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  1. Just heard Turd Flinging Monkey (TFM) finally unleash the Forbidden Words in regards to how aggressive feminist women need to be dealt with.
    In his latest long-form show, he is talking with this guy who was really messed up by a feminist step mother and his cuck “father.” When the guest was describing how his feminazi step mother would jam needles into his balls (his father knew but did nothing) as punishment for being an evil male, TFM lost it. He said in so many words that such women need to be taken out! Some things are worth going to prison for and prison can’t be worse than being a slave to an evil vindictive woman like that!

    As things are, a man will go to jail on the flimsiest of some woman’s allegation so, if you’ve got to go to jail, go with the satisfaction of ridding the Earth of an evil woman. Go to jail as a MAN who did the right thing. The Rule of Law be damned if it exists only to cause harm to men on behalf of the feminist paradigm.

    I know Global Man has put out the Call To Kill against feminist women who do what they do AND GET AWAY WITH IT. Unfortunately, GM isn’t as well know as he ought to be. But, now that a huge MGTOW channel like TFM has breached the taboo and declares that deadly force is the only cure for such women, then I’m happy. The taboo has to be broken and we can’t stop to admire the breach. We must press forward and get men used to hearing such talk. Since the Rule of Law is dead and Due Process denied, we have to hit back. Even unto deadly force.

    • Hi Jim,
      am am very much a believer in giving those who commit crimes against me (or anyone) every chance to remedy that crime to my satisfaction. However, if this is not done? I am a believer in using force, up to and including deadly force, to remedy those crimes in an openly declared state of war.

      I like how many people say “violence is never the answer and no one should ever use violence”. Really? I had two bigger brothers and they regularly beat the shit out of me. If people did not wish me to see that violence was a legitimate way to deal with those who committed a crime against me? Maybe they should have done a little more when I was getting the crap beaten out of me.


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