The Odd Case of The Insane Michael Toal


Winston-SmithHi All, Winston here.

In my blog post today I wanted to talk about the odd case of the insane Michael Toal.

This guy is a certified nutter.

Let me just put some links in for you to start with if you would like to check him out.

Michael Toal Criminal on CAF

Michael Toal Continues his slander campaign against Joschua

Michael Toal Public Service Announcement #1

Michael Toal – Complete Nutter

Michael Toal – Complete Nutter Part 2

Michael Toal Posting as John Doorsal

Michael Toal – Open Letter to His Employers

Yep. The guy is THAT big of a nutter.

For some reason he thinks I am Joschua. It is just what nutters do.

Someone agrees with someone a nutter hates then the some one who agrees with the person they hate must be the same person. It is what you would expect.

But this case is a bit more interesting.

You see. Michael Toal is ex ASIO. That is the Australian CIA.

Joschua tells me that Michael went to Somalia when the civil war was on as a photographer and was mentally damaged from what he saw. Joschua tells me he was always a fragile sort of character, and now we know why. Because he raped his little sister, Susan, and he was always severely messed up about it. Apparently, according to Susan, both her father, Bill Toal, and Michael, raped her has a teen girl.

Now this is where it gets to be an interesting story.

Michael Toal, as is his father, is a marksman. An excellent shot. Bill and Michael used to win all the shooting competitions around the Wagga area Joschua tells me.

After his mental collapse from Somalia, which was kept secret apparently, Michael Toal was recruited by ASIO, because crazies are who ASIO likes to recruit apparently, and they gave him an under cover job to training snipers for western countries armed services.

The cover story was that he was just a photographer for the Australian Armed Services Magazine. But what he was really doing was teaching snipers how to kill innocent men, women and children for the criminals in western governments.

Anyway, Joschua blew his cover so he could not do that job any more.

But it seems once with ASIO always with ASIO.

Because in 2012 Joschua released a statement that Susan Toal had claimed, in 1989, that her father raped her has a teen girl. She made this claim to her sister, Jennifer Toal, who was either engaged or married to Joschua at that time. I am not sure of the timing but since Jennifer and Joschua had been together for 5 years at the time it is safe to say that if Susan confessed to her older sister her father had raped her as a girl then she would ask her fiancee/husband for advice.

This is the link that Joshua put up at the time.

Lawful Notices to Wagga Police Regarding the Rape of Susan Toal By Bill Toal

On that page you can also find links to Catherine Burns post where Catherine Burn suppresses this information from her facebook to protect an accused rapist.

Catherine Burn Protects an Accused Rapist – Bill Toal

Catherine Burns – Rape Apologist – This is her Facebook

Joschua also had a go at Troy Grant and put up this post about Troy Grant.

Troy Grant – Rape Apologist – Joschuas post about Troy Grant

Now with all that evidence, here is where it got interesting.

After Joschua publicly said that Susan Toal claimed her father raped her as a teen girl another woman who went to school with Joschua came forward and told Joschua that Susan had told her Michael Toal also raped her as a teen girl.

She had discounted the story as fanciful because Susan had been in to drungs and alcohol at the time she made these claims. Susan had lived what could only be called a “car crash” life in the late 80s and 90s.

One does wonder if that was a result of being raped by her father and brother. It makes sense, right?

So Joshua then makes public this second accusation which means that Susan Toal has been claiming that she was raped as a teen girl since 1989 and no one has taken her seriously.

One does wonder why Catherine Burn, a woman, a feminist, and the Deputy Commissioner of New South Wales Police, will not investigate what is now a credible rape allegation from a woman who Joschua says is about 50 now.

Joschua tells me that the reason Catherine Burn has decided to be a rape apologist, even as a woman, even as a feminist, and even as the Deputy Commissioner of NSW Police is that Michael Toal has immunity from prosecution because he is so crazy and he knows so many secrets of the Australian Government commissioning murders by snipers trained by Michael Toal that letting one womans multiple rapes as a teen girl is a small price to pay.

That sounds like a very sound theory.

With my intimate understanding of how governments really work, after all, I am the lead character in 1984, the theory Joshua puts forward as to why Troy Grant will not touch Michael Toal makes complete sense.

For those of you who want it. Troy Grants Twitter Page.

So I thought I would do all those “Social Justice Warriors” out there a great big favour.

Bill Toals contact details are as follows.

Bill Toal
23 Fernleigh Rd
Turvey Park
Wagga Wagga
NSW 2650
Phone. +61 – 2 – 69 25 40 41

The man is accused of raping his teenage daughter and even though that daughter is now 50 she refuses to sign an affidavit either confirming or denying her claims which I think means Bill Toal did rape her.

You have Catherine Burn, a woman, a feminist, the Deputy Commissioner of New South Wales Police, refusing to investigate the matter. I am sure a few of you SJWs want to ask her why.

Catherine Burns – Rape Apologist – This is her facebook ladies

You have Troy Grant, who knows full well Michael Toal is as nutty as a fruit cake and has in his head state secrets about government commissioned assassinations, so Troy Grant is scared for his life that if he prosecutes Michael Toal that Michael Toal will “spill the beans”, as it were, and so Troy Grant is also a rape apologist.

For you SJWs out there? Here is his twitter feed.

Troy Grant – Rape Apologist – Twitter Feed



No one knows who I am.

Joschua has been so kind as to give me an email address which is

Joschua set up a twitter account for me using a phone number that can never be traced to me.

I know that I am 100% protected by an honest man of honour and integrity.

A man who has taught me much about life.

A man I owe a debt I can not repay.

So I will make a few posts and run a twitter account and do my little bit to help Joschua gain his path to justice.

I would personally prefer to see his ex wife Jennifer prosecuted in the full view of the public for the crimes she committed. I think that would be the best result. I do not wish some man to take matters in to his own hands and dispense summary justice as a favour to Joschua but I can see that this is now a very likely outcome.

Perhaps, by creating this post and passing it around, some of these SJWs who have been so willing to attack “rape apologists” in the past where not rape apologists might actually like to attack rape apologists who are rape apologists and who hold the positions of “Minister for Justice” and “Deputy Commissioner for New South Wales Police” where they can actually suppress rape investigations on behalf of ASIO.

That is my little gift to our friends the Social Justice Warriors today.

Have fun ladies!

Winston Smith.




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