We Have Moved!


JV Zoo Hosting
Hi Gents!

If you are seeing this then you are looking at our site now running on JV Zoo hosting services.

JV Zoo are new to the hosting business. They are the new hosting arm of the JV Zoo market place. I thought I would try them out with a few sites and see how they go.

The short story is that the hosting environment for shared services like we use with Manbook is really good.

While they are in start up mode they are offering GREAT deals so don’t miss out on testing them if you would like to see how they stack up.

I am on the gold plan which is unlimited sites, unlimited disk, unlimited bandwidth for USD20 per month with a free month trial. I presume I will be grand fathered in for some good deal when they put the price up.

I can assure all readers the migration went very well and the water is fine.

So. If you want to give JV Zoo Hosting a try? Click on the image.


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