The Doxxing Of Ryan Thomas McGrath Aka Indispensable PeaTow2 On You Tube


So, as all my subscribers know I was recently slandered and publicly called a paedophile by a man who goes by the name of Indispensable PeaTow2.

My response to the offending video is in this video.





Apparently this loser thinks he can slander men with impunity.

Apparently this loser does not know that we can find him if we want to.

Well, one of my subs found this loser in less than 12 hours.

And, for fun, we have the facebooks of his father, his mother and his sister and we know where he works.

So, here is the doxx on Indispensable PeaTow2.


Firstly, his name is Ryan Thomas McGrath.

His father is Tom McGrath.

This is his fathers facebook:


This is his mothers facebook:

You can watch a video of his mother here doing the ice bucket challenge.

This is his sisters facebook:



Presumably these are his niece and his nephew.

A shame he has put their pictures in to the public as related to him.






He works at St Monica Trust in Bristol, UK.

He lives in Bristol, UK with his parents.

You find him at

Search for Ryan T Mcgrath in Bristol

His skype is thepeaguy1.

If anyone wants to pay to get the address that Ryan T McGrath lives at? Just go to this link and pay for the membership. They promise to have his address.

So I guess if anyone wants to tell Paul Wilson where this guy works Paul would be appreciative of that information.

I am sure Paul would like to pay for the address information for this guy who called him a paedophile.


I thought the next piece of this post should be addressed to his father Tom.



Hi Tom,

apparently you are quite happy that your son broadcasts slander about other men calling them paedophiles falsely.

Well Tom, you should have made sure your son is under better control than that.

The price of calling me a paedophile in public I have decided is USD10,000.

About GBP7,500 in your currency.

I can assure you that I will collect on this money.

If refused, well, let’s just say that there is nowhere your family can run and hide from me.

There are men looking for your home address as I speak.

Someone will know who you are in this online world.

The paypal address you can use for the USD10,000 transfer is as follows:

I would suggest you make sure you take it out of your sons future earnings.

After all, it is clear that he does not earn enough money today to even live in his own apartment and has to keep sponging off you to even have a place to live.

Of course, if you are not willing to ensure your son pays me my USD10,000 in damages I will convene a jury trial and ask the men on the jury to determine for themselves what the damages should be.

After all, some men who are falsely accused of being paedophiles have been physically attacked by vigilantes.

So 12 men who sit on a jury to determine their opinion of damages would possibly increase the damages above USD10,000.

Further, if I am put to the trouble of convening a jury to prosecute your son for his crime he will be getting another bill for the cost of the jury trial and for my time convening the jury trial. You can expect that to run to at least another USD2,000.

Let me assure you Tom.

I am as sick and tied of men allowing their sons to go around committing crimes against me as I am of men allowing their daughters to go around committing crimes against me.

There are men who your son has falsely called paedophiles who live in the UK who have been searching for him.

They are not best pleased that your son has been doing that.

Now they know where he works.

Now they have photographs of you, your daughter, and your grand children.

Oh, and I might add, it would be a bit of a shame if men started a campaign against you calling you a paedophile in public, wouldn’t it?

But if you are not willing to ensure your son is held responsible for his actions?

Well, you could see how some men might be motivated to start using your picture and posting your picture all over the web and calling you a paedophile. Right?

And your son is also blaspheming against Muslim men.

Some muslim men might take offense at blasphemy against Allah.

You might not want that given the photographs of your grand children are now in the public, right?

USD10,000 Tom.

That is the price of slandering my good name.

If your son does not have the money you might want to pay me and get it back off him from his future earnings to settle this matter.


Have a nice day.

Best Regards

Peter-Andrew: Nolan(c)


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