The Video You Tube Does Not Want You To See


Banned-by-YoutubeHi Guys,

Over the last few days a video I posted to Mens Business Association Education Channel of Vladimir Putin speaking at the World Economic Forum in St. Petersberg on June 17th 2016 went viral.

It had more than 280,000 views in the last 7 days or so.

This was a video of Vladimir Putin talking in public in a public forum where he actually says “I do not know how to get across to you people any more”.

Clearly Putin is saying he wants people in the west to hear his words.

Here is the image of the copy right strike.

You Tube Copyright Claim


Since the ONLY person who might have an argument about the video being copyrighted and his words being copyrighted is Vladimir Putin himself I went looking for the person who made the copyright claim.

The notice mentions “Inessa S”.

So I searched on you tube and I found her easily. The link is below.

The Woman Who Took Down My Video

As is typical this false copy right claim was made by a woman.

No surprises there.

Now, what is the LATEST VIDEO this woman has on her channel?

Oh, that’s right. It is a video from RT where Vladimir Putin is giving an interview.

Here is a current picture of her channel.

And then when you go back just a few days what do we find?

Oh, that’s right. We find a video from RT loaded of an interview with Vladimir Putin.

Here is the pic of that video.

Notice that as of the time of the pic she got 123,000 views.

That is 123,000 views RT did not get for this video. Hmmm?




The Interview with Vladimir Putin is being done by an RT interviewer in an RT studio.

Obviously RT owns the copyright of that interview.

And this woman has purloined 123,000 views from RT for herself and her channel.

Hypocrite much?

So here we have a #NastyWoman who goes around making copyright strikes against videos of global importance presenting the opinions of Vladimir Putin in a public forum in the public, while at the very same time this #NastyWoman is publishing OBVIOUSLY COPYRIGHTED MATERIALS TO HER CHANNEL!

What is in her “About”?

“Traditionally, a changing world order has been accompanied by either a large global conflict or a series of regional conflicts. Similarly, we are living through a time in which a unipolar world is reluctantly transforming into something new.

One tool at the disposal of political elites is the manipulation of the media.

This channel is geared at providing accurate translations of primary sources that are unlikely to air in Western mainstream media.

This can hopefully counter incorrect perceptions of Russia’s foreign policy.

I am not connected to the Kremlin, FSB, RT, Batman, Captain Planet, or other sources of influence.

I have a laptop and access to the internet, that’s it folks.

Thanks for joining me here, and if you relate to what I’m trying to do, join me on Patreon, a troll-free zone. Inessa S”

The obvious and key point is “join me on Patreon”.

So this woman takes copyrighted content and publishes it getting 123,000 views in 6 days…ON OBVIOUSLY COPYRIGHTED CONTENT.

While at the same time she goes around making copyright strikes on OBVIOUSLY NOT COPYRIGHTED CONTENT BEING A SPEECH OF GLOBAL IMPORTANCE.



That’s why.

This woman is trying to MAKE MONEY FOR HERSELF based on the increase in global tensions and the possibility of war.

And if you want to see what such a #NastyWoman looks like?


It is  truly sad that women have chosen to become such #NastyWomen.

Of course, anyone who feels like dropping by Inessa S’s channel and pointing out her blatant hypocrisy is welcome to do so.

Men Going Their Own Way will change the world.

Keep up the good work MGTOWs!


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