Stealing From Men Is Official Government Policy


z01_Slavery_01This is an article that every young man should read.


Alimony and child support are VOLUNTARY because any such payment that is NOT VOLUNTARY would constitute SLAVERY which has long been frowned upon.

People ask me.

“Joschua. Why have you claimed into existence a STATE OF WAR? Why not talk? Why not negotiate?”


How do you negotiate with criminals?

How do you talk to people who openly support criminal vicitmisation of men at the behest of the “strong”, “empowered”, “equal” women?

You can not talk to such people.

I have tried.


Tens of thousands of other men have tried.

When you rob Peter to pay for Paulina you can be assured of Paulinas support.

The “social standard” today is men are sub human animals, less than dogs, not worthy pf the protection of the law with no property rights. That is the world you lads are growing up in.

I have fought hard for 7 years and risked my life for your benefit.

And I am hated for doing so.



And we will see how that works out.

A hospital consultant has become the first man to be ordered to pay all of his £550,000 assets to his ex-wife, following an extraordinary divorce ruling.

Anaesthetist Dr Essam Aly, 54, ‘washed his hands’ of his family after leaving wife Enas, 46, in 2011 and moving to Bahrain – and has not paid a penny in maintenance or child support since 2012.

Out of the reach of the British authorities and courts, it was feared the ‘serial defaulter’ from Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire, would never again pay to support her or their two children.

So to ensure that the children and the wife would be secure, a family court judge ordered that their entire £550,000 fortune should go to her. Court of Appeal judges have now upheld the payout.

The court heard the husband worked at Queen’s Hospital in Burton, while the wife was a GP in Derby. The couple married in 2002 and had a son and a daughter, before separating in 2011.

Dr Aly moved to Bahrain the following year, and has since started a relationship with another woman, undergone an Islamic marriage ceremony and had another child.

At Birmingham Family Court last year, the wife complained that she had received nothing from him since he left Britain.

Her case was that he had effectively ‘abdicated responsibility’ for her and his children, appeal judge Lord Justice McFarlane said.

‘Looking to the future, there was no expectation that she could look to him for any future payment of maintenance and it was therefore necessary for her to achieve an award representing effectively most of the capital assets,’ he said.

The wife is looking after the children and the father has washed his hands of them
Lord Justice McCombe

She secured an injunction freezing his assets, resulting in the discovery of additional bank accounts, said the judge.

Giving judgment last July, Judge Mark Rogers awarded her the proceeds of sale of their £250,000 home in Burton, plus another £310,000 held in the bank.

On appeal, Dr Aly’s barrister Louise McCabe said there was ‘substantive unfairness’ in handing the wife what was actually ‘100 per cent’ of the couple’s assets.

‘The court has an obligation to consider the husband’s needs and the judgment is absolutely silent on that,’ she said.

Dr Aly’s hope is that he can get permission to bring his new family to the UK and that he will be able to get a job here, she said.

He has applied for jobs and is still a due-paying member of the General Medical Council, Medical Defence Union and British Medical Association, she added.

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