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Hello all, I am 64 years now, single, and can still attract woman quite younger than myself. I attribute this to my personality, good health, and my general appearance. I make an average amount of money and spend conservatively, all I have is paid for, I own a home with no mortgage, a late model car that is paid for, no child support, and it’s been this way most of my life. I am a child of the turbulent sixties, but never got into the drug scene or drank excessively.

Now having introduced myself, I must say that based on a lifetime of experience dating and two marriages behind me, that there is a large percentage of woman out there that seem attracted to jerks or men that treat them with disrespect. They’re fun to date but don’t get emotionally attached to them. They’ll tear your heart out, and when it’s over, and it will be over, kiss them good-bye without a flinch, pat them on the butt (figuratively) as they walk away, and wish them all the best. It’s quite a puzzling look you will get from them if you do this. They might have been expecting you to cry and beg them not to leave.

Depending on the circumstances at the time, you may want to continue the date or plans you had for that evening with them. Be very polite and don’t act sad or even bring it up. Be very courteous, bring them back home, wish them all the best, do not kiss them good-bye (tell them it’s better this way, maybe even smile when you say it), wave good-bye and drive off into the sunset. They’ll probably call soon afterwards. Be nice and courteous to them on the phone no matter how rude they may be to you. Continue to wish them all the best, but do not agree to meet them or get back with them. They only want you back so they can hurt you.

I would consider myself a nice guy for the majority of my life. I have gone out of character on occasion when I was younger (in my twenties) to experiment and see if women would be more attracted to me if I acted like a “jerk”. Not surprisingly, they were.

Fortunately, I don’t have to act like jerk to attract woman. Even at this age I can still turn heads when I walk into a room, I just pretend that I don’t notice it. I have younger woman chasing me and wanting to get married. I am thankful to God for my lot in life.

I worked in law enforcement in Cleveland, Oh for a number of years and then went on to have a twenty year career with the airlines in another state & traveled first class all over the world and “met” many women during those times.

Although I was married twice, the total years I was married was four. Three with my first wife. I never had any children and got a vasectomy at the age of forty with no regrets.

My advice to all of you? If you are divorced, think long and hard if you are thinking of getting married again. If you are single, think long and hard if you are considering getting married. What is she bringing to the table for you besides sex? How committed is she to this marriage? Is she committed enough to sign a “fare” contract that is not so one sided in her favor as marriage contracts are? One that if there should be a divorce that she would not be able rake you over the coals financially and otherwise. What I am saying is, she needs to be willing to sign a prenuptial agreement that makes things fare for both of you. If she is not willing to do this, then I would question her sincerity & motives.

My second wife was from Puerto Rico, quite a looker & smoke’n hot, wealthy, and had me sign a pre-nup Which I did without hesitation or any crying about “how could you ask me to do this if you really loved me sh*t”. If it didn’t work out, I didn’t want her sh*t anyway, pre-nup or not. I am just not like that. Turns out it didn’t work out, but it was a hell of a ride and I would do it again!

Best advice, don’t get married. Second best advice, if you do lose your mind and want to get married, get a pre-nup.

I wish I had an adult give me this talk when I was younger.

Have a nice day and good luck! Life is good!

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