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  1. Hey Global Man,
    IMO, you’re going to lose a lot of MGTOW with loud and obnoxious ad clips that are full of the same thots and ho’s that we’ve learned to despise.
    Older MGTOW’s, like myself, would rather see edifying vacation packages where we can fish in mountain trout streams, eco-tours through the desert or jungle, or professionally guided hikes along parts of the Appalachian Trail. I think the Ultimate MGTOW vacation would be an exclusive Global Man package deal to Zhukovsky Air Base in Russia through, “Country of Tourism” Ltd. What red-blooded MGTOW wouldn’t want to fly to the edge of space in a MiG-25?

    As for this new platform, until there is a way to download via mpgun or clipconverter, then this won’t last long either.
    I’ve watched your videos on JewTube for many years and learned so much. I’d hate to see your audience fade away because of loud ad spots and lack of downloading capability.

    • Hi Jim,
      it is a fair enough comment to say that some men are not going to like the parade of girls on the slides as opposed to the MGTOW logo. That may well be so.

      I am trying it out to see what happens with view counts. As we both know lots of YOUNG MEN are watching the videos of women who say nothing important so maybe those young men will listen to something important if there is some eye candy to go with it? We shall see.

      In terms of vacations, if we get a LOT of MGTOWs to join the company I represent, World Ventures, we will be able to get them to put together MGTOW themed vacations for far less than we could do it for ourselves.

      The purpose of World Ventures is to earn a commission on selling fantastic vacation packages that their members WANT TO GO ON! They don’t care what your colour, sex or religion is. They care about the colour of your money and whether you are buying vacations from them.

      Just think of this. If we had 10,000 MGTOW members can you imagine the buying power of those 10,000 MGTOWs for vacations? We could ask World Ventures to put together MGTOW vacations packages all over the world. And they would be cheaper than we could buy those packages ourselves.

      Indeed, we now have more than 1 million MGTOW men world wide.

      The ability of those men to build companies is unparalleled. And yet we don’t.

      The economic buying power of those already 1 million MGTOWs is enormous, yet we do not wield it.

      But we will soon. Watch this space.

      Also, I have an announcement video coming up about downloads. All my videos, including the full back catalog and all new videos, will be downloadable in mp4 AND MP3 for all my patrons who support my work by becoming a USD10 per month patron in patreon. All videos will continue to be available for free on this site.

      Jew-tube provided a good service to content creators and their subscribers, but the price was thought compliance. A price too high for you and me both. So to provide the same service I have to place ads and sell products and services. The consumers of the service have to pay through purchases. Pay for what you use is the theme. Free stuff is for women and manginas who obey the wimminz. Not for us.

      To provide a download service I have to pay for storage and bandwidth. So those who want downloads have to pay for the downloads they download.

      If you have watched my content free for years? If you have gotten great value out of it? Have you shared it widely? And are you willing to put in USD10 a month to support the platforms to keep it going? And are you prepared to join my vacation package deal? All good questions, right?

      Thanks for being a long term subscriber! I really appreciate you!


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