Stand Up For What is Right. Only If The Victim is a Woman!


    Here you go gentlemen. This video is what is wrong with the world. This man hating bitch who calls herself Emma Murphy is perfectly happy with women committing crimes against men.

    Women committing perjury in the family courts and stealing the children and houses of men is PERFECTLY OK BY THE MAN HATING BITCH EMMA MURPHY.

    But oh, when she gets a smack in the mouth she so thoroughly deserves suddenly it is “Stand Up For What Is Right”! Yeah, sure, as long as the person you are standing up for is a WOMAN! 

    If it is a man he can go f*** himself and kill himself in suicide because there is NO ONE who will stand up for what is right for a MAN. And when a man stands up for himself and all the other men, as I have done for EIGHT YEARS, we are hated on and despised.

    This video has more than 700,000 views in a few days.

    No MAN would ever get that many views on a video explaining his criminal victimisation.

    THAT is what #everydaysexism look like.


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