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julie_bishop_01Julie Bishop is one of the most senior female political figures in Australia. She currently holds the position of Foreign Minister.

She also condones the endless criminal victimisation of men in general as well as condones my criminal victimsation by the Irish and German governments in particular.  You can get her on her facebook on this link.

Julie Bishop is banging on about “marriage equality for gays” when she says nothing about my case, which is not unusual, where Jennifer Toal was criminally awarded 95% of assets based on lies and perjury, absent any paternity test, and when she refused to work to support herself and our children against my expressed non consent.

Julie Bishop has been informed of my case as long ago as April 2011 when I announced it to all members of parliament on this link. Since that link has now had more than 5,000 views it can hardly be said that any member of parliament is ignorant of the crimes that have been committed against me.

In the face of the continued refusal or politicians, the judiciary, the police and the general population to listen to the issue of men being criminally vicitmises I have claimed into existence a state of war on the land known as Australia.

You can watch this claim on this video.

If you live in Australia it is being blocked by ASIO and you can buy a VPN to view it on this link. This is the VPN I use to keep the governments prying eyes out of my online activities. I recommend you use it too.


You can get a copy of the transcript with comments from the court room meeting on this link.


You can get a copy of the criminal court order that sent 95% of assets to my ex on this link.




Now. The Australian government has asked the German Government to send thugs called police to my home to threaten me with assault, kidnapping, and incarceration to tell me to SHUT UP about the crimes they are committing. You can listen to my comments about their threats of force and violence and kidnapping and incarceration on this link.



So while Julie Bishop supports the White Ribbon campaign claiming “violence against women is never ok”, as the FOREIGN MINISTER she has sponsored the spending of Australia taxpayer money to contact the German Government and asked the German Government to spend tax payer money to send criminal thugs in to my home and threaten me with violence and force meaning assault, kidnapping and unlawful incarceration.

Now. Could the hypocrisy of Julie Bishop be made any more clear? I think not.

And how are men treated when they stand up in their own voice in the public and denounce these criminals.

Well let me show you two more pictures.

I went on to Julie Bishops facebook on this link. I commented on the fact that there was no “marriage equality” for heterosexual men and that this should be an item for resolution since the men are being criminally victimised.

Of course the women behaved like naughty 5 year old girls rather than address the issue of the criminal victimisation of men. So I made this comment. As you can see, it has now been removed. This comment makes the situation of Australia women quite clear. That there is a war that has been openly declared into existence and that all members of both houses of parliament have consented to this state of war.

This means that if a man commits an act of war against any specifically enumerated enemy combatants and is taken prisoner of war we will release him at the cessation of hostilities.

The state of war has been properly and justifiably claimed in to existence on the basis that no peaceful path to justice for the victims of these acts of war being committed against men is possible. Therefore men are entitled by right to claim into existence a state of war and to wage war to secure their rights such as life, freedom and right to the proceeds of their labour.






But of course. We all know that on fascist book speaking the truth is harassment and bullying of women because women are so equal, to strong, so powerful, so independent that they have to be protected from the truth like the 5 year old girls they act like.

After all. 5 Year old girls need to be protected from the harsh realities of life because they are not mentally able to cope with those realities. Things like death, murder, wars, rapes and other violence and crimes. We do not tell our little children about these things as they are too mentally immature to deal with them. So we tell them about the easter bunny, santa claus, and fairies in the garden. We read them up beat and positive stories so they grow to have a firm emotional and psychological footing in the world before we reveal to them the horrors of such things as wars.

I can assure you, dear reader, that although I “knew” about World War 2 from the history books and from the TV shows I used to watch, that is nothing like Frank Trainor sitting me down and describing how his mates died next to him. Having a war reported to you by someone who was there is a very different thing than reading about it in a book or watching a show on TV.

So we protect our children from these things because of their emotional and mental immaturity.

And what do we see women demanding today? We see grown women, on places so public and arguably important as the facebook for the Minisiter for Foreign Affairs of Australia DEMAND that they are protected from the truth. We see women DEMAND to be treated like 5 year old girls.

That is exactly what we see.

That a woman DEMANDED that my post be removed based on the LIE that the truth is “harassment and bullying” demonstrates, beyond all doubt, that women are DEMANDING to be treated like little girls who are 5 years old.

Women are DEMANDING that they be “protected” from the truth because they are mentally incapable of dealing with it just like 5 year old girls.

Given that women are DEMANDING these things? They are unsuitable for public office.

They are unsuitable to hold any office where any initiation of force and violence can be legitimised.

They are unsitable for any office that has the ability to spend tax payer money.

They are unsuitable for any office that requires the taking on an oath because they do not take those oaths seriously.

They are unsuitable for ANY office in ANY system of justice because they have no moral compass and no sense of justice.

In short? Women who DEMAND that they are protected from the truth due to the mental retardation to the level of 5 year old girls should simply go back to the “safe space” of the kitchen and make their man a sammich. They should let their man, who IS able to handle the truth go out in to the “hostile world” of FASCIST BOOK and read those comments that the women are mentally incapable of handling.

The very fact that a woman demanded that my post be removed is one more piece of evidence that women have a severe case of mental retardation to the level of 5 year old girls.

And the fact that OTHER WOMEN tolerate such demands and do not denounce such women indicates that they are quite happy with this situation.

Until OTHER WOMEN DEMAND that women are NOT ALLOWED to violate the right to freedom of speech of men by mere LIES the OTHER WOMEN must be painted with the same brush.

This is one more disgusting and disgraceful example of how the mental retardation of women is pandered to.

Western women are spoiled little brats. Just like so many 5 year old girls who never grew up.

And all us men know it.

Only the manginas pretend that women are otherwise.


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