F-You Matt Haig – Man Hater and Asshole


    So, this article was passed across my desk today. You can read the full article on this link.

    The article is published by a man hating bastard by the name of Matt Haig. This man is attempting to profiteer from the suicides of men.

    Matt Haig does not give a shit about men.

    He has never spoken up in the public to any significant extent. And the very fact that he is running an advert for his book to make money in the Telegraph, a newspaper that consistently silences men, tells me Matt Haig is a f***ing turncoat traitor who supports the very companies that silence us…and THEN he talks about men should “speak up”?!

    My disgust for such man hating, pathologically lying, sexist, discriminatory, bigoted bastards like this is even exceeds by my disgust for WOMEN who are the same.

    This article is nothing more than a thinly disguised add for a book.

    And that add is profiteering from mens suicide.

    I spoke up about my time being suicidal. Every member of the UK parliament knows about my time of being suicidal. Did Matt (arsehole) Haig ever want to talk to me despite me being one of the most vocal men in the entire man-o-sphere?


    Does ANYONE give a shit when I speak up about my time of being suicidal?



    As I keep saying.

    No one gives a shit about men.

    No one gives a shit about men who are suicidal.

    No one give a shit when a man actually kills himself.

    Men are treated like sub human animals, less than dogs, without the protection of the law.

    The sooner that men realise that no one gives a shit about them and they stop killing themselves and they start killing those who are criminally victimising them?

    The sooner all this shit will be over.





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