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Greetings from Switzerland, Global Man.

Thank you for your video, here a great story for your collection I have witnessed first hand in the recent month.

A friend of mine was married for eight and a half year when his wife told him, that she felt in love to a another man , more money and political influence, and he should leave their shared and payed off house within seven days. Why? Because she wanted to cohabitate with their new love to build a love nest. They both owned the house and he was kicked out within a week!

He was really depressed and down , but his friends and Boss did not let him down and after three month he came around and found new hope, new perspectives and a new home. She got the house and the new lover, a spineless local politician from a environmentalist party to move in with her. Start to nag him endlessly to leave his wife and two minor children behind for her, because this is just ” emotional baggage” and an impediment for their mutual future luck.

After five month, she got dumped by her new love and returned to my friend in person and try to convince him to take her back, because they had had so great times before. She cried, yelled and used all kind of shaming tactics to win him back, because he such a good realiable nice guy (SIMP).

He got second thoughts and asked her why she changed her mind now. The honest response of her was….” I hate to be alone in the big house. When things break , I cannot fix it and services are expensive. Furthermore the big hole in my saving account drives me crazy, due to the fact that I had to pay you out for the house. Please come back to get things straight again with us…”

He wised up and is not willing to drink the cool aid again, refused to move in again, because there is somebody new in his life. But best of all , the women in his workplace know now that he is in divorce and got a lot of money in cash and are all over him. Bringing him coffee in the morning and cake from home. Talk to him how hard it mus be being alone in the big new house and he hard ime he is facing now, while showing some flesh of the cleavage to him.
I saw this myself and I am so disgusted there are no further words anymore.

Thats my story I wanted to share, sorry for the many typos and have a great day.

Hello Global Man, you are more than welcome to tell this story to other men as a warning, how fast things can get south even after many years of marriage.

He now enjoys his life and new found freedom with cooking ( with meat!), riding motorcycles, travels the world, collects and shot antique firearms, get a good night out with us lads and got his aviation license back.

Best of all, he can practice his religion again, because he was a former Swiss guard for the pope and there is no need anymore to celebrate Christmas alone in a cold and abandoned chapel, because she hates Christian Traditions and customs.

Mate, I do not make that up, that’s for real and not some movie plot.He is a complete different guy now and I am more than happy, to witnessed this transformation first hand.

This event last fall opened my eyes about female nature and the trading up game played by so many women, using the court and legal system to plunder and divorce rape men in the process.

By they way, she announced that she is not willing to agree in the divorce, because these “minor disagreements “does not justify such drastic actions. In Switzerland, if one party does not agree in the divorce process , they have to go through a two year separation process monitored by a legal counsel.

Guess what, she phoned him last week and told him bluntly to give him hell, if he does not come around and take her back.

Thank you for sharing the stories and the great work, I hope these will save the life’s of many good and decent men, who are alone and corneredd with no way out and consider drastic actions to end this nightmare.

Have a great day and all the best.




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