Independent Man Kisses Up to Women and Name Calls a Better Man Like a 5 Year Old Girl


So this Australian You Tuber calling himself Independent Man praises the man hating, hypocritical, lying bitch known as Bettina Arndt for her key note speech at the International Mens Conference in the Gold Coast Australia last week. A woman who has steadfastly refused to publish the fact that the Australian Family Law Courts are criminal in nature since 2009.

So I ping him with this comment. Look at his answer. This weak, pathetic, pussy beggar calls me a “dickhead” while praising a man hater.

What a loser.


So I thought I would do a video response to him and all #MGTOW s so that MGTOWs can see what losers MRAs really are. Who would call themselves an MRA when they have women speaking for them. How pathetic.

This is the original video I am responding to.


This is the original post I wrote about Bettina Arndt.

This is the original email I wrote to her quoted on the video

You might want to click through for the details guys.

Have a great day guys!

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