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pru_goward_01Pru Goward is the long term politician in Australia who was recently appointed to a new position called “Minister for Women” in the federal government. And the look on her photo might just be the mood she is in today.

You see, since coming in to this office Pru Goward has done nothing but spew out man hatred and blame men for all “domestic violence” like there is some difference between “domestic violence” and just plain “violence”.

I have been on Pru Gowards facebook since she was appointed to this position. And as a federal member she has been well informed of the crimes against me.

So on her facebook yesterday she posted this piece of man hatred.

I saw it come up right away and I was the first commenter.


The level of man hatred could not be more clear.

This was my reply.


Well. Overnight all hell has broken loose on Pru Gowards facebook. Here are samples of comments.


Well if all THAT is not an indictment of Pru Goward I do not know what is. But it is also an indictment of ALL of the politicians in Australia because they have ALL supported this sexist crap and they have ALL supported women criminally vicitmising men in the family law courts.

Now, after all this I replied. My reply does not fit on one screen image so I will cut and paste the text and you will just have to take my work I posted this to Pru Gowards facebook.


So. Pru Goward.
You can see from the comments to your man hated that even some Australian WOMEN are fed up to the teeth with your endless man hatred.
I will remind you that you are a criminal who has colluded and conspired to commit crimes against me and against my fellow men.
You have been informed many times over of the crimes committed against me in particular and men in general.
For anyone who questions whether you have been informed they can go to this link.
I can assure you, Pru Goward, on my oath, that your case will be presented to a jury of 12 honest men of honour and integrity to determine your innocence or guilt and to determine the remedy you will be offered to compensate me for the crimes you have committed against me via conspiracy.
I remind you that your female colleague, Marise Payne, has refused to pay my unemployment benefit for a period of nearly 4 years while I have been criminally persecuted by 4 national governments.
This is despite the fact I paid in more than AUD1 million in to “social welfare” and in my highest taxed year I paid AUD96,000 in income taxes alone.
Here is the proof of her crime.
How DARE a female refuse to pay me my unemployment benefit when I have paid in so much money that has gone to single mothers.
I have stood firm for EIGHT YEARS against the criminal persecution of my ex wife, Jennifer Toal, with the full complicity of FOUR NATIONAL GOVERNMENTS including the criminals in the Australian and Irish Governments.
As you can see from the comments. The jig is up. Not even WOMEN want this WAR AGAINST MEN to continue any more because women are seeing a record number of women being killed by men in Australia this year.
Women are seeing men kill women in MUCH more violent ways as was the case with Stephanie Scott in Leeton.
And these killings of women will INCREASE and become MORE VIOLENT over time for the very reason every single woman in both houses of parliament condones, conspires, and supports the criminal abuse of men by women in ORDER to create strife between men and women so as to divide and conquere.
Everyone KNOWS that it has been GOVERNMENT POLICY to demonise men to create a WAR AGAINST MEN so that women are excused their crimes.
And that GOVERNMENT POLICY was deliberate and has now resulted in the deaths of many tens of thousands of Australian men and is resulting in the deaths of women more frequently…it even caused the deaths of many children.
You have blood on your hands Pru Goward. And no amount of moralising will remove it.
You will be prosecuted to the FULL EXTENT OF THE LAW and the 12 honest men of honour and integrity will decide what is to be done with your property.
Your career is over Pru Goward.
You and all your fellow criminals in government will be prosecuted. And if you try to run and hide we will hunt you down to the ends of the earth.
And yes…the Committee of 300 has given me indications that they will not protect their low level minions like you because I am now no longer opposing them.
They have “cut you loose” Pru Goward. You are “on your own”.
Now…take a look at the comments on your page again and tell me if you think you should continue to preach your man hatred or whether you think you should own up to your crimes and TAKE YOUR PUNISHMENT LIKE A MAN?


Well. Gentlemen. The tide is turning. Please make sure this post goes viral.

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  1. Now. Pru Goward.

    Now I have your attention.

    As a woman who has been in politics a long time?

    You might want to converse with Julie Bishop MP about my criminal victimisation by the Irish, UK and German governments.


    And you might like to ask Julie Bishop MP to talk to her colleague ANGELA MERKEL about how she has supported me being UNLAWFULLY jailed for 19 days and how she is not following the Geneva Conventions for claims of Political Asylum.

    And you migth want to talk to Marise Payne and insist that she now take seriously my claim for a refund of my income taxes to the amount of the current unemployment benefit from the date of April 15th 2012.

    Since I am unemployed due to the criminal victimisation of both the Irish and German governments I am sure that my more than AUD 1 MILLION paid in to the “social welfare system” more than covers me for my unemployment benefit while I fight my cases to be compensated by the Irish and German governments for their crimes. Hmm? Otherwise WHY would men pay in to a system where we are not given money when we NEED it?

    And you can go check my income tax records and see that in 99/00 I paid in AUD96,000 in income tax alone even while the sole income earner for a family of 6. My TFN is well known to Marise Payne.

    Here is the link.


    You talk about “violence against women” endlessly.

    And yet you women in Politics desgrace yourselves every day of the week by being willing to OPENLY AND PUBLICLY WOMEN CRIMINALLY VICTIMISING MEN.

    And then you “complain” that “women are victims” when men use the ONLY remedy available to them, violence.

    When men ASK FOR HELP FOR AS LONG AS EIGHT YEARS they are denied this help. Even if they as as many as 30,000 women!

    They are told that instead of getting the HELP THEY NEED that they are “mentally ill” and need “psychological help” because if a man thinks that he should have the protection of the law and women should be held accountable for their crimes they must be MENTALLY ILL.

    And all this has played out on your facebook and been copied to manbook so that everyone who wants to read about you can. You have no chance of censoring manbook like your women friends censor facebook and twatter.

    How about it Pru Goward?

    Are you going to be the FIRST female politician to take a step in the direction of REDUCING THE JUSTIFICATION OF MEN USING VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN by getting your own peers in your own government to DO THE JOBS THEY ARE PAID TO DO?


  2. “Kim Maie With your responses, which are quite violent and threatening, one can clearly see you need serious help; and not the help you describe above, psychological help. The majority of fathers or males in general would not support your ‘war’ as you describe above. Violence is never the answer.”

    Oh… “Violence is never the answer”

    That would be why the NSW Police are told to use MASSIVE FORCE and the ELEMENT OF SURPRISE to assault men in their own homes when women make false allegations of “I am fearful of a man”.

    Funny how violence is the answer when it is a man who is the victim. Talk about sexist man hatred.

    “With your responses, which are quite violent and threatening, ”

    Oh. So you women like sending police in to our homes to ASSAULT US, and KIDNAP US, and INCARCERATE US unlawfully with NO DUE PROCESS and NOT EVEN AN ACCUSATION OF A CRIME but you do not like us being “violent or threatening”.

    Fair enough. You know what you can do with your opinion, right?

    “one can clearly see you need serious help; and not the help you describe above, psychological help. ”

    Oh. So when a man is CRIMINALLY VICTIMISED he does not need the help of the community to hold the criminal accountable for her crimes so as to have no need to resort to violence.

    THAT sort of help he does NOT NEED.

    But if, after EIGHT YEARS OF CRIMINAL PERSECUTION HE DOES NOT GAIN A PATH TO JUSTICE WHAT HE NEEDS IS “PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP”….because, you know, he should ACCEPT the crimes committed against him.

    Well, you know what you can do with THAT opinion too.

    “The majority of fathers or males in general would not support your ‘war’ as you describe above.”

    Correct. The majority of men are pussies who condone the crimes of women against men.

    We do not need to be the MAJORITY to secure the rights of men. All REAL MEN need to do is kill enough women so that these pussified men decide that they have to make remedy for the crimes of their women for fear the men they victimise will kill their women.

    Here. Let me introduce you to Andreas Lubitz.

    Andreas Lubitz faced 28 years of criminal persecution by the German family law courts. So he flew a plane in to the side of a mountain killing 149 other people as well as himself.

    Was he in the “majority”?

    No. Most men would not fly a plane in to a mountain as a political statement. Which is exactly what Andreas Lubitz did.

    Still. 149 people are dead.

    Andreas Lubitz did a GREAT THING. He committed a very brave act of war to bring attention to the criminal victimisation of men.

    And even after he did this his message was ignored. He was written off as “crazy”.

    Well? Writing Andreas Lubitiz off as “crazy” all but guarantees another man will fly another plane in to another mountain and kill another 150 or so people.

    And men will keep killing people until their issues are taken seriously. That is how men address issues when their issues are not taken seriously. They kill people.

    Here. Let me introduce you to Geoff Hunt. A 4th Generation Farmer from my region Wagga Wagga.

    Geoff killed his wife and three children because he knew his life was about to be destroyed in the family law courts.

    My comments on the The Daily Advertiser were censored.

    Everyone pretends that Geoff Hunt “just went crazy one day and killed his wife and children”.

    No. I have friends who knew Geoff Hunt. And they tell me his wife had threatened him with a divorce which he knew would destroy his life.

    The Wagga Wagga Police have covered up evidence of her threatened divorce and the imminent destruction of Geoff Hunts life.

    Is Geoff Hunt in the “majority”? No. He is not. Only a very small minority of men will kill their wife and children because his life is about to be destroyed CRIMINALLY in the family law courts.

    Still. A woman, three children, and a man a dead.

    Who needs a majority?

    Not me.

    The very fact you say “The majority of fathers or males in general would not support your ‘war’ as you describe above” demonstrates how you women think.

    You think as long as you can get people to agree to your crimes then your crimes are ok.

    Well I have news for you and it is all bad.

    A crime is a crime no matter HOW MANY PEOPLE think that the man should just “suck it up”.


    I will tell you again because you are obviously very stupid and do not appreciate the gravity of what I am saying.

    I have claimed into existence a state of war on the lands known as Australia and Ireland.

    I am saying this in the public, in my own name, on the facebook of the “Minister for Women” so as to ensure there is NO PLAUSIBLE DENIABILITY of “we never heard about this” from your politicians.

    As part of this claim I have enumerated the enemy combatants.

    Among them are the vast majority of adult women in Australia. Not all of them. Muslim women and Original women are excluded. Women who are mentally impaired are excluded.

    We will release ANY MAN who commits an act of WAR during this period from any POW situation. We have men under oath to do this so you can be sure it will happen….

    You women have two choices.

    1. Fight to the death in an effort to subjugate men.

    2. Unconditionally surrender.

    What you do is up to you. But I can assure you. The Andreas Lubitzs of the world and the Geoff Hunts of the world will keep killing men, women and children until their issues are attended to.

    And I like the way how you dismissed EIGHT YEARS OF ASKING FOR HELP. That shows everyone here just how evil you are.

    Now. I have made myself clear.

    I am sure Pru Goward wishes to converse with her fellow politicians like Julie Bishop MP and Marise Payne and begin the process of ceasing and desisting the crimes being committed against me so as to be able to present evidence of such as they plead for mercy from a jury of 12 honest men of honour and integrity.

    All the actions that Pru Goward, Julie Bishop MP and Marise Payne take will be entered in to evidence before the jury of 12 honest men of honour and integrity to take in to consideration when passing judgement as to the remedy these women will be offered.

    Their continued criminal actions over long periods of time demonstrates their evil and how they think they can get away with their crimes. And this will be taken in to account by the jury of 12 honest men of honour and integrity.

    Now….I have made myself clear….in the public…in my own name….and my comments are copied to manbook so there is no point trying to censor me.

  3. Notice how asking for help is completely brushed over.

    This is the facebook of this man hater. I wonder if the photo is actually her and if the boy is hers.

    Kim Maie With your responses, which are quite violent and threatening, one can clearly see you need serious help; and not the help you describe above, psychological help. The majority of fathers or males in general would not support your ‘war’ as you describe above. Violence is never the answer.

  4. More comments.

    Kim Maie You are a danger to yourself and everyone around you Peter, I really do hope you get some help
    Like · 1 hr

    Peter Andrew Nolan “Kim Maie You are a danger to yourself and everyone around you Peter, I really do hope you get some help”

    As I said Kim Maie.


    And I was refused.

    So now you have a WAR on your hands.

    Like · 56 mins

    Kim Maie What help did you ask for?
    Like · 30 mins

    Peter Andrew Nolan “Kim Maie What help did you ask for?”

    I asked for the help of stopping my ex from kidnapping and abusing my children.

    I asked for the help of holding my ex accountable for her crimes of perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft and child abuse.

    I asked for the help to hold criminals in the family courts accountable for their crimes.

    I asked for the help to hold criminals in the Irish Government accountable for their crimes.

    I asked for the help to create new courts and new juries to hold these criminals in politics and courts accountable for their crimes.

    I asked for the help to buy food and pay rent because after exposing criminals in government I was viciously attacked and persecuted by no less than 4 national governments.

    I asked for the help of buying my book to be able to buy food and pay my rent while I stood up for the rights of MEN AND BOYS.

    I asked for the help of putting links to my materials all over the web to raise awareness of the crimes men were suffering in the family law courts.

    I asked for women to volunteer to sit on all womens juries in all womens courts to hold women criminals accountable for their crimes on an equal before the law basis to men with no possibility of “oppression of the partriarchy” accusations.

    I have ASKED for help for EIGHT YEARS Kim.


    I have asked more than ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND MEN FOR HELP.

    Since these people WILL NOT HELP ME I have claimed into existence a state of war on the lands known as Australia and Ireland.

    We will prosecute this WAR with all force and violence we see fit.

    We will release any POW at the cessation of hostilities.

    We will keep waging this war until you women are conquered and subjugated.

    You are now in the position where your choices are.



    Because I swear to you on my oath I will NEVER SURRENDER.

    And there are a LOT of men who feel just like me which is why they have killed a record number of women in Australia this year.

    So let me tell you again…in my own name…in the public…on the facebook of the “Minister for women”.

    Any man who kills an enumerated enemy combatant in this war who is taken POW will be released at the cessation of hostilities.

    ANY MAN.


    You women can PUBLICLY unconditionally surrender and then PUBLICLY offer to HELP ME or you can FIGHT TO THE DEATH.

    You would not answer questions.

    You would not respond.

    Now you have made your bed.

    WAR it is.

  5. Juanita Belz.

    Well Juanita.


    So stop your bellyaching about YOUR SON and DO AS I TELL YOU TO DO, eh?

    For a start.

    My mother in law is named Irene Toal.

    Her address is 23 Fernleigh Road, Turvey Park Wagga Wagga.
    Her phone number is 02 69 25 40 41.

    Her daughter, Jennifer Toal, has committed crimes against men ENDLESSLY.

    I ASKED you women to call Irene Toal and to DEMAND AN EXPLANATION why a 70 year old woman would support her daughter commit endless crimes.

    You women REFUSED to even make a PHONE CALL in defense of a man. NOT EVEN A PHONE CALL.

    You women said

    “Your marriage problems are nothing to do with me”.

    Marriage problems?

    Perjury, kidnapping, extortion, theft, child abuse are NOT MARRIAGE PROBLEMS.


    And I asked more than 10,000 Australian women to HELP ME!!!

    You women SAID NO.

    So do not belly ache to me you man haters!!!

    I will give you an even BETTER example.

    One of my aunts. JEAN BELL also of Wagga Wagga was having dinner with my father, John Thomas Nolan also of Wagga Wagga and I one night.

    She was relating the story of her son, Shane Bell, my cousin who is the same age as me, about his horror divorce.

    She said “I dont understand how women get away with this”


    I said to her.

    “You want to know how it came to be like this? I will tell you how it came to be like this. You women are nothing but a bunch of bloody liars and hypocrites. THAT is how it came to be like this.

    You bloody women claimed you wanted a fair go. You claimed you wanted equality. Just give us a chance and we will show you what we can do you said.


    And then what, exactly, did you do? You commit perjury. You break your marriage vows. You steal our children. You steal our houses. You ruin our hard won businesses. You tell lies about us to our children.

    Then, when we “complain” about what is happening you SPEW HATRED AT US and support the criminal women.

    And you have done this FOR DECADES.

    Since the older women. Women JUST LIKE YOU, sat back and SAID NOTHING all these years the YOUNG WOMEN think they can do whatever they please and make the man pay despite the fact the man has done nothing wrong and does not deserve to be so badly treated.

    You want to know why YOUR SON is getting screwed over? It is because YOU and WOMEN LIKE YOU said NOTHING these last THIRTY YEARS.

    And ME? I am trying to stop this and I am HATED ON by women JUST LIKE YOU and JUST LIKE YOUR DAUGHTERS for standing up for MY RIGHTS AND FOR YOUR SONS RIGHTS.

    I just stood in a court and video recorded a man commit the crime of pretending to be a magistrate. I just stood in a court and heard PERJURY AND LIES SPEWED OUT ABOUT ME.

    WHERE THE F*** WAS IRENE TOAL, EH? (Note my aunt and Irene Toal are the same age and know each other)



    You want to know why YOUR SON is crying to you on the phone over his lost child?



    And if you are unlucky? You face the prospect of YOUR SON killing himself. After all? What does he have to live for now his society has told him, YOU HAVE TOLD HIM, that he has no right to be the father he has wanted to be ALL HIS LIFE.

    That will come as a big shock to him. He’s a more sensitive man than I am and I damn near killed myself two years ago!!”

    My father was at the table and after I finished said

    “Don’t’ you dare speak to your aunt like that again”

    So I turned around and said in a very hostile tone.

    “She claimed equality. She said she wanted to be treated as an equal. She said she wanted her daughters to be treated like equals and have the same chances as a man.

    She is an adult. So I will speak to her however the hell I like and you will say nothing about that ever again to me.

    Did I just make myself clear to you?”


    You want to know WHY you women are having your sons criminally victimised?


    Now…Like I said.

    Irene Toals phone number is 02 69 25 40 41.

    If you women are not MAN ENOUGH to pick up the phone and DEMAND from Irene Toal that her daughter and her son cease and desist their crimes against me AND make remedy for their crimes?


    I think I have made myself very, very clear to you women.

    Just in case Pru tries to censor me? I will copy this comment to manbook.


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