Subscriber Comment By Tarzee #1 – We Are Living Idiocracy


The reason why western civilization is on the verge of collapse is because of the dissolution of the male-female bond and the instability of the nuclear family.

Women are being given free reign to commit perjury in courts and either loot a man of his resources or even get him thrown in jail with a false rape allegation. Simply put, it is too dangerous to interact with women these days, and the smartest and most aware men (mgtows) are going Galt.

Somehow, the blinkered people still scratch their heads and wonder why only low IQ men are having kids/multiplying. Well, it’s because they’re too dumb to even grasp the nature of the problem! Us mgtows see that it’s a rigged game – and that men are being f’ed over big time.

We refuse to be sacrificial animals and so we have chosen not to associate with women until we regain our rights. MGTOW is simply pointing out this phenomena – they warn you that marriage is indentured servitude and doesn’t want any males to go through the living hell that he had to endure (95% of assets seized, 19 days in prison in a tiny cell with three chain smoking Muslims).

So I’ll ask you this: knowing the degree to which the criminal family law courts are destroying the nuclear family, and knowing that the nuclear family is the most important unit of society, what would be the best course of action to take if one really cared about society?

Rhetorical question: focus on fighting the misandrist legal system in general and the criminal family courts in particular. With this knowledge now at your disposal, I’m sure you can see why Mgtow is vehemently in opposition to these women who claim to care so much for society.

The vehemence is justified. If these women really cared, their focus would be on fighting for men’s rights first and foremost – it would, without contest, be PRIORITY NUMBER ONE – because until men can have the equanimity of knowing that their property and rights are respected, they will not be interested in keeping society afloat.

They will turn their backs on the world not because they are lazy (as so many Traditional Conservatives claim), but because there’s nothing in it for them anymore.

Having been born in 1964, I can tell you I’m literally living in the movie IDIOCRACY!

Most of you guys are not old enough to have seen the sea change in the human condition. The premise of the movie IDIOCRACY is that natural selection reverses it’s self as a result of decades of social engineering; where the most fit inadvertently prolonged breeding indefinitely for careers and hopes of better economical conditions so they can raise a family on one income while the least fit and the most backward at the bottom of society continue to breed like rabbits and cockroaches as the most intelligent of society die off and disappear.

The movie depicts a near future where the average IQ is in the high 80’s or worse, and being able to read this considered to be gay and ridiculed.

The movie was a funny comedy in the 90’s, but now it’s a sad commentary of today’s generations; especially since the measured IQ of today’s population has dropped a measured 14 points to 86, and it’s illegal for the military to induct anyone with a measured IQ of 83.

That tells me the population has been brain damaged like in the book BRAVE NEW WORLD; which explains why I feel like I’m living amongst a population of Gammas, Deltas, and Epsilons.

I’m no genius, but damn! I feel like the proverbial one eyed man in the world of the blind!

The point being Social Engineering like feminism and Cultural Marxism has reversed and inverted Natural Selection.




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