Ross Goulter – Man hater Who Condones Womens Crimes Against Men



This is what a man hater looks like


So Ross Goulter thinks women should be able to commit perjury and destroy the lives of men in the divorce courts. I wonder what the lad in front of him thinks of the idea that Ross Goulter considers him a sub human animal, less than a dog, unworthy of the protection of the law.

You can link to his facebook page here:

Here are some of his comments towards me.


Ross Goulter Peter Nolan , legend in his own mind.It is clear to me they made the right choice in taking your kids away.
Glad your ex stripped you of everything.
Ross GoulterRespect Peter is not going on a rant before you know who you are talking to.
Jackson Blacky last comment is how to respnd in an honourablle way and is respectful. I just dont have the patience anymore to mollycoddle.
Respect is offered by others and NOT claimed. Hopefully you will acquire that skill one day.
Ross Goulter pure comedy, haven’t laughed so hard at an ignorant tosser in a long time.
If you only knew how the family courts work you would have beaten them a long time ago. I only can have pity for a real dickhead like yourself.
Ross GoulterYou left out the word rapacious ….. What you and others think of me is none of my business . You really need to find a pet rock to crawl under you self appraising legend in your own mind fool. But you are a source of comedy for me.

As you can see. The man is perfectly happy that I have been subjected to many years of criminal vicitmisation.

I wonder if he is so happy about the Boree Creek Murder suicide that happened not 30 miles from where I grew up where another man was about to be subjected to the same crimes Ross Goulter condones.

Or maybe he is really happy about the Stephanie Scott murder in Leeton which is not 100 kms from where I grew up.

Men killed a record number of women in Australia in 2015. The count was 93 I believe.

And men like Ross Goulter are largely to blame for slandering those few men of us brave enough to stand up against criminal women and say they should be held equal before the law.

When the lad in this picture grows up and reads this post? He will know for himself what an arsehole Ross Goulter really is.


Update: 2016-12-14
So Ross Goulter is trying to tell more lies and do more name calling.

Check this out.


Ross Goulter I found this on you Peter, you are a bigger comedian then I first thought

Peter Nolan the Synagogue of Satan
Peter Andrew Nolan (Joshua Boehm) NAZI Jew Aggressor that plays the victim so well
Awesome summary of butt hurt Nolan getting his fat arse thrown in jail in Germany.

Loopy Pete was rightfully jailed in Germany in February 2015. He claims he was a “political prisoner” but, no, he broke the law! Eventually the Loopster fled Germany for a new hide out in Fiji because the Krauts were looking to bang him up again and deport him to Australia, where he faces more jail time.

Ross GoulterYou Peter Nolan are a coward .REAL NAME (Joshua Boehm) hiding behind another name. You need to crawl back under your rock.
goodbye loser.
Ross Goulter This is the pathetic loser who makes accusations about others and hides behind Ali-arsers such as Peter Nolan

Update 2016-12-14

Ross GoulterBahaaaa. For you to hate women so much and to be around other men so much can only mean one thing.
Best you go back on your medication as well.
I know you will deny being off your medication because that what happens when you become delusional…. Both of you might disagree bhaaahaaa, toooo funny.
Like · Reply · 1 · 15 hrs · Edited
Ross GoulterYou are in denial Peter Nolan. I don’t see any sensible men following you, (maybe some from the blue oyster bar).
Did you take your Valium and your psych suppressants.
You just know you need them.
Oh your “man” book might be of interest only to the odd sycophantic lickspittles that are off their medication as well.
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