Facebook Censorship Jumps the Shark


So everyone knows that women can not tolerate criticism, especially when it is true.

And when you combine that with Mark Fascistberg and his harem of harpies led by Sheryl Sandberg whose husband was only too happy to die to get away from her, you start to see just how weak and pathetic women are when they can’t even stand the remotest valid criticism.

This comment got me a 30 day ban on my business facebook.

Yes…you read that right…a 30 day ban for this comment.


And if you do not believe me…here is the notice of the ban.


Of course, on facebook I have had women slander me and call for my murder. But apparently that’s ok because…vagina…or something.

This is just one more example of how women are weak, pathetic creatures who are forever running to men to tell lies to get their way.

It’s just disgusting and the very fact that women are not protesting in my favour tells all young men that they should go MGTOW and leave these women to Muslim men who will teach them some manners.




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