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This is the letter.

Dearest Peter,

As you know I came to the forum to have a breakthrough in my relationship
with you. As people have gotten up to speak I have seen aspects of my way of
being reflected in their stories. As I listened the possibility has dawned
on me that while I have complained of being bullied by you I have actually
been the bully. I have been so stubborn as to make our marriage unworkable.
I have resisted nearly everything you suggested, all to show you that you
are not the boss of me. I guess after all these years and divorce on the
table it should be pretty clear to both of us that that’s the case.

The possibility I have invented for myself and my life is the possibility of
head over heels love, passionate, compassionate, generous and unstoppable. I
have also taken on the possibility of abundance. Years ago you asked me to
create a relationship and invite you to be enrolled in it. Last night I
finally did that. I don’t blame you for being cynical about that invitation.
A less persistant man would have divorced me years ago.

You are the Samson that holds up the roof of the wortld over me and our
family. I have been Delialh pretending to love you while undermining your
strength. I am so sorry for that. I realise that for us to have the
relationship of my possibility I will have to give up making you wrong. I am
committed to having this possibility in my life. I will have head-over-heels
love with someone and you are my first choice.

I know you feel the relationship with our children is secondary and I have
always made you wrong for that. I want our relationship to be complete
freeing you to be a father to them. Will you be their father? No amount of
mother love can compensate them for the loss of you. I am also standing in
the possibility of our children attending the teen forum. I see how I have
enrolled them in my stories about you to their detriment. I want them to
have the loving relationship with you I know is possible.

Now I have created a possibility for my life do you think it is one I might
enroll you in? I invite you to share a life with me more wonderful than we
could ever have apart.

My offer to you is nothing less than myself, utterly, totally and

With all my love Jenni


Link to Post about the remedy.

Link to 19 for 19 where you can pay me AUD19 if you think my spending 19 days in jail defending YOUR RIGHTS is worth AUD19 to you.


The lies and hypocrisy that women have been putting forward are collapsing.

Do NOT let these women off the hook or they will be the same again in the next generation.

Best Regards

Peter Andrew Nolan
aka Joschua Brandon Boehm


  1. woman are simple creature’s of deceit and lie what makes you think giving them power in court or other places will make it grow no it won’t what it will do is destroy that place inside out they lack physical strength but they compensate in social group/connections/allies/networks
    it would be stupid to say that woman are not equal.
    tell you a little story that woman can lie for 30 years and leave you to the cleaners like she met you yesterday they developed emotional connection/resistance and can stab you in the back while you sleep and said “he was raping me so i killed him by accident” and it will be dismissed by court if there were no forensic to check the crime scene. go check in history things as always been like this

  2. My ex said she wanted to get back together sand “pool our resources”. Like we did last time I thought… I do all the work and earn all the money and she swans around with her divorcee clique and spends it… so I declined. Then she went and spread allegations of sexual perversion and rape just out of malice cuz I hadn’t given in to her.
    p.s. Sorry if it’s confusing, but transgender is not a sexual orientation, and if she really thought I was what she said… then she would not have first asked me to take her back, would she?!


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