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Peter, thank you for creating this video. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!! I want you to read my whole response. I AM GRATEFUL YOU DID NOT KILL YOURSELF!!!!!!!! I also want to thank you for what you do! I DO NOT CARE WHAT ANYONE ELSE SAYS, THIS VIDEO ALONG WITH YOUR OTHERS ARE EXTREMELY IMPORTANT! By the way, I worked at a refinery and now am disabled.

I also want to thank you so very much for sharing your story. It is important all of us recognize not only what happened to Kyle and what your friend Bruce through along with what every man has gone through in pain, agony, and anguish at the hands of an evil woman (not all women are evil), and that we DO have worth, value and are needed.

I can relate to Bruce because my ex-wife told me almost every day I was married to her after the first year of marriage that I needed to commit suicide because I am disabled with Crohn’s Disease and have no right to live. She constantly called the police on me and said she felt threatened by me or used the threat of calling the law enforcement on me all of the time if I did not do exactly what she said.

I was all alone and felt unloved, useless and had no reason to live. What saved my life are my rescued from a shelter Alaskan Malamutes. If it were not for them, I would not be alive today. They showed me what love, kindness, caring, and concern are truly about. They showed me why I was needed and had much to contribute. I rescued my dogs and they literally saved my life, They gave me the reason to live, to wake up in the morning, take walks and see not only today but tomorrow, the next week, month and year.

Men if you want to have love and kindness in your life, take it from a man who had a wife that wanted me dead. Go to a shelter and rescue a cat or dog. They will be there when your wife/girlfriend abandons you. They will show you why you are needed to be alive, unlike what my ex-wife. NO MORE taking lives as KYLES and Bruce did – please rescue a dog or cat, and I promise in turn they will rescue and possibly save your life – that is what my dogs did. Dogs can and will love you – something my ex-wife never could do as she did not have that ability or couldn’t because of her evil nature.

I love my dogs, I cannot say I love my ex-wife as I now know I have value and will never allow a woman to do what my ex-wife did to me thanks to my rescued pets who showed me that I do have a real reason to be alive. I cannot say this enough. Men when you fall down and out and feel like you have no value – please go to a shelter and rescue a pet – I cannot say this enough, that pet CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE! They will give validation to your life.

Pete, if I knew you back then when you were in trouble I would have emailed you and proud to have been your friend, just as my dogs were there for me in my greatest hour of need. I know what it is like to be abandoned by the whole world!

Why do I emphasize having a dog, because when I needed help not one of my relatives or friends were there for me, everyone abandoned me. The only ones there for me were my DOGS.





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