‘No Sex Without Written Consent’ Movement Sweeping Nation


In 2008 I said:

“I can see the day when men in bars will have “”Sex Consent Contract” legal pads that are in triplicate. One for him. One for her. One to go in the safe behind the bad where neither party can reach it. I predict men will not even bother talking to a woman who has not signed such a consent contract for fear of false rape allegations.”

The women LAUGHED at me.





  1. No it isn’t very romantic and yes it further deteriorates the relations between the sexes and of course they are only interested in the consent of the woman.

    According to the California “Yes means Yes” law; “Affirmative consent must be ongoing throughout a sexual activity”. So if she isn’t saying “yes, Yes, YES!!” throughout you could be charged with rape? That could be motivation to do a good job but what about the silent ones? What if she says she was so aroused she didn’t know what she was doing .. you know – like a man.

    Can you imagine being charged with rape the day after and after producing a signed contract you are told that the girl was intoxicated and therefore lacked the legal capacity to enter into a contract?

    And how do they know that the girl was intoxicated? Oh, because she said so. And you, do you have a Breathalyzer test showing she wasn’t drunk? Do you have sworn witnesses? Don’t you know that as a man you are guilty even if proven innocent?

    You would think that someone so fanatically concerned about the well being of women would have at least a basic understanding of women. In “Rumour Has It” Adele sings to us: “Just ’cause I said it, it don’t mean that I meant it”. And if she sings to the cops afterwards you could find yourself in a jail cell.

    Why do women say things they don’t mean? Why do politicians? To serve their self interest of course. Granted their reasons are legion so I will focus only on the most fundamental one.

    Before a traditional marriage minded woman consents to sex she wants to know how much potential commitment there is from the man. Does he really like me? Does he love me? Will he persistently stand by me?

    She makes him prove his commitment by saying “No” even while her eyes say yes. She may say “No” many times until she is satisfied. She insists that he should keep “harassing” her until she decides yes.

    Of course she can change her mind the next day saying she misjudged you because you she was having a bad hair day. In other words, your freedom is dependent on the whim of someone whose moods change like the weather on a tropical island.

    • Yep..this is just mangain men pandering to women again.

      Situation normal.

      One day men will listen to me and do as I tell them….but that day is not today.

      One good thing is that the post has had 200 views already….so the lads are learning.

      Please share around as much as you can.


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