy combatants will be released from any possible subsequent incarceration. Period. If you do not like that sweetie? Tough. What are YOU going to do about it? Write another article telling more lies? LOL!

 “On a side note Nolan at one time tried to establish his own men only version of Facebook called ‘Manbook‘.”

So? is doing very well with more than 700 subscribers. We have had days with over 50,000 page views.

z01_women_lie_01“Hopefully there are many Men’s Rights Activists who will see these claims for a bogus as they really are, unfortunately I’m sure there will be a handful of extremists who will be looking at these tweets and considering the possibility of murdering women.”

If you bothered to talk to “Mens Rights Activists” rather than just sitting at your computer, made by a man, telling lies about them. You will find that I am hated by the vast majority of “Mens Rights Activitists” because I call them stupid and ignorant and arrogant about their stupidity and ignorance.

I call Mens Rights Activists cowards who are betraying the future of their children because they are not prepared to do what it is going to take to defend their children from the criminals in government and the public sector who are given carte blanc to criminally abuse children based on perjury and lies from the mothers.

z01_women_lie_01“Men’s Rights Activists are not fighting for equality, they are fighting for oppression and dominace over women.”

Again. Total BS. Anyone who believes blatant, pathological lies like this should not be allowed a drivers license or allowed to vote. They should be in the kitchen making sammiches for some MAN who IS intelligent enough to see through such blatant, pathological lying.

If women want to get out of the kitchen and take up a position of some limited responsibility in the broader society they must prove themselves WORTHY of the responsibilities they may be asked to take on. But no. Women are all about “we want the ability to tell pathological lies and have the state commit crimes on our behalf and we accept no responsibility for our part in these crimes.”

This is why there are only THREE WOMEN who have said women should be held equal before the law in ALL THE WESTERN WORLD!

z01_women_lie_01“They are men who want complete control and will do whatever they think needs doing to get it.”

MRAs want no such thing. They are too cowardly to take control of anything. Did you know that MRAs are such cowards that even though I proved it was lawful to video record a family court matter on 2009-11-26 by doing so not ONE MRA has had the guts to follow my example?

Hey, if you want to criticise MRAs? Get in line after me. I am at the head of the queue in criticising MRAs for their cowardice and complicity.

And if you want to criticise them? At least tell the truth. It is easy enough to criticise MRAs truthfully. The fact you lie about MRAs would indicate you have no idea what their weaknesses are.

z01_women_lie_01“They want to turn back the clock to a time where a woman’s place was waiting quietly at home for her husband and master, where her only jobs were cooking, cleaning and getting pregnant.”

Well? Women were at least semi competent at cooking, cleaning, keeping house, and raising children. I saw that with my own eyes when I was a lad. My grand mothers and my mother and my aunts did their very best to raise their children as best they could. My grand mothers raised children during wartime when things were 1000x more difficult than they are today.

Even so? I never ever, not even ONCE, heard my grand mothers complain about ANYTHING. Indeed, my own mother NEVER COMPLAINED ABOUT ANYTHING.

But you so called “liberated women”. You whinge and bitch and moan and complain ENDLESSLY. Well? It’s over. Many of us men are not listening any more. And there is nothing you can say and nothing you can do that is going to stem the tide of the MASSIVE BACKLASH that is coming your way.

You think men are killing and abusing a lot of women now? I have news for you. Just wait 5 years. It is going to get a LOT worse before it gets better. Even if you women decided to lay down your weapons and submit to unconditional surrender today? Young men are very angry and they are going to carry that anger with them for their entire lives….another 50 or 60 years.

Simply stopping your WAR OF AGGRESSION now and unconditionally surrendering is NOT going to stop a LOT of men killing a LOT of women over the next 50 to 60 years. The rate of acceleration will slow down. And then, slowly, over time, more and more men will be less and less angry at the betrayal of their women folk.

But women have stored up 50 or 60 years worth of trouble in their willingness to criminally victimise men and MOCK THEM when they ask for a peaceful path to justice. Well? That MOCKING has worn thin. And now men are KILLING WOMEN in record numbers, rightly and justifiably so.

Women demanded “equality”. If that is to mean anything it is to mean equal before the law. And since men have no protection of the law? Neither can women. This is what “equality” looks like.

As my grand mothers used to say.

“Be careful what you ask for because you might just get it”.

Women are going to get “equality”. Because any man who attempts to extend them special privileges at the cost of other men will also be harshly dealt with as a MORTAL ENEMY IN A STATE OF WAR.

The top of that list is politicians, judges, and police who are attempting to steal from men in the name of “taxes” to give to women in the name of “the welfare state”.

The “welfare state” is over. We have seen that women like Marise Payne will criminally withhold unemployment benefits from a person merely because he is a man.

Men will be refusing to pay income taxes and Politicians, Judges and police will be duly warned to not attempt to steal from such men because this will also be considered an act of war.

If women want a “welfare state”? They can earn the money themselves to pay for it.

Us men are fed up and we will not pay the price of our own criminal victimisation any more.

z01_women_lie_01“Yes, Peter Nolan is clearly an extreme case of Men’s Rights Activism, he’s advocating killing women who stand against oppression, but the movement as a whole can be extremely dangerous.”

The blatant pathological lies never end with these bitches. I am not a mens rights activist. I am advocating men choose to take up arms against those who oppress them. Something that has been done since time immemorial. Since women have chosen to use the state to oppress men? They are the enemies of men along with their colleagues in the WAR OF AGGRESSION.

Women were offered the chance to come to my table and sit down and negotiate a peaceful path to the re-introduction of the rule of law on the lands of Australia and Ireland. It is a well documented fact that all petitions to women, police, judges, and politicians were spurned.

Women wanted a WAR?

Now you have one.

Your choice is to fight to the death to secure the privilege for other women to commit crimes against men with complete impunity or unconditionally surrender. Those are your choices.

Because I can assure you enough men are willing to fight to the death to secure the rights of their children. It has always been thus. Since we climbed down out of trees men have fought to the death with sabre toothed tigers and all manner of predators to secure the future of their children.

Men are 98% of the war dead.

Men will take up arms and kill those who are criminally abusing their children. Of this you can be sure. It has started and it will continue for many years to come.

Women have brought this situation on themselves by their refusal to take my advice that I have freely offered since 2007. Since women and their mangina lackeys in governments chose to reject my advice? I now offer my advice to men.

My advice is to take up arms against your oppressors.

Take up arms against those who have criminally abused your children.

Take up arms against those who refuse to ensure you have a peaceful path to justice.

Take up arms against those who do not believe in truth, justice and equality before the law and who are only too happy to steal your children, steal your houses, destroy your businesses.

Take up arms in the best tradition of the Frank Trainors of the world who fought and died to secure the future of the children of their day.

For if you do not take up arms and do your duty and meet your obligations? Your sons will spit in your face and denounce you as a gutless coward and wish nothing to do with you.

And that is exactly the fate of my own former father John Thomas Nolan. A more disgusting and cowardly man God never blew breath in to.  I would not piss on that man if he were on fire. I wish nothing to do with that gutless coward. I hope he dies soon and makes this world a better place for doing so.

Men like Frank Trainor, men my father knew well, fought and died to secure his future when he was too young to secure his future for himself. And yet this disgusting cowardly man remained silent when it was HIS TIME TO SPEAK UP.

This disgusting cowardly man invited CRIMINALS who ABUSED HIS ELDERLY AND ILL WIFE TO HER FUNERAL.

Good riddance when that scum of a man dies.

And that is what EVERY MAN who has been similarly criminally victimised to me should say to his gutless and cowardly father who remained silent all through this WAR OF AGGRESSION.

Call him the cowardly gutless scumbag of a man he is and tell him you wish nothing to do with him ever again. Wish him dead and speedily so for his gutlessness and cowardice.

z01_women_lie_01“If you are a Men’s Rights Activist please look at what this man is saying and start to think about just what you’re supporting.”

LOL! Since Mens Rights Activists regularly tell lies about me appealing to them by association shows everyone just how stupid you are sweetie.

“Realise that women aren’t an enemy.”

Yes. You are.

You are the ones who walk in to courts and LIE YOUR HEADS OFF in order to put a thin veneer of legitimisation on top of the clearly criminal activities that go on in the family law courts.

You, madam, ARE THE ENEMY.

We have followed the first two steps of the Art of WAR.

  1. Declare WAR.
  2. Know thy enemy.

Women ARE our enemy in the west. You will be treated as such by MANY men.

z01_women_lie_01“We’re not calling for the deaths of every man, we’re not advocating mass murder.”

Actually you are advocating mass murder. The suicide rate of men in divorce is EIGHT TIMES the suicide rate of women who have ACTUALLY BEEN RAPED. The suicide rate in divorce is nothing less than MURDER BY PROXY since the men are endlessly criminally victimised TO DEATH.

“Men and women need to work together for equality, and Men’s Rights Activists are the real enemy of equality, not women.”

LOL! Which is why 110% of western women support my wife getting 95% of assest absent any paternity test.

We know what you man hating bitches mean by “equality”.

You mean you get 95% and the man gets 5%. That is what you mean.

We have seen what you man hating bitches mean by “equality”. You have been given EVERY CHANCE to demonstrate what you would do given the chance to participate in important public offices.

What you have done is behave like the disgusting, man hating, sexist, discriminatory bigoted bitches you have proven yourselves to be.

You women claim to wish for “equality” but only THREE OF YOU wish for equality before the law?

Pull the other leg. It plays jingle bells.

Western women have chosen to be the mortal enemy of their men.

And us men are going to sort that problem out for the benefit of our children.




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