MGTOW and Third Wave Feminism: Identical Branches of One Behavioral Sink


The young man has a very good point.





  1. Very interesting perspective on MGTOW. It has become apparent to me that some members of the MGTOW community are like mirror images of 3rd wave feminists. There’s a lot of anger and outright hostility projected on all women, not just feminists. It can’t be denied both groups share the view of non-procreation.
    I’ve considered myself a MGTOW for almost a year, and have behaved like one for much of my adult life. However, recently I’m finding myself in an intellectual/philosophical dilemma. I have become very aware of White Genocide which is a phenomenon coupled with the declining fertility rate in Europe/West and the mass immigration from the 3rd world which is filling the void in many countries including UK, France, Germany. I now wonder if I should “go my own way” or devote myself to try to save the culture – European Western culture – that brought me into existence.
    Much food for thought.

    • “There’s a lot of anger and outright hostility projected on all women, not just feminists.”

      Of course the anger should not be limited to feminists. 99.9%+ of western women openly condone women committing crimes against men. It is not “just feminists”.

      Further….99.7%+ of MEN also condone women committing crimes against men. The number of men who actively say women should be held equal before the law is minuscule.

      This is why I say learning how to be an internet marketer and learning how to sell on the web is a very important skill for young men. It means you can go and live anywhere in the world and not be worried about the criminals in your government and judiciary who will steal from any man who manages to accumulate some money who is not one of them.


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