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  1. My viewpoint? I don’t trust Ukranian Lens there’s; no reason to. Women may “understand” that men are being destroyed by gynocentric laws, but they have no intention of relinquishing their political power or the rights and priviliges that were given to them.

    • Well, she is a woman and that means she is a pathological liar who will tell any lie she thinks she needs to tell to get a man slave for herself.

      They are all the same. It does not matter where they come from. It is just that in some places women are a little better behaved because when they mis-behave the men beat them.

      Its really that simple.

  2. Actually, the thots-on-parade slides are annoying. If I want to see genuinely pretty women, I’ll get a 50 year old Sears, Blair Fashions, or JC Penney catalog and look at them.

    I’d rather see slides relevant to what you’re talking about. Or memes ranging from humorous to savage.


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