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Hi Bill,
I thought I would do a post response to about your NRA show “Respect for Law Enforcement”.

I reject “respect from Law Enforcement” totally, completely, and utterly.

ALL police in the western world are criminals and they KNOW they are criminals. And in this post I am going to prove exactly that.

You are welcome to read this post and read the links. You are welcome to ignore me. Whatever you choose to do I, for one, will celebrate every time some good and decent man kills a cop and I will celebrate double if that cop happens to be a woman cop.

Why take such a controversial position?

Well, in my life I have been assaulted in my own home twice. Guess who by…cops.

In 1997 I was assaulted in my own home in Sydney by two cops invited in to my home by my wife based on a lie. I was very severely injured. I was told, by the station chief and by my lawyer, that the cops were under ORDERS to use the element of surprise and MASSIVE FORCE to arrest me no matter what the found when they got there.

This was claimed to be written in to the legislation. Well? When I asked for a copy of that legislation in 2007 from my Family Law Lawyer Justin Dowd, and I had paid him AUD500 to “research” to “find” the piece of legislation under which 22,000 violent criminal assaults are committed by police in New South Wales Australia every year? What did Justin Dowd say? He asked me what I was going to do with the copy of the legislation he claimed to have in his possession. I told him I would put it on my web site. So he said he would not give me a copy of the legislation that is used to justify 22,000 violent assaults against men every year in NSW.

So I told him that since I had PAID HIM AUD500 to “research” and “find” this legislation for me then he needed to refund my AUD500. And he did.

So let me summarise. In New South Wales Australia the cops will come in to a mans home, take him by surprise, usually one cop talking to him while the other cop circles around behind him. The cop who circles around behind him will attack and violently assault the man from behind with no warning. And the two cops will then join to together and violently assault the man, usually severely injuring him in the process, and it is claimed that this legislation ALLOWS THIS.

And if you doubt my word on this Bill? Here is a link to the Minster for Police in NSW Australia who was a cop for 20+ years. I have asked him for a copy of this legislation and his response was to block me.

So let me get this very straight for you Bill. The Minister for the Police in New South Wales, my home state, is responsible for 22,000 violent assaults by cops of men in their homes each year and claims there is legislation in place to allow these violent criminal assaults to happen….and when asked for a copy of that legislation blocks the man asking.

Let THAT sink in.

Ok? Got that?


Lets move on.

I really recommend you go and read this link.

On this link you will see me in a divorce court in Sydney Australia on 2009-11-26. On the video, to my left rear, you will see two Australian Federal Police Officers. These are equivalent to the FBI in the US.

So, from your point of view, you can consider that at my divorce court meeting there were two “FBI” agents sitting behind me.

I talked to the agents before my court meeting and in the recess. I told them that David Dunkley was committing the crime of Impersonating A Public Officer, namely a magistrate, and I told them I was going to prove it by asking David if he was serving under his oath and what was that oath.

Both officers agreed that if David did not respond to that question he was committing the crime of Impersonating A Public Officer.

When I put that question to David Dunkley, twice, at the end of our meeting the to “Federal Officers” fled the scene of the crime.



Because they knew they just witnessed a crime and they knew I had their faces on video witnessing the crime and they knew I was going to ask them to arrest David Dunkley and take him before a REAL MAGISTRATE to issue an arrest warrant and restraing order for the period that David could be put on trial for his crime.

And these two feds were scared little girls and they ran away.

David Dunkley, for his part, went on to steal my house by “awarding” 95% of my assets to my ex absent any paternity test.

Now, this video and this evidence has been posted to the facebook page of EVERY POLICE STATION IN NEW SOUTH WALES!!


Here is the Lawful Notice posted to every single facebook page for every single police station in NSW.

If you look at the forum you will see that notice has had 17,000 views since it was posted in 2011. And yet there is not ONE police officer out of nearly 20,000 in New South Wales who will come forward and say

“Hey, Peter caught a man on video committing the crime of Impersonating A Public Officer it is OUR JOB to make sure this man has the protection of the law.”


I really recommend you go and you read that notice Bill. And remember that every senior police officer in New South Wales has a copy of it.

Oh. And I will tell you the Deputy Commissioner of Police in New South Wales, a woman, Catherine Burn, has ordered her officers to refuse to investigate the rape allegation of my ex sister in law, Suzanne Toal, by her father, Bill Toal, and her brother Michael Toal, under the orders of the Australian Security and Intelligence Organisation.

Thats right, a woman, a feminist, and the highest ranking female police officer in New South Wales, has ordered her staff NOT to ask questions of a woman who claims she was raped many times as a teenage girl by her father and brother in order to keep criminally vicitmising me and paiting me out as the villain.

Oh…you would like MORE?


In Ireland the story is the same. I was criminally victimised and ALL the senior police in Ireland and every member of parliament is fully aware of the crimes I have suffered. I was the man who got the Minister for Justice and Equality in Ireland, Alan Shatter, fired from his job and thrown under the bus.

Here is a link about that.

And here is the link for the notice to all Irish Police Officer that you can read.

And mind you, I have been slandered in the national press in Ireland as a “terrorist” so it can hardly be said that the Irish Police are not aware of who I am. They just have to read the front page of their newspaper on that day. Indeed, I have consistently invited senior police officers in Ireland to correspond with me.

Alan Shatter, while Minister for Justice and Equality, corresponded with me and made the claim that there was no process by which a judge who commits a crime in his court could be prosecuted and that it was NOT HIS JOB to make sure criminal judges were prosecuted.

Funny how Ireland achieved independence in 1921 and simply “forgot” to create any oversight process for judges such that criminal judges could be prosecuted. Just an accident. Could not have possibly been deliberate, right?

I have been criminally vicitmised in Ireland, for 10 years, in the full view of the public and ALL POLICE OFFICERS and not ONE of them has stood up and said “Hey, I took an oath to protect the people who live on the land of Ireland and I will live up to that oath in Peter Nolans case.”

Not one. Have you ever seen such unanimous opinion from any group Bill?


Oh…lets have another one as if Australia and Ireland are not enough.

In Germany I claimed Political Asylum after the High Court of Ireland issued arrest warrants for the senior staff of You Tube Ireland, as a threat, if they did not take down my videos proving the criminality of the Irish Divorce courts.

Yes. You read that correctly. The High Court of Ireland issued arrest warrants as threats to innocent third parties at You Tube if they would not remove proof of crimes in the Irish Divorce Courts from You Tube.

Obviously, that was proof that if I went back to Ireland I would very likely be arrested. Right?

So in Germany I did a court meeting in April 2012 to work towards Sanctuary at the time and Political Asylum a little later. Because the German government would not respond to my letters I overstayed an automatic 90 day visa by 10 days to force a court meeting.

At that meeting I asked more than 10 times if there was any evidence I was subject to the legislation of the Federal Republic of Germany. No evidence was presented. There were FOUR COPS in the audience who all saw me ask for that evidence and saw that no evidence was forthcoming. Those FOUR ARMED COPS saw the judge say

“I do not need evidence that you are subject to this legislation, you are subject to this legislation because I say so!”

The nazis did not go away, eh?

FOUR COPS saw a judge attempt to say “This legislation applies to you because I say so” rather than judge evidence being presented to him. And you support COPS!?!?!

In 2014, because I knew Angela Merkel was preparing to act on a plan to destabalise germany using muslims, FOUR COPS barged in to my home in Germany and assaulted me, and kidnapped me and transported me and unlawfully jailed me in a shitty little cell. I was held in the cell for 23 hours a day. Just one hour to walk outside per day. I was not even given clean cloths to wear for 8 days and I had been kidnapped wearing just my gym gear….shorts, T shirt, socks….as I had just got back from the gym, hot and sweaty, when I was kidnapped.

I was denied any phone call. I was denied speaking to the jail priest. I was denied writing paper and pen. I was denied envelopes and stamps. I was even denied the hire of a TV and had to sit in my cell 24 hours a day for the first 8 days as the weather was too cold to go out in when I only had shorts and a T shirt!


Oh, and my cell mates were 3 muslim guys, one in for murder, who were chain smokers but lets not worry about that ok? And one jailer was such an asshole he even wanted me to mop the floor of my cell because there were “dirty muslims” in my cell. So I mopped my cell floor with job and pride and mocked him when I finished!

Oh. And if you think no one knows about this? I put this post on the facebook page of Angela Merkel and THOUSANDS of Germans have read this page.

Angela Merkels staff actually had the IP address blocked in to Germany and so I moved the site and then posted to her page again to tell people that she had her people block the post to hide her crimes.

So I was assaulted in my own home in Germany by FOUR ARMED POLICE OFFICERS, based on a false guilty that FOUR ARMED POLICE OFFICERS WITNESSED AS A FAULT GUILTY VERDICT, and I was locked in a tiny shitty little cell that I had to live in for 8 days because I was not provided clean warm cloths and when I was provided clean warm cloths I was allowed out of my cage for just 1 hour a day to walk around in circles in a small square.



Now. I will tell you one more little story before I finish.

When I was 19, I am 53 now, I was at the university bar and got really drunk. The nazi government had introduced drink driving legislation a few months back but most cops did not have any equipment to test drivers yet. So I drove my motor bike home. I drove very slowly and carefully so as to not draw the attention of any traffic cop for the very reason I was drunk.

I pulled in to my driveway. I parked my motorbike in the garage at the end of a lengthy driveway. I collected my kit from the back of the bike which was on a rack with tie downs. I removed my helmet and gloves. And THEN a police car pulled up in my driveway. A good 30 seconds after I turned in to my driveway.

He asked me to come over and so I did. He accused me of speeding. Since I was drunk, and now acting sober, I told him I was not speeding, and in any case, the was too far behind me to get any accurate reading of my speed so we were done here.

He said he was going to give me a speeding ticket.

I told him he was welcome to give me a speeding ticket and I would take it to court because he was lying and he knew he was lying.

He wrote out the ticket and I told him I would be seeing him in court because he was a liar who was just trying to make his ticket quota from honest men.

When I went to the court meeting we were both put under oath and the magistrate asked me for my story. I told him that I was not speeding and that there was about a 30 second gap between my arrival to my drive way and the police officers arrival and since there are a number of bends in the road I was on it was not possible that the officer had the chance to take a speed reading as he claimed.

The magistrate asked the officer for his testimony under oath. The cop claimed that he had followed my by 30 meters for 300 meters which is what was needed for a “valid speed reading” in Australia at the time.

The magistrate asked me what I thought of the cops testimony. I said the cop was committing perjury, and that the cop knew he was committing perjury. I pointed out that perjury is a very severe crime and that a cop feels like he can commit perjury over a speeding ticket was a very worrying thing.

The magistrate said words to the effect, well, he says you were speeding, do you have any witnesses for your story. I told the magistrate that I obviously did not have witnesses as the cop had chosen a single man on a motorcyle to make his money from today knowing I had no witnesses. I also pointed out that the cop had no other witness and since I was innocent until proven guilty and it was merely his word against my word no guilty verdict could be rendered because there was not sufficient evidence that I was speeding, for the very reason I was not speeding.

The magistrate said words to the effect, when it is a question of an officers word against a civilians word he will take the officers word.

I replied that is not lawful as the burder of proof for any crime is on the man who makes the accusation and not the man who is accused and since the man making the accusation has no greater evidence than the man denying the accusation it was simply not possible to find a guilty verdict.

The magistrate said pretty much, be that as is may I am going to find you guilty and uphold the find and issue court costs against you too.

So I replied with words to the effect. Ok, I see how this works, your cops go around making false allegations of crimes, they are prepared to back them up in a court by committing the further crime of perjury, and you magistrates are going to take the word of liars and criminals, also known as cops, over the word of an honest man.

Do I have that right?

The magistrate said that he had no evidence the cop was committing the crime of perjury.

And I said to him yes you do. You have my word, under oath, that this man is committing the crime of perjury. Maybe if a few other decent men like me come in here telling you the same thing you might just believe us instead of this criminal.

I finished with…Look sir, I know you know this man is lying. I know you know this man is committing perjury. And now, at the age of 19, I know you know that I know you are all criminals in this so called legal system. And I will treat you all as such for the remainder of my life. Ok?

The magistrate said I was free to hold that opinion.

Now here is the kicker Bill. I was 19 back then. Before I left Australia, in 2001, just in the normal course of going about my business I would have talked to more than ONE HUNDRED COPS and recited that story. I always end it with something like:

“I know you cops are such a bunch of criminals that you KNOW other cops make false allegations and then you walk in to a court and commit perjury to try and make the false allegation stick.

And if you cops are willing to protect a cop who commits perjury to make something as little as speeding ticket stick? What else are you willing to commit perjury over to make a false allegation stick and protect a cop at the cost an innocent man goes to jail? Hm?

And look me in the eye and tell me you don’t know that cops make false allegations, from speeding tickets on up, and then sit in courts committing perjury to make that false allegation stick. Go ahead. Look me in the eye and tell me you do not know that goes on.”

And you know what Bill? More than ONE HUNDRED COPS have looked me in the eye and they couldn’t do it. They could not deny they KNOW cops make false allegations and make those allegations stick with perjury.

And when they admit it to me, and they ALL admitted it to me, I follow up with.

“That you KNOW this happens and you do not speak up about it makes you just as guilty as the cop who commits perjury and you know that. You are no better than the cop who committed perjury to give me a lousy speeding ticket to make his quota for the day and you know it. I feel so sorry for any sons you might ever have to get a father like you.”

Ouch eh?

So Bill. You can cut the crap of “About 1% of police officers are corrupt”. In the west, every single last police officer is corrupt because they KNOW about the crimes other cops commit and they lie to protect those criminal cops rather than prosecute them.


And that is why I say, today, in the west, the only good cop is a dead cop. Period.

I have been openly and publicly criminally victimised for TEN YEARS and not one single cop is speaking out.

The ONLY people who have EVER assaulted me as an adult have been cops.

The ONLY people who have EVER deprived me of my freedom have been cops.

So screw you and your little propaganda broadcast Bill.

I like you and I like what you have to say most of the time.

But screw you and your propaganda piece supporting these scrum bag criminals.

And do I need to even mention that ALL COPS condone and support the perjury of women in divorce courts to steal the children and houses of men?


Now. If you read my posts and see that I am telling the truth and you want to discuss these issues with me, maybe even publicise how cops are criminals and how I have been criminally vicitmised for TEN YEARS IN THE FULL VIEW OF COPS WHO DO NOTHING?

I am and peternolan9 on skype.

I would be happy to do an interview with you because I respect you and agree with a great deal you say.

Even so, when you run a propaganda piece painting police officers as some how “good” when every single last one of them in the west is a criminal I am going to criticise you for that in the public.

I am sure you agree with my right to do that.

And, knowing you from your videos, I think you would be interested to learn that the police officers themselves, when asked in the private and looking them directly in the eye, do admit they know full well they are criminals protecting other criminals much more than they are good and decent people protecting the average man.


For those who want to watch the show I am referring to? This is the show I am responding to.




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