Had a Visit This Morning From the German Police


    Well, very interesting. I had a visit from the German Police this morning. They tried to tell me that they can violate my right to freedom of speech. I have a video below and you can download and replicate the video on you tube on this link.

    1. Letter to Australian And Irish Parliaments, both Houses


    If you want to skip the email and go direct to the video where I talk about my little visit from the German Police this morning?

    Click on this link====> Click ME!

    This email is going out to all members of both houses of parliament in Australia and Ireland.

    It is also going out to as many politicians and media people as I have emails for in the world. That is about another 3,000 email addresses.

    In the workbook I have prepared I have over 4,000 email addresses that I am sending this email to.

    I am also going to send it to my personal lists and post it on social media as far and as wide as I can.

    The emails include all members of the UK parliament to let them know what their criminal colleagues are doing in Australia and Ireland.

    The very idea that police in Germany would come in to a mans house and attempt to coerce and intimidate him in to silence?

    I thought Germans found out the error of silencing those who expose the crimes of people in government in the 30s and 40s.

    It is sad to see German Police Officers replicating the mistakes of the past because we all know where such mistakes can lead to.

    This morning I was told by a German Police Officer:

    “The Australian and Irish Governments have contacted us and they want us to tell you that you are not to send any more emails to the members of parliament.”

    Really? The elected representatives of the people of Australia and Ireland do NOT want me sending them any emails because they are “upset” with the contents?

    Well that certainly sounds like a VERY GOOD REASON to write to them more! LOL!

    The link above/below is the video I put up about this blatant attempt to intimidate me and coerce me in to silence.

    I find it LAUGHABLE that ANYONE thinks they can silence me by intimidation, coercion and thinly veiled threats of incarceration.

    And a WOMAN making these threats against me? How much more LAUGHABLE can the situation be?

    We all know that when it comes to initiating violence and force against someone the women get SOME MAN to do their dirty work.

    Women do not have the guts to take on a man in a fair fight.

    Not even Ronda Rousey, laughingly described as “Worlds Most Dominant Athlete”, is willing to fight a man.

    Some woman, who is a cop, coming in to my house trying to intimidate me like SHE would lift one finger against me herself?

    A complete JOKE! And we all know it.

    The German Police did themselves a very great dis-service this morning.

    It is hoped that some decent German men will point this out to the people involved.

    Again. If you want to go watch the video I did on this matter?

    Click on this link====> Click ME!

    Best Regards






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