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Winston_Smith_4Hello World! I am Winston Smith! That rather famous fictional character so vividly brought to life by the incomparable John Hurt in the movie of the same name.

Although it is nearly 70 years since the book was published and mankind was well and truly warned, there can be no mistaking we are living in 1984 today.

Of course, the first thing everyone will say is “who are you” and “if you do not tell us who you are then we will ignore you” and “if you do not tell us who you are then you are a coward” and all that other nonsense.

I answer all those questions, all those lies, and all that shaming language with this comment.

Joschua has been brave enough to stand up in the full view of the public and speak the truth for some 6 years now. His crazy ex brother in law, Michael Toal, doxxed him in late 2010.

Joschua had been speaking in the name of Globalman for some years before being doxxed. As per usual the doxxing was the result of Joschua trusting a woman. I am pretty sure he will not be so stupid again.

I do not see people talking about how “brave” Joschua is for standing up in the full view of the public and speaking the truth.

Quite the opposite in fact.

Having presented himself as a target it is rather clear that thousands and thousands of people have been quite willing to use him for target practice.

As we all know, he was even assaulted in his own home and unlawfully jailed on the orders of Angela Merkel.

So all those who would like me to tell you who I am?

It is clear that you only wish me to do that so that you can attack me and ruin my life as you have endeavoured so strenuously to ruin the life of Joschua.

When men like Joschua are respected, thanked, appreciated, and most importantly, compensated for their injury, harm and loss, others like my good self might be a little more inclined to say who we are in public.

Until then?

I shall remain anonymous.

You can complain about that all you like.

I shall merely mention that you have shown no great appreciation of the sacrifice of Joschua these last 9 years.


What is my purpose in being here?

I shall write about that which is of interest to me.

I shall argue the support of Joschua as I believe that such great men should be supported.

I rather agree with a very good deal of what he has said and written over the years.

I know a lot of other men agree too.

I talk to a lot of men.

Many are of like mind.

Most fear for their jobs should they speak their mind.

That women have men in fear of their jobs for speaking their mind shall be a rather pyrrhic victory in my estimation. It is quite difficult to oppress men though lies and manipulation when those men will not speak to you other than in platitudes and will not trust you no matter what you say.

Women have, for so long, made up lies to go and tell the “authorities” to initiate violence and force in the form of the state against many tens of millions of men.

These women, all the while, claiming…

“violence is never the answer”

…these women are doing…

“Mr. Police Officer, can you please assault my ex husband, cuff him, kidnap him, transport him and throw him in jail for me? He has committed the heinous crime of not giving me enough of his money faster enough!”

That rather sounds like the violation of the non aggression principle to me.

What does that sound like to you?

And how many tens of millions of women have laughed at hapless men being forced to pay child support for children that are not theirs?

How many tens of millions of women have laughed at hapless men being forced to pay alimony and child support to these “strong and independent” women.

I rather think that as the backlash gathers pace women are going to tell many, many lies about how they are “not like that” and how they “really love men”.

All those false claims, all those lies, all that effort to avoid the tsunami of righteous anger that is going to wash across the western world is not going to help women one little bit.

The old saying “you made your bed, now you must sleep in it” comes to mind.

So, gentlemen, that is my introduction.

That is my purpose.

And if you want to comment below please do so.

Or catch me on winston.smith@manbook.biz and on my twitter @1984WS03.

And if you too wish to become a “Winston Smith”?

Just grab a twitter handle with another 2 digit number at the end.

After all?

It is 2016, according to Canadas biggest mangina.

I rather think that men men are coming to the realisation that they too are “Winston Smith”.

Let us all be “Winston Smith”!

Let us all be MGTOWs of one style or another.

For if we are not men going our own way?

We must surely be a blue pill mangina going some womans way.


God Bless Gentlemen.

See you in the next article!




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