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I have decided to do this video and blog post as a script. I was thinking of just doing it as notes, but after some consideration I decided a script would be better. Now, as per usual I might go off script a little, but by having a script and reviewing it a few times I will be sure that I cover all the points I want to cover and no important point is left out.

This post is an open and public letter to the young man who is my former son, Joshua John Nolan.

These are the two facebook links of interest to the audience of this video. You Tube just happens to be a useful place to publish this letter.

This letter will also be published on

It is also an open and public letter to young men, 18 to 30, for them to listen to and learn from and, perhaps, take action on should they so choose.

It is an important open letter for both those constituencies and so I felt that it was right and proper to commit it to writing and think about it before publishing it.

For those of you who do not know I touch type and so I can put together such letters much faster than someone who can not touch type. I learned to touch type 30 years ago when I joined IBM.

Now. On with the letter.



Open Letter to Joshua John Nolan.

For the Attention of Joshua John Nolan.

Joshua John Nolan. You are now 24 years of age.

In November 2007, 10 years ago, your mother made the choice to commit the crime of perjury on her affidavits and to lie about me. These affidavits are on the following link.

You were an eye witness to these crimes as was Josephine and Jarrod.

(For the audience. That is Josephine Marguerite Nolan and Jarrod Stephen Robinson.)

To date you have chosen to condone and support these crimes. This open letter is to open up a discussion on your choice to date and the choices of those around you.

Firstly, I wish to deal with the choice that Jarrod made. If you doubt my word you can call Jarrod and confirm directly with him if what I say here is true. (For the audience, 10 years ago Jarrod was 24, the same age as Joshua is now. They were born 10 years apart.)

When Jennifer committed perjury and attacked me in the Irish Divorce courts I said to Jarrod the following.

“Do not aid or abet your mother in any way. If you do so you will have a problem with me. Do you understand me?”

Jarrod confirmed that he understood that if he aided his mother in any way commit crimes against me he would have a problem with me.

As it happened, I placed a key logger on our home PC on 2007/08/11. Jennifer used her Hotmail account that evening and I picked up her password.

I had access to Jennifers Hotmail email account from 2007/08/12 through to February 2008 when she changed her password. You might like to mention to your mother that I have pretty much ALL her emails for that period that shows she knew she was committing perjury.

You can tell your mother I have the emails where she emotionally manipulated Kristen to come to Dublin for Christmas so she could pump Kristen for money while refusing to withdraw money she lawfully owned from the mortgage of the house.


You can tell your mother I have ALL those emails and on this 10th anniversary of your mother sticking by her guns in the perjury she committed, and sticking by her guns with Michael Toal slandering me criminally all over the web.

I am considering whether I should release those emails wikileaks style on Manbook.

I have a very large number of very incriminating emails from Jennifer during that period. As you well know I have already released the proof your mother was a prostitute by choice and Jennifers seems non-plussed that this proof was published.

You might want to ask your mother if she wants every single email I picked up off her Hotmail account between 2007/08/11 and February 2008 published on Manbook to show all people just exactly what she is really like.

On the event of your 19th Birthday and Josephine’s 21st birthday I sent you a book that detailed the crimes of your mother for your information. You had, then, the opportunity to speak up in public as to the crimes your mother committed.

You chose not to.

Now, by watching Jennifers emails back and forth I was able to see the email in which Kristen told Jennifer that she had transferred money in to Jarrods Irish Bank Account and that Jennifer could go and collect that money. I saw that email the day it happened. I was opening and watching Jennifers email multiple times a day in case she received an email and deleted it.

(For the audience that is Kristen Maree Robinson.)

This money that Kristen sent via Jarrods bank account was being used to pay a lawyer to commit the crime of perjury against me.

This money, provided to your mother, by your sister Kristen, and facilitated by your brother Jarrod, was directly used to commit the crime of extortion against me and directly led to my choice to dis-own you.

If you want to know who were the people who cost you your relationship with me, you should start by looking at your mother, your brother, and your sister. You can also look to your Aunts, your Uncles, and your Grand Parents on both sides.

These are the people whom you should hold responsible for my choice of disowning you.

These people hate you so much they made the conscious decision to criminally victimize me to the point of suicide in an effort to extort money from me.

They will lie to you and tell you they care about you.

They don’t.


And they hate you so much they have stood by their decision to commit crimes against me for 10 years.

Now. When I was in Wagga in February and March 2008 my father invited Jarrod to dinner. At this point in time I knew Jarrod had betrayed me and had allowed his bank account to be used to transfer money to be used to pay lawyers to attack me criminally.

Jarrod was, obviously, not aware that I knew that he had done this.

At that dinner Jarrod was all polite and friendly towards me. As we had our cups of coffee at the end of dinner I asked Jarrod if there was anything he wished to tell me.

I gave him every opportunity to confess that he had betrayed me.

He said no, there was nothing in particular that he wished to tell me.

So I said:

“Do you remember me saying to you that if you aided or abetted your mother in any way to commit a crime against me that you would have a problem with me?”

Jarrod said:


I said:

“I know you allowed your bank account to be used to transfer money from Kristen to your mother to be used by lawyers to attack me in the courts.”

He was very shocked and he asked:

“How do you know about that?”

I said:

“It does not matter how I know about that. What matters is that you aided and abetted my enemy commit crimes against me, and now you have a problem with me, personally.”

Jarrod just hung his head.

He knew he had been fairly and properly warned.

He knew he had betrayed me, the man who saved his life, the man who raised him.

He knew I had done everything in my power to protect him from his bad mother and to help him in life.

He knew his mother had been a bad mother to him, especially the time she chose to put him on Ritalin as a teen boy over my very strongly expressed objections.

Jarrod’s time on Ritalin proved pivotal in his life, for the worse, and Jennifer was the sole person responsible for the decision of drugging her teen age son.

What Jarrod needed at the time was a good kick in the pants and plenty of sports and exercise, not mind altering drugs in his young and growing body. But your mother poisoned her own son with mind altering drugs over my very strenuous objections.

Jennifer does not love Jarrod.

She never did.

No mother who loved her son would allow Ritalin to be put in to his growing body.


And even though Jarrod knew I had done all these things for him, literally, saved his life. He chose, in full knowledge of the consequences, to betray me and to aid and abet his bad mother, a mother who even poisoned him as a teen and cost him his academic chances in life, commit crimes against me.

I have waited 10 years to see if Jarrod would step up to being a man and denounce his mother and his Uncle Michael for the crimes they have both committed against me these last 10 years.

Jarrod has failed miserably.

He is not a man.

He is a mangina.

A pussy.

A cuck.

A white knight who would champion the crimes of his mother, the very woman who fed him mind altering drugs as a teenager because she was too lazy to properly parent him.

And he championed that woman, who drugged him, against the man who said “no, do not give that boy drugs”, against the man who saved his life when he had cancer.

THAT is how poor Jarrod’s judgement is when choosing his friends and his enemies.

Jarrod is a “pathetic weasel” of an overgrown boy.

A “mummies boy”.

He will NEVER be a man.

His chance to be a man has passed.

Jarrod will, forever, be a mummies boy.

Loyal to the mother who abused him.

Jarrod will never take his place next to real men like Frank Trainor.

Jarrod will always be a gutless mongrel who was too cowardly to stand up and tell the truth.

And he will have to live with that his whole life.

Jennifer raised a pathetic, gutless, little coward in that one.

Hoping to house train him in to being an obedient little lapdog for her in her old age.

Jarrod is too much of a “mummies boy” to be willing to stand on his own two legs, instead begging and pleading for his mothers approval even to the extent of supporting her crimes.

“Please mummy, if I just help you criminally abuse the man who saved my life would you please show me some mummy love? Will you pat me on the head mummy?”

Just pathetic.

Jarrod is now 34 years of age.

I know he knows that lying and stealing is wrong because I taught him those things were wrong as a small boy.

Jarrod knew he had betrayed me in that instant.

I could see it in his eyes.

The initial cost to Jarrod of aiding and abetting his criminal mothers commit crimes against me was for me to disown him as my step son and to never address him again.

His betrayal cost him his relationship with me.

That he has continued his betrayal of me for 10 years while his uncle and his mother have publicly criminally vicitmised me and enlisted the support of 4 governments to criminally victimize me?

Jarrod is walking very close to the line of making himself my enemy.

He is yet to make a statement on his position.

I have not declared him my enemy, yet.

But that may be about to change.

One of the things I will hereby suggest you do Joshua John Nolan is this. I suggest you take this video, this blog post, or however you find this, and you give a copy to Jarrod and you pass along this message from me.

“Peter says that if you do not stand up on your own two legs prior to December 31st 2017 and make a video entering in to the public your eye witness testimony of the crimes your mother committed and load it here to you tube in to the public, you will be his enemy.

Peter says that he has given you 10 years grace to make your decision as to whether you are a man or a mouse.

Peter says you are clearly a mouse.

And now Peter says it is time for you to make your choice.

Will you choose to be his enemy?

Or will you choose to testify and speak the truth?

Because you will never be his friend or his ally.”

Since Jarrod has no social media platform I can not get one of my subscribers to leave that message for him.

Joshua John Nolan, as a lad of 24 years, I will presume you will take on the responsibility of delivering that message to Jarrod. Jarrod is entitled to know that there is a very significant decision point coming up in his young life, that being whether he wishes to have me as his enemy. Not merely as his former step-father who has disowned him.

I have not lifted a finger against Jarrod for his crime and for his betrayal.

That will not continue.

There is nowhere he can run and hide from me.

So it is better that he makes his decision as to whether he wishes to be my enemy informed of the deadline rather than ignorant of it and default to becoming my enemy by ignorance.

Although, I would have to say, that he can barely claim ignorance of becoming my enemy given his actions towards me and his support of the crimes of his sister and his Uncle.

So, Joshua John Nolan, I recommend you make sure you pass that message along to Jarrod so that he can make his choice as to whether he wishes to be my enemy. Ok?

Now, the reason I have talked about Jarrod to you is this.

Jarrod did not just betray me.

He betrayed you.

When your mother was committing crimes to damage your prospects in life Jarrod supported her crimes.

When your mother was committing crimes to remove your father from your life Jarrod supported her crimes.

When your mother destroyed my income earning ability, income that would have gone to you to help you through your later school years and help you through university, Jarrod supported her crimes.

When your mother stole the home you were born in to and sold it at a terrible price, a quarter of what it is worth now, never for you to have the benefit of your family home again, Jarrod supported her crimes.

When your mother was slandering me and lying about me in order to incite the criminal abuse of 4 governments against me, Jarrod was supporting her crimes.

When your mother made sure that I would not be paid my unemployment benefit having paid more than a million dollars in taxes in Australia, in an attempt to further impoverish me and perhaps drive me to suicide, Jarrod was supporting her crimes.

When your mother made sure I did not get my Irish citizenship by her perjury, a citizenship you got solely because I worked my arse off to secure enough money to pay for the family for 7 years in Ireland, Jarrod supported her crimes.

When your mother made sure I did not get a mandatory permanent residency visa in Ireland under current EU legislation so as to further attempt to impoverish me and drive me back towards suicide, Jarrod supported her crimes.


I see from your facebook you are working for a two bit “Social Media Marketing” company called “Bright Spark Consulting” as an “intern” at 24 years of age.

When I was your age I was already working for IBM and implementing Billing Systems all over Asia. When I was 25 I was the youngest System Architect in IBM Australia working on a USD4 million project as the Systems Architect.

“Social Media Marketing” as in intern?  This is all you have been able to achieve?

What do you think is the reason you are at a two bit “Social Media Marketing” outfit with some dumb feminist broad as the owner?

Making what? What are you making there? Are they even paying you?

And what does “intern” mean at “Bright Spark Consulting”? Hm?

What are your career opportunities there?

Where do you think you will be in 10 years time?

Driving forklifts like Jarrod is because his mother fed him Ritalin and damaged his brain and his opportunities?


When your brother, Jarrod, decided that he would support his mothers crimes, he did not just betray me.


Jarrod chose to, with full knowledge, help your mother remove your father from your life.

Jarrod chose to, with full knowledge, help your mother destroy my income earning ability.

Did your mother ever tell you what I was earning the year before divorce?

Did your mother ever tell you why she jumped off and attacked me?

Here. Let me tell you.

In the year before I divorced your mother I made EUR225,000 gross. It is in the court documents that are public. I made my first large sale of my software. At one point in the year that Jarrod had cancer I worked 47 days straight and some of those days were 36 hours long. Where I would work straight through for 36 hours and then get some sleep and do it all again.

Jennifer knew full well just how hard and how long I worked to earn that EUR225,000 and she knew full well that there was future income in the software I had written.

Your mother thought that she could get 100% of the proceeds of your home by selling it. In the end she got 95% of the proceeds of the home you were brought home to from the hospital, the home you grew up in, by selling it.

She sold your home for her own greed to get 95% of the assets that took me 25 years to accumulate.

How much of that stolen money did you ever see for your education? Hm?

Not much I would wager.

Your mother also expected the courts to steal from me large amounts of my future income and large amounts of my software income. If you bother to read the court documents you will see that she asked for even MORE than 95% of assets based on the possible future income I might have from software.

Your mother was so greedy and so selfish that not even 100% of assets was enough for her.

And did your mother ever tell you that she was banging “Mr. Plan B” who lived nearby and that one of the reasons she attacked me in the Irish Divorce courts was to marry “Mr. Plan B” and put him on the hook for more money? Only it appears “Mr. Plan B” came to his senses when he saw how Jennifer treated the man who saved her sons life from cancer.

Now, here is something else Jarrod knew at the time he betrayed YOU that you did not know.

I chose to divorce Jennifer in 2002 due to her endless abuse of me. Jennifer knew full well she was extremely abusive of me and chose to do that anyway. In April 2002, I had told Jennifer that at the end of 2002 I would be returning to Australia, divorcing her, and setting up my own place for you and I to live in.

I proposed to Jennifer, in April 2002, that we would divorce and Josephine was welcome to go with her and you were to come with me such that I could undo some of the damage your mother had been doing to you.

In September 2002 we had dinner with a new Australian family at the school. They informed us that it was now possible for Australian citizens to gain dual citizenship.

Jennifers begging changed from “please do not divorce me” to “think of the benefits of Irish citizenship to the children”.

So even when there was a world wide global recession after 911 and it was tough to get jobs in my sector, I worked my arse off to earn money to provide for you and Josephine and your mother in an effort to get you the benefit of your Irish Citizenship.

Now. My agreement to working every hour the good lord sent me to give you and Josephine the chance to become Irish citizens included allocating Jennifer 50% of the value of the house at the end of 2002 and saying that if she refused to work in our company then I would deduct her costs of living from her share of the house proceeds as of 2002.

I did not deduct any of the costs for you and Josephine. I paid for all costs for you and Josephine as a “fair split” for Jennifers time in taking care of you.

Your mother, from the beginning of 2003 on, did not bother to earn one cent to pay for your expenses. She would not even do so little as proof read the manuals I was writing for my software.

She did NOTHING to give you a better chance in the world. She barely even cooked decent food for you preferring to feed you reheated frozen meals and let the school feed you.

And I bet your mother never told you that the reason she quit work in 1994 and refused to work even though I put her through college was “work is boring and I don’t like it any more”.

Your mother lied to you as a lad telling you that I was off “having all the fun of working”.

You saw that for the lie it was when you were in the office at Electronic Arts in 2006.

You saw for yourself what I did for work which was work on my computer 9 to 10 hours a day.

This is what your mother said of her job in 1994 when you were just a little baby:

“Work is boring, I don’t want to work any more. I am going to stay home and look after the children. You must go out and work and pay for everything, you are the man!”

This is the same woman who told you

“Your father goes out and has all the fun at work while I have to stay home here looking after you children”

like she was the martyr.


Your mother refused to work because she didn’t like it. And she did a terrible job of looking after you and Josephine as well.

Just as she did a terrible job with Jarrod and Kristen. Look how their lives have turned out. Kristen and Jarrod had every chance in life through my good grace, and their own mother undermined their chances. The very house we bought that you were brought home to was purchased for the express purpose of getting Kristen and Jarrod in to the best public school in Sydney.

A purchase that was at the very limit of what we could afford on two salaries. And then Jennifer refused to work meaning that we no longer even had enough money to pay the mortgage on the house she wanted to live in for the benefit of her own children and their education.


Now. Jarrod knew all about Jennifers agreement to live off the proceeds of “her half of the house” from 2002 on. This is why your mother used to say to me:

“I don’t have to work to help you in your business, I am living off my half of the house.”

If you question my word that this agreement was made in 2002 to secure your opportunity to gain the Irish citizenship that you subsequently gained?

Just ask Jarrod to confirm because he is well aware of that agreement.

Indeed, it was the weekend of 2007-08-11 that I returned to Ireland and asked Jennifer to sign a statement putting her agreement in writing.

When Jennifer refused to sign that statement I put a key logger on the computer to collect her Hotmail password.

And THAT, Joshua John Nolan, is how I knew that on Monday 13th of August 2007, Jennifer went down to the bank and stole EUR18,000 from our company bank account.

A few days later she wrote an email to her lawyer in Ireland, one Fiona Brassil, that she had stolen that money.

I was able to engineer a situation where it was not apparent that I had access to Jennifers email address in “finding out” that she had stolen that money.

Clearly, Jennifer stealing EUR18,000 and having been in communication with a divorce lawyer in Dublin for some months before August 2007 made it clear that Jennifer had made up her mind to attack me in the Irish Divorce courts. Oh yes, I went through Jennifers email and I could see that she was talking to a divorce lawyer in Ireland for 6 months before 2007-08-11

You will remember, on the weekend of the 10th and 11th of November 2007 your mother said to your face that she would not make our divorce acrimonious and that she will accept my offer put to her by my FEMALE AND PREGNANT divorce lawyer in Sydney. An offer that her own father, Bill Toal, called more than generous for his daughter.

At the time, the weekend of the 10th and 11th of November 2007, your mother lied to your face about making our divorce amicable.

You were there.

You know she lied to your face.

At that time, the weekend of the 10th and 11th of November 2007, your mother had been in constant communication with a divorce lawyer in Dublin for more than 10 months and she had very carefully planned her attack AND she had filed the attacking documents in the Irish Family Law Court on November the 9th.  Those documents being published on the link above.

Your mother lied to your face when you were 14.

Jarrod let her do it.

Jarrod supported her doing it.

Jarrod betrayed you just as badly as your mother betrayed you.

In fact the ONLY person who did not betray you and your opportunity at the best possible future you could have at any time was me.

Jarrod was 24 at the time all this happened.

The age you are now, and he allowed his mother to betray your future opportunities just exactly as she had betrayed his future opportunities when he was 15 by feeding him Ritalin.

You want to think about who has betrayed you and who has not.

Because this is going to be important for the rest of your life Joshua John Nolan.

Now. To continue the story.

Your grand fathers betrayed you. Both of them.

In case you have not been told, Nanna Nolan, your grand mother, my mother, was going in to dementia in 2008 when I was back in Wagga.

She sat in front of me and begged me and pleaded with me to be able to talk to you and Josephine, her beloved grand children.

Your grand mother, my mother, literally broke down and cried, many times, in front of me, in fear and in upset as to why it was she could not talk to her beloved grand children, you and Josephine.

John Thomas Nolan, Irene Toal, Bill Toal, Kristen Robinson and Jarrod Robinson, all conspired to refuse to allow your elderly and ill grand mother talk to you:


That is how these people you associate with, these people you call your family, these people that you protect, treated your elderly and ill grand mother.

THAT is how they treated your elderly and ill grand mother.

If you choose to continue to associate with these people?

You condone their actions and you are one of them.

You have on your facebook page all the usual SJW bullshit like gay marriage etc.

You go about in public virtue signaling how “progressive” and how “sensitive” you are about “social justice”.

Well you support the people who abused your elderly and ill grand mother.

You see no case for “social justice” for your elderly and ill grand mother who adored you.

You see no case for “social justice” for the man who put every piece of food in your mouth, who put every article of clothing on your back, who put the roof over your head, and paid for everything you learned while your lazy mother goofed off because “work is boring”.


You will put posts on facebook virtue signaling while protecting the most disgusting people who abused your elderly and ill grand mother.

The very people who betrayed your opportunities for a great future.

Such virtue signaling does not wash with real men Joshua John Nolan.

Real men know that whimps like you who like to go around touting “gay marriage” flags in order to be “socially acceptable” are manginas, cucks, whimps, just like Jarrod proved himself to be.

Just imagine this Joshua John Nolan.

You will remember on that weekend of 2007-11-10. On the Saturday Evening.

I proposed to you and Josephine that you remain in the house you lived in at Edwin court, that I return from overseas working,  that I take out a loan against our home in Australia to pay off your mother even though she did not deserve any money, and to meet any shortfall of income.

I proposed that I would raise you and Josephine until the age of 18 when you were 14 and she was 16.

I proposed that I would do my best to undo some of the great deal of damage your mother had done to you in your upbringing to improve your chances in life.


And I want you to remember this.

At that time, November 2007, I had earned EUR225K in the previous year.

I had reached the top 50 in the world in my profession by then.

I had just closed my first major deal for my software.

Sean Kelly (may he rest in peace) and I were working on data models to be able to sell them.

Sean and I were working on deals all over Europe for our data models and my software.

These were deals Jennifer knew we were working on and which she figured she would get money from even if she attacked me in divorce.

You were 14 then.

After I divorced Jennifer Sean Kelly and I went out and did more deals.

Sean and I won two major telco deals for our data models.

We were then talking to a very long list of Telcos.

We were talking to every telco in Ireland, UK and Germany. We were also talking to Orange in France, Switzerland and other places.

We even had very serious discussions with a global systems integrator to buy all our technology for a very large sum and come and work for them for 2 years.

In 2009-2010, Sean Kelly and I were setting the Telco world alight with the possibilities of what we had achieved with the combination of tools and data models.

We had changed the game.

One of our customers gave a Key Note Speech at the London Netezza Users Conference in 2010 and amazed the 400 people in the audience with what they had been able to achieve with our help.

And, in time, there would have been a place for you in our company if you wanted it.

If your mother, if your brother, if your family members did not betray you?

If they had done the right thing by you?

Sean Kelly and I would have built a powerhouse company in the Business Intelligence space working with the largest companies in the world.

And you, as my son, would have had the chance to come and work for the leading 2 men in our industry in Europe as an “intern”. You would have been working on the biggest and most complicated Business Intelligence Projects in the world.

That would have been your “internship”.

Not a two bit “social media” company in Dublin.

You, Joshua John Nolan, if your mother, your brother, your sisters, your aunts, your uncles, your grand mother, your grand fathers, did not betray you and allow you to be the victim of your mother being used as a tool to get money for herself?

You could have been well on your way to earning an income like I earned in the year I divorced your mother.

A EUR225K income working for Sean and I in the future.

You, by your age today, of 24, if you had still been under my protection, could have been training under me, with me taking over Seans clients at the sad event of his passing.

But no.

You were betrayed.

You were used as a pawn for your mothers greed.

And because of her greed and the weakness of all those around you?

You are an “intern” at a two bit “social media” company with the lousiest of prospects for your income earning potential for your whole life.

You were not just betrayed from having the love of a father in your life.

You were betrayed from having the leadership and guidance of a father in your life such that you could navigate your life more successfully.

You know my fathers background.

A hard working honest man who joined the local council in Wagga as the mail boy. Who worked there for 49 years rising up through the ranks.

My father was not a well schooled man. He did not have the benefits I enjoyed. And he worked hard for many years to launch me out in to the world as a lad of 18 years to do what I might do in the world.

And you saw my success in the world.

When you were at Electronic Arts sitting in the corner being quiet you saw what I did for a living to provide for you.

You saw that what I was doing was working with teams of people in Germany, London, Toronto, San Francisco and Mumbai to build the Business Intelligence Systems for the launch of the PS3.

Yes, this is somewhat boring and tedious work. But is it office work, working for multi-billion dollar global multi-nationals and I was getting paid EUR1,000 a day to do it.

If you have to work for a living?

Being paid EUR1,000 a day to work in a nice comfortable office with teams of people all over the world for a multi-billion dollar company is one of the better jobs you can get.

Throw in to that the ability to travel the world paid for by your clients and you have a very nice job compared to what most men do.

You know my father worked in the council all his life.

You know Jennifers father worked in the bakery all his life.

From my fathers best efforts to launch me in to the world I was able to rise up to be one of the top 20 people in the world in my profession, working with the #1 man in Europe in my profession, Sean Kelly, may he rest in peace.

If your mother had not been so greedy, so selfish, indeed, so plain evil, you stood to have the chance to walk in to our company from your degree and work in our company for 20 years under the guiding hand of two of the top people in the world in our profession.

And after that 20 years or so was up?

You would have had the chance to take over that business if that is what you wanted.

You, quite literally, had the world at your feet with this opportunity.

You were the only one who stood to inherit the business Sean and I were building.

And all that had to happen for you to have this opportunity was for someone else in your family to stand up to your criminal mother abusing you.

I stood up for you.

I denounced your mother.

I defended your rights.

I said:

“I will not allow you (Jennifer) to teach your daughter that it is ok to lie and steal, I will not allow you to teach your son that he is subhuman and can be lied about and stolen from by a woman. I will make an example of you for my children to learn from.”

And I have been criminally persecuted for 10 years for doing so.

Over the 10 years I have defended the rights of men and demanded the prosecution of Jennifer for her perjury it is your rights I was defending.

It was the rights of your peers I was defending.

And it is the equality before the law and equal sentencing for women like your sisters for which I was working.

You are 24, and the majority of my subscribers on my channel are a similar age to you.

Many of the other lads also had their mothers abuse them through divorce and attacking their fathers and driving their fathers out of the home.

Few of my other subscribers had a father with the courage to stand up for their sons rights in such a way that would actually make any difference.

Most fathers folded to the crimes they suffered

You have a chance to make a statement to the world.

You have the chance to stand up and say in the world.

“Men are people too.

How my father was treated was a crime.

How I have been betrayed was a crime.

I stand for Truth, Justice, and Equality before the law.

And this is my testimony of the facts of the matter as I know them to be true…

You have that chance.

You have the chance to become a man.


A man who will not tolerate crimes no matter WHO is committing them.

You have the chance to become a champion for your young peers whose fathers were cowards and did not show them how to be a REAL MAN by example.

You have had the benefit of being raised by a REAL MAN.

A man who did not brook crimes.

A man who did not brook lies.

A man who went up against 4 national governments to secure your rights and the rights of your young male peers.

You know what a real man looks like because you were raised by one.

You know how a real man acts in the face of adversity because you saw it with your own eyes.

So now, Joshua John Nolan, you are faced with a question in your young life.

I have waited until you were 24 years of age for a very good reason that will be explained later in this open letter.

The question you face is this.

Do you wish to make an enemy of me?

Think about that.

The question you face is:

Do you wish to make an enemy of me?

You are now old enough to have sorted out all the issues that affected your life from the crimes of your mother.

You have all the documentation from the hostile divorce your mother committed, the lies she told, the perjury she committed. It is all out there in public.

You were there at the table on 2007-11-10 when your mother said to your face that she would make the divorce amicable and would not attack me in the divorce courts.

You heard her say those words and look you in the eye while lying to you.


You were there when Jarrod told his mother she was a greedy woman.


The question you have to ask yourself is this.

“Am I going to keep protecting and supporting these criminals who betrayed my future?

Or am I going to be a REAL MAN and stand up to these criminals and tell my story to the public about what really happened?”

And I can tell you right now.

As a 24 year old man?

A man old enough to be sent to the trenches of Gallipoli?

A man old enough to be sent to the Kokoda trail like your great grand father Frank Trainor?

A man old enough to be sent to the beaches of Normandy on D-Day?

A man old enough to fight and die for his country?

You are old enough to decide for yourself who are your friends and who are your enemies.

And I will tell you right now, in this video, that if you choose my enemies as your friends, you will become my enemy.

And I will tell you right now.

There is no place in this world you can run and hide where I can not find you.

So I want to make this very clear.

You do NOT want me as an enemy.

I do not forget.

I do not forgive.



To continue.

I know that your mother stole all the money she could for herself.

I know that she did not take care of you as she should have these last 10 years.

She has put you “out there” to try and find your own way in the world having destroyed your best opportunities in life deliberately, criminally, with malice of forethought, for her own personal greed.

This is the person you are defending.

The is the person you are protecting.

The person who used you as a weapon.

The person who used you as a bargaining chip to extort money from me.

You are protecting this woman to your own detriment.

You are protecting this woman to the detriment of all your peers. Other young men whose mothers abused their fathers in a similar way who are too afraid to speak up.

Not only do you have a chance to become a REAL MAN.

You have a chance to stand up and be a voice for all YOUNG MEN.

You have your Irish Citizenship. They can’t take that away from you and destroy your ability to earn your income as your governments have done to me.

You, Joshua John Nolan, have the chance to stand up and BE A MAN for the first time in your life.

And in doing so, I can assure you, that you will become the hero of the younger generation of men.

So I put this proposal to you.

Join your brothers as a MGTOW.

Make your brother MGTOWs your new family.

Disown these people who betrayed you.

Tell them to go to hell in a hand basket.

Become a MGTOW.

Be your own MAN.

Tell the world your story.

Stand up for truth, justice and equality before the law.

Be the man you know you can be.

Your brother MGTOWs will welcome you as a member of your new family.

They will never betray you.

They will be at your side for the remainder of your life.

Be your OWN MAN.


Reject those who betrayed you and want you to pander to them.

Make a video where you tell your side of the story.

Put it on you tube.

Be the first young man to stand up in his own name, using his own face, and tell your story of what it was like for you to be used as a bargaining chip for your mother to steal from your father.

Tell your story of what it was like to have your best chances at a great career in the world taken away from you simply because your mother was greedy and selfish.

Tell your story of the last 10 years and what that has been like for you.

Tell the truth.

Demand justice be done.

And you will inspire a million more young men to do the same.

The young men, the lads in their 20s, they are looking for a leader in their own age group.

They are looking for a young man who has the will, the strength, the courage, the bravery, the shutzpah, to stand up in the public and say

“My mother used me as a bargaining chip to steal from my father and I do approve!

My mother abused me and took away my opportunities to steal from my father and I do not approve.

My mother lied under oath and committed perjury against my father and I want to see her jailed for that crime because that could be me one day.

My mother used me and abused me for her own benefit and that is child abuse and I want to see her jailed for that because that could be some other defenseless little boy one day.

I want to see a message sent to women and that message is “equality before the law”.

That message is equal sentencing for the same crime!

I demand equality, and my generation of young men is going to make that happen!”

Stand up on your own hind legs and make that video Joshua John Nolan.

I challenge you!


To give you some incentive more than just being a hero to your generation?

I have a proposal for you.

I am not without influence in this world.

I did not survive the last 10 years of criminal abuse by 4 national governments without friends.

Real friends.

Not like my “family”.

Not like my fake friends, all of whom I disowned.


Many of them, who run Business Intelligence Companies.

I am not making you any promises, however, if you make this video, if you choose to be a REAL MAN, I would be willing to enter in to discussions with some of my long term friends to give you a real job in a real company with a real career.

If you choose to not be my enemy, but to stand for Truth, Justice and Equality before the law, I will talk to my many friends in the Business Intelligence World and see if I can place you with one of my friends as an “intern”.

You would then have a MUCH better chance in life than if you remain at your two bit “Social Media Marketing” job.


It is well known I am in Digital Altitude.

I would be prepared to place you under a sponsor in DA who will look out for you and help you in your DA business.

DA is an excellent business and you could easily be trained to be successful in that business. A lad so young as you will easily get to $US10,000 a month in income over a fairly short period.

So you have my proposal in front of you.

I propose you consider it over the Christmas period.

Simply stand up and tell the truth.


Denounce those who betrayed your future.

Choose to support Truth, Justice and equality before the law.

If you choose to take this action prior to December 31st.

Simply tell the truth.

Simply tell your story.

I will do my best to either place you in a Business Intelligence Company as an “intern” where you will get to learn my trade and have a very secure job in the future,


I will place you in Digital Altitude where, because you were the first young man to stand up and be the hero of your generation, you will do well.

This is not a proposal that will be discussed.

This is not a proposal that will be repeated.

I will ask my young subscribers, your peers, to talk to you about this decision you must make.

Many of my subscribers are just like you.

But at the end of the day, this is your decision and your decision alone.

You must decide.

For yourself.

Will you make an enemy of me in the situation where there is nowhere to run and there is nowhere to hide?

Or will you earn the respect of your peers by stepping up to be a REAL MAN?

And in doing so get the opportunity to step into either a career in Business Intelligence or a career in internet marketing where you will be well paid for the remainder of your life?

Will you become a mummies boy like Jarrod. A pathetic weasel who betrayed his little brothers chances just for a pat on the head from mummy?

Or will you become a REAL MAN like me?

A man who stands up and tells the truth and defends those less able to defend themselves through no fault of their own.

Will you be like your great grand father, Frank Trainor, a man you never knew, but a man who fought for 3 long years for the future of the children of his land.

Your grand parents.

Will you be like your great grand father, Frank Trainor, the man who put fire in my belly and steel in my spine, to never, ever allow anyone to get away with attacking the children of my land.

It is your choice.

You are at the age where you are able to make that choice now.

And now I will explain to you why I have waited until this moment to present this proposal to you.

I will close this open letter with a story you have not heard.

In the 2008 to 2010 period I worked very hard to find a remedy to save the lives of men in the divorce courts.

That could be your life saved one day.

The remedy worked and I had presented it out to the world by the end of 2009.

By the summer of 2010 it had become obvious that fathers were such gutless mongrels they would not face down their criminal wives, the criminals in the divorce courts, the criminals in the governments.

It had become obvious that fathers were going to betray their sons and not protect them from the criminal abuse of perjury and false allegation by their mothers.

And that is still the case today.

Fathers of boys are gutless mongrels who will not defend their boys.

Sad, but true.

I was very frustrated at fathers in that hot summer of 2010.

A colleague of mine persuaded me that I should quit defending the rights of men and boys.

So I did.

I quit.

In the heat of the summer of 2010.

I quit.


I had a problem…

Every morning, when I went to shave, I could not look myself in the mirror.

The words of Frank Trainor came back to me.

Words I heard when I was 14. The same age you were betrayed at. No coincidence.

Frank Trainor told me the stories of his time in battle across South East Asia.

His story of leaving Singapore in 1942 on one of the last ships out, leaving thousands of his mates to their fate at the hands of the Japanese, unable to help them.

His stories of fighting in New Guinea and what that was like.

His story of making it back to Singapore to find that not one of his mates that he had left behind had survived the brutal Japanese Occupation.


Frank Trainor did not tell me these stories because he wanted to make himself out to be a hero.

He was clear the real heros were those men who did not come back.

His fallen mates.

Many of whom died right next to him.

Bleeding out on the jungle floor with no way to help the men or save them.

Not even able to minimize their pain as they bled out on the jungle floor.

Three long years your great grand father, Frank Trainor, fought for the benefit of your grand parents.

Grand parents who betrayed you.

Grand parents who dis-honoured the sacrifice of Frank Trainors mates who died defending their future and their opportunities.

Frank Trainor wanted me to know the price that was paid by his mates for my parents, both small children, during the war, the price being his dead mates.

And I can see it as clearly now as it was 40 years ago.

Frank Trainor looked me in the eye and said

“Peter, will you give me your word that if it should ever fall to you to defend the children of your land that you will do so? For to not do so would be to dishonor the sacrifice of my mates.”

I gave my word as a lad and I meant it.

No one was EVER going to attack the children of my land without me putting up the same fight Frank Trainors mates did.

As I said, it is no coincidence that I gave my word to do that at exactly the same age you were betrayed.

As I tried to shave, in those hot humid days of the summer of 2010, Frank Trainors words came back to me.

“Peter, will you give me your word that if it should ever fall to you to defend the children of your land that you will do so? For to not do so would be to dishonor the sacrifice of my mates.”

It turned out that I was the only grand son that Frank Trainor asked that of.

For some reason Frank Trainor saw something in me.

He saw something in my character.

He spent his precious time talking with me, a mouthy 14 year old boy, when he could have been doing any of a million other things with his limited time as an older man who knew his day to be reunited with his fallen mates was near.

Frank Trainor made the time to come to my winning football grand final, when I was 14, and when we won he ran on to the field yelling:


A football grand final my own father chose to skip because:

“I thought you were going to lose.”

Joshua John Nolan.

That was my time to choose.

The long hot summer of 2010.

That was my time to choose.

Would I have the courage of Frank Trainors mates who perished in Singapore beyond help.

His mates who perished in the jungles of South East Asia.

Would I have the courage?

To keep fighting when there seemed no chance of winning?

Would I be willing to pay the price?

Whatever that price may be?

My answer was “yes”.

My answer was.

“I will not dishonor my fallen war dead by being a coward just because other men are cowards.

I will stand.

I will pay the price.

Even if I must stand alone and perish in so doing.

I will NOT dishonor my fallen war dead.

I will NOT fail the children of my land.”

The rest of my story is now written.

In October 2010, your uncle, Michael Toal, doxed me and did everything he could do to destroy my ability to earn my income.

He set up many hate sites about me and one of those sites had me removed from a job at one of the worlds largest companies.

Your uncle, Michael Toal, with the full consent and support of every member of your family, has publicly criminally slandered me for 8 years in an attempt to destroy my ability to earn my income.

And yet.

Here I am.

As I said. I am not without friends as you are without friends.

Your so called “friends” will only be your friends while you are a cuck, mangina, white knight kissing your mothers arse for a pat on the head like a begging puppy.

If you step up to being a man, a REAL MAN, you will lose all your current “friends” and you will gain many thousands of real friends among the MGTOW community.

There is one last thing you should know as you make this choice that faces you.

Frank Trainor was born in 1916.

He died in 1982.

We celebrated his 65th birthday in November 1981.

When Frank Trainor signed his name on the dotted line to join the Australian Army in 1940?

Guess what age he was?

He was 24.

Your age now.

Not a coincidence.

This is exactly why I have waited until now to put this proposal to you.

Seventy Seven years ago (also not a coincidence) your great grand father put his signature on the dotted line to sign up for the Australian Armed Services to defend the children of his land, your grand parents, no matter what, from the expected Japanese expansion in South East Asia.

Your great grand father was willing to pay the price no matter what that price may be.

None of his mates he went in with came home.


None of his mates he was stationed with in Singapore came home.


Frank Trainor paid the price.

His mates paid the price.

They paid the price that your grand parents might have a better chance in life that they could then pass to their children that could then be passed to you.

They paid the price.

So between now and the end of the year?

You should look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself this question.

Am I willing to pay the price?

Where for you, the price is to make a video and tell your story, not fight for 3 years in the jungles of south east asia against the Japanese.

The price for you is a video.

Where you stand up and tell the truth.

If you fail to pay that insignificant price?

The spirit of Frank Trainor dies with me.


Because if you fail to pay this insignificant price?

If you are that weak?

If you are that pathetic.

Frank Trainors spirit is not in you.

You will never meet your great grand father whose mates sacrificed so much such that your grand parents, then on down to you, could have the best opportunities in life.

Just think about that Joshua John Nolan.

Seventy Seven years ago, a young man, his name was Frank Trainor, he was 24 years of age. The same age as you.

He put his signature on the dotted line and said

“I will pay the price so that others may have the best opportunities in life.”

And some of those people who had those better opportunities were your grand parents, then your parents, and now you.

That is who your great grand father was.

And the question you must look yourself in the mirror and ask is this.

“Am I Frank Trainors Great Grand Son? Or am I someone else?”

So think hard about that question because I can tell you that it will be the single most important choice you will ever make in your young life, exactly as it was for a young Frank Trainor putting his signature on that dotted line in 1940 with war looming.


I made that choice in the hot summer of 2010.

When all seemed lost and men were not giving me the help I asked for.

I looked in the mirror and I said.

“I am the Grand Son of Frank Trainor.

I will NOT quit.

I will NOT back down.

I will fight to the bitter end no matter what that end is.”

And one day, now not so far away for me, I will stand at the right hand of Frank Trainor.

And he will shake my hand as I take my rightful place at his right hand and he will say:

“Job well done.”

My Grand Father, Frank Trainor, who is the greatest man I have ever known, you did not have the opportunity to learn about.

I was waiting until you were 14 and we had the spare time together, alone, to tell you of your heritage.

To tell you of this great man.

That chance was taken from you by your mother.

So I am telling you now.

And you must look for yourself, look inside yourself, to see if the spirit of Frank Trainor is in you, or not.

If you look inside yourself, deep inside yourself, you will discover for yourself if the spirit of Frank Trainor is inside you.

You know what to look for because you saw the spirit of Frank Trainor in me all your life.

Who would have thought those talks, at his knee, when I was a lad of 14, would be reverberating around the world now?

Who would have thought that all these things would align such that when you were the same age as Frank Trainor you had to look for his spirit in you and make your choice as to whether you will do as little as stand up and tell the truth while he chose to fight the Japanese in South East Asia for three years.

It is your choice Joshua John Nolan.

And it is a choice you will live with all your life.

And it will affect your whole life.

You will either be a weak failure like your older brother, forever a mummys boy who begs his mother for a pat on the head like a desperate puppy.

Or you will choose to be like me, an honest man of honour and integrity.

You will choose to be like Frank Trainor.

No matter what you choose to do, who you are will be broadcast to the world.

Which will it be?


I think this is enough.

You have your choice in front of you.

Choose wisely young man.

For this choice will define who you are for the rest of your life.




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