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z01_manbook_header_01Calling all DADS!

Back in 2011 I set up Crimes Against Fathers as a global web site to help fathers everywhere gain their path to justice.

It was successful beyond my wildest dreams in coverage and number of page views over the years.

As part of the success of the site it has been heavily attacked and I have shut down registrations on the site simply because too many false registrations were taking up my time.

Also, somewhat disappointingly, men were not willing to help out more on the site.

The last thing about it was that the forum software that I used was not really further developed. I had expected and hoped it would be further developed but it hasn’t been.

As a result of all that I am just letting the site sit there as a legacy site because there is a ton of information on it that is valuable, not least of which is denouncing a lot of women who are man haters.

Get Response offers me a MUCH greater level of security and flexibility in maintaining email addresses of Dads and it is MUCH easier for me to send out an email to Dads. Also, because there is a two step registration process that is already provided by Get Response it does not take me time to manage the email list. It gets managed as part of my account.

So, if you want to be on our Crimes Against Fathers email list? Just pop your best email address in the form below and confirm the follow up email. Ok?


As a bonus you will get regular free videos with tips on how to be more successful in life.

I know a lot of Dads are beaten down by divorce courts, as I once was, but there is life after divorce. I live a life I love and I am very happy to be a Man Going My Own Way rather than the slave for a “wife and kids”.

You may have a different opinion.

If you would like  to get your own Get Response account to keep your own email lists you can get a free 30 day trial when you click here.

Best Regards

Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)



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