Gad Saad Fans The Flames Of AntiSemitism by Protecting Criminal Jews


a01_Gad_Saad_11So, today was an interesting day.

I happen to follow some guy called Gad Saad as he seemed like a reasonable person.

Not sure how I got to follow him, I am new to this twitter thing so I guess someone RTd him and I hit follow. I am following lots of people I have never heard of.

Anyway. Someone put up the following post and Gad Saad comments on it and then I commented on that.

Here are the images. First the post. Then Gads comment and my comment together.

I will apologise up front for poor screen captures or poor formatting and writing. This is far from my normal experience and Joschua is helping me out with my posts as best he has time for.




After this exchange there were a whole lot more exchanges.

Lots of people jumping on board with things like there is never any justification for anti-Semitism stated as enthusiastically as women say there is never any justification for hitting a woman.

One person seemed to say “Gad Saad is not Jewish”. (Note: What was actually said is below. He said Gad was a Jewish Atheist.)

Well Gad disagrees with you on this tweet.



So I would guess I am on very safe ground to say that Gad Saad is Jewish. After all, he says so himself and I would take him at his word on that point. So I guess the person who claimed Gad Saad was not jewish was either lying or stupid. In Wikipedia he is marked as Jewish by birth.

Here are some other posts from Gad Saad on his twitter.







So Gad Saad has nothing but “love for all people” and says “the truth is on the side of those who fight for liberty & freedom for all peaceful and decent people”.

Apparently people who are not “peaceful” do not have truth on their side. That will be interesting as we go through this because Israelis are not peaceful people. They are mostly Jews who have an army that they fund that all tax payers pay in to. So there is no way the Jewish people of Israel could be called “peaceful” by any stretch of the imagination. So I guess they do not need the truth on their side.

So lets look at some other things Gad Saad has to say.


Now, the lead up to this, as you can see, is that I pointed out there is good reason antisemitism exists and one of those reasons is Alan Shatter.

You can read about him on this link.

Alan Shatter openly and publicly criminally victimised Joschua and did all he could from the high position of “Minister for Justice and Equality” in Ireland to ruin Joschuas life. The crimes of Alan Shatter are widely published and Joschua got him fired from his job and ended his political career be demonstrating that he fanned the flames of antisemitism.

His successor, the politically correct catholic woman, Frances Fitzgerald, was made deputy prime minister after the subsequent election so it is fair to say that Alan Shatter was being groomed as a possible future prime minister and that Joschua got him fired.

Not a bad scalp that.

My argument to Gad Saad was that if Jews do not prosecute criminal Jews then that provides justification for antisemitism. Namely, a Jew, like Alan Shatter, publicly and from the high office of “Minister For Justice”, criminally victimising a goy, in the full view of the Jewish community, and then other Jews remaining silent, is justification for antisemitism.

And it is not just about Jews.

I argue that any tribe or “in group” that knows that one of its members has committed a crime against someone in an “out group”, that then goes on to protect its in group member rather than remedy the crime to the victims satisfaction or the satisfaction of the in group. Such groups can hardly complain when the victims of those crimes start to blame the WHOLE GROUP for protecting the criminal and starts hating the WHOLE GROUP who are giving protection to their known criminal member.

After all? I do not ever recall a Jew telling me that “Not All Nazis were like that”.

I hear Jews telling me: “All Nazis condoned the holocaust of Jews because even those who did not kill Jews directly did nothing to stop the other Nazis from doing so”.

If you are like me? You have heard Jews condemn ALL Nazis, even the good Nazis.

It was quite interesting to me that a man like Gad Saad, who I do not know at all, but whose time line says he seems to present himself as something of a thinker and a writer, immediately went for the dismissive approach rather than inquire as to the nature of the claim of the crimes of Alan Shatter.

If someone of the very high public profile of Alan Shatter, being a representative of the Jewish Community, is accused of a crime while in office, wouldn’t a man who presents himself as Gad Saad does want to know what the accusation was?

I would.

I would ask two question.

  1. Of what is this man accused?

2. What evidence has been presented to the public?

But Gad Saad was not interested in the accusation or the evidence.

Some more tweets.


Seems perfectly reasonable to me. If Jews commit crimes the first people who should hold them accountable for their crimes are their fellow Jews. To protect the criminal and shout “antisemitism” at the victims of the crimes is going to fan the flames of antisemitism. I would have thought most 5 year olds could follow that argument.

Not Gad Saad apparently.

Which immediately makes me question his motives.

Some more tweets from what seems to be a troll.


So this is what I was meaning when some one said Gad Saad was not Jewish. This person is claiming Jewish both a race and a religion. This persons claim was that Gad Saad is an atheist. Gad Saad disagrees. As pointed out Gad Saad says: “I’m a Jew”.

And that is good enough for me.


Now. We all know that Karl Marx was a Jew by birth and that later in life he loudly professed to have renounced his Jewish religion while being funded by the Rothchilds to create the Communist Manifesto.

We all know that the vast majority of Bolshevick communists who murdered an estimated 70 million people (mostly men) in Russia were Jews and that they loudly proclaimed they were not Jewish.

My comment was that most Jews who deny their religion are lying.

And we could start with the very high profile cases of Karl Marx and the Bolshevicks.

Gad Saads next comment is interesting. Read this.



Now. I say the truth. Which Gad Saad claims is on the side of peaceful and decent people, that Karl Marx denied his religion falsely as did many of the Bolshevik Jews who were responsible for the murder of about 70 million russians.

And I point out that Jews are very good liars, just like women, and they are.

Where does Gad Saad go with this?

That’s right, he goes right to “Jew Hater” and the block button.

Who else does this?

Who else exhibits this behaviour?

That would be women, of course, the same other group I named as very good liars.

Now remember.

Gad Saad does not know me from Adam. He has just above said:

“I have nothing but love for all people”


“the truth is on the side of those who fight for liberty & freedom for all peaceful and decent people”

And now he tells a lie and invokes hatred, calls me a “vile execrable creature” and blocks.

How about that?

Does that sound like “I have nothing but love for all people” to you?

Or does “vile execrable creature” sound much more like his attitude to goys and does “I have nothing but love for all people”  sound much more like the lie?

And remember. He is protecting a Jew who committed crimes against a goy while he is saying this. Does it sound more likely to you that Gad Saad is a Jewish Supremacist who holds goys in contempt or that he just loves us goys so much  that he will protect one of his own Jewish pals having committed crimes against a goy.

Make up you own mind if you are smart enough to do so.

Well I guess, as a man who supports those who are not peaceful, the very violent Jews of Israel, he does not need the truth on his side.

Now remember.

All I have argued at this point in time is that given that Alan Shatter is a criminal and has committed crimes in the full view of the public and that Jews are protecting him and refusing to make him stand trial and remedy his crimes, those actions are fanning the flames of antisemitism and justifiably so.

I mean, to me, the argument is so simple it barely needs repeating. But let me repeat it anyway.

If one of your in group commits a crime, and you know the crime has been committed, and you close ranks against the victim of your group members crime and the whole group protects the criminal, then that fans the flames of hatred of the WHOLE GROUP by the victim of the crime and by those who are observing the whole situation.

I do not know how to say it any simpler than that.

So, apparently suggesting that Gad Saad have something to say about a criminal Jew, when Gad Saad says in his own words “I’m a Jew” is “Jew Hatred”.

Or, perhaps he does not like the comment, again true, that Jews are very good liars. Perhaps that is what he is calling “Jew Hatred”.

In any case. Gad Saad is a man I can now confidently say, fans the flames of antisemitism.


Because when he was presented with the case of a very high profile Jew who openly committed crimes in the high office of “Minister for Justice and Equality of Ireland” he attacked the messenger as a “Jew Hater” even though he has no idea who I am.




And, of course, just like women do, Gad Saad ran away like a little girl.



It is amazing to me that someone who calls himself “The GadFather” with the implications of such, is so cowardly that he runs away like a little girl from the first man who asks him if he is willing to work toward the prosecution of a very high profile criminal Jew.

I think it is fairly easy to see where Gad Saads loyalties lay. And it is not with the Goy.

So. I think I can say, without any shadow of a doubt in my mind, Gad Saad is fanning the flames of antisemitism because as a self proclaimed Jew he is willing to protect a criminal Jew who committed crimes while in the high office of “Minister for Justice and Equality” in Ireland.

I can say, without any shadow of a doubt in my mind, that Jews are fanning the flames of antisemitism and that antisemitism against them is absolutely justified because when a very high profile member of their in group commits a crime other high profile members of their in group will actually attack the messenger, tell lies about him, and block him, just like women do.

And such high profile members of their community will do this rather than inquire in to the nature of the accusation, the evidence at hand, and consider a process that might secure a path to justice for the victim of the crime should the evidence at hand be sufficient to indicate a crime was, indeed, committed by one of their Jewish in Group.

Jews, just like women, are very fast to falsely call people “jew haters” like women call men “women haters”.

Jews, just like women, are very fast on the block button when they do not have an argument.

Jews, just like women, are fanning the flames of antisemitism, like women are fanning the flames of misogyny, by openly and publicly condoning the crimes of their in group.

Anyway. That is enough for me.

Germany plays Italy tonight in the Euros and I am going to get my dinner and get ready to watch the big game.

I wish you all a great day!


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